Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari Invited For Mauli’s Diwali Dinner — November 13, 2018

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari Invited For Mauli’s Diwali Dinner

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Mauli (Aditi sharma) and Ishaan struggle with Mishti to give him medicine. She complains Mishti got even injections with Kunal. Mishti says he is really smart, and did all his work really playfully. Kunal(Shakti arora) calls Ishaan asking about Mishti. Ishaan says Mishti isn’t having her medicine. Kunal (Shakti arora)agrees to solve their problem. He narrates Mishti a story, and Mishti agrees to eat the medicine at once. Mauli(Aditi sharma) was impressed and asks Ishaan to invite this doctor and Pari for Diwali dinner. Ishaan invites Kunal(Shakti arora) to join them in dinner, and says the mother of this house cooks commendable dishes. Kunal (Shakti arora)gives up resistance and agrees to be their guest..
Radika was preparing tea in the kitchen. She was disturbed as she thinks it was surely Kunal(Shakti arora) he has returned from US. Dida comes there asking for tea. Mauli (Aditi sharma) also notices Mamma was tensed, but had to leave with Ishaan. Dida spits the tea asking if she mixed salt in the tea cup instead of sugar. Tears fell off Radika’s eyes and says he has returned, Kunal(Shakti arora) is in the same city. She saw him in the temple. Dida says it must be someone else. Both were emotional. Mamma says he didn’t see her. Dida asks what would happen to Mauli (Aditi sharma) if she finds out about him. Mamma says she has a right to be happy, Kunal (Shakti arora)is her son after all. Dida takes her promise that she won’t tell Mauli(Aditi sharma) . They shouldn’t ruin Mauli’s (Aditi sharma) life. He would now enter their lives as a storm. Dida insists there is only a ray of hope that Mauli(Aditi sharma) might step ahead in life. They need to show some patience for a few more days.

Kunal and Pari sat on the floor decorating Rangoli. Pari asks Kunal (Shakti arora)what he is making. She reminds Kunal (Shakti arora)that they even have to visit Mishti’s house. Kunal(Shakti arora) thinks about Mauli’s (Aditi sharma) voice over Ishaan’s phone. He tries to ask Pari about Mishti’s mother’s name. Mishti didn’t recall. Kunal (Shakti arora)looks at the beautiful Rangoli Pari made, just like her mother. Pari cheers up. She then asks Kunal(Shakti arora) if her mama had a friend like Mishti. She wants to meet her. Kunal thinks Mauli (Aditi sharma) would never want to meet them. He asks Pari to meet her own friend, take a photo of Rangoli and forward it to Mishti. Pari gets a call from Mishti and walks into the room….
Ishaan knocks the door of Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) room. Mauli (Aditi sharma) asks him not be formal. He looks towards Mauli(Aditi sharma) intently. Mauli (Aditi sharma) asks why she is staring like this. Ishaan replies he is her fiancé, and she looks beautiful today. Mauli was excited about Pari and her family. Ishaan holds Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) hand and wish her Diwali, a new year; he wish she begin to love him in this year. He then presents Mauli (Aditi sharma) with a waist band. He says it would suit Mauli.(Aditi sharma) He takes Mauli’s permission who nods. She flinches as Ishaan ties the waist band, wishing her Diwali and hoping her as his wife to be. He then kiss the back of her hand. Dida came inside, whistling. Ishaan complains he was about to come. Dida sends Mauli(Aditi sharma) downstairs and wish her Diwali. Mauli (Aditi sharma) hugs Dida and wish her.
Near the car, Pari was excited to go to Mishti’s place. Kunal (Shakti arora)asks about the address. Pari calls Ishaan and asks to send the address of his house. In the car, Kunal (Shakti arora)gives the map to Pari to guide him about the way.
In the Diwali party, Mauli (Aditi sharma) blew the crackers with Ishaan and Mishti. Mamma was thoughtful how Mauli (Aditi sharma) will feel if she knows Kunal(Shakti arora) was in the city.Kunal (Shakti arora)sense that the location was of his house. Pari asks him to stop near the gardens. Kunal (Shakti arora)tells Pari it seems they have come the wrong way. Pari instead leaves the car as they reached the right spot. Pari runs towards Mishti. Kunal (Shakti arora)decides to be cautious so as not to confront his own family in the way.

PRECAP: Mauli (Aditi sharma) goes to receive Pari’s parents. Kunal (Shakti arora)spots Mauli walk towards the parking.

Bepannah 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya(jennifer winget) Finds Out The Truth —

Bepannah 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya(jennifer winget) Finds Out The Truth

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Harsh and Anjana are fighting. A kid peeks at them. Anjana requests Harsh not to do this to her. You cannot give my right to Kalpana Dadheech. He tells her to lower her volume. There are kids in the house. She does not mind. They should also know how their father is. He pushes her away and simply leaves. Anjana breaks down. The kid cries in the corner.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) wakes up with a start. It was a bad dream. Why did I see this dream again after so many days? Zoya(jennifer winget) enters with a cup of coffee but finds him all worked up. He asks her to leave right away but she suggests that she will leave first. I will tell Victor I am going home. Aditya(Harshad chopda) wonders when this bad dream will leave him. Thank God, it is just a dream now!

Rajvir sprinkles water on his Nani’s face to wake her up. She sits up but has a headache. He asks her if she enjoyed. She requests him not to shout. My head is aching badly. He says we would have won long ago if this alcohol wasn’t there. She asks him if anything went wrong. He calls her an alcoholic. I stepped out of the house. You should have been more careful but you started drinking instead. You passed out. He even shouts at her. We lost the chance we waited for since ages! She accepts it is her fault. Please forgive me but don’t say such hurtful words. She is in tears. He holds her hand. Do you realise what it means? It means Zoya(jennifer winget) will inform police and they will chase me now! Our plan will be foiled for forever then. She is sure they wont fall apart so easily. We have just swayed a little. I promise you I wont look at alcohol till the time we win in our endeavour! I will drink next time when we will finally destroy Hooda family. He makes her promise it. I am sorry for shouting on you

Zoya (jennifer winget) and Aditya(Harshad chopda) are on their way to Pune. He says there is no one to point fingers at us but you are still quiet. She says there is a lot to say but I can only think of some things. Where are we off to? What are we up to? Is it right or wrong? He promises her that everything will be fine because they are together. We will fight everything together. I know that the destination is far but we will reach if we are together. She holds his hand and smiles a little.

Noor apologizes to her father. I am sorry. I know I hurt you a lot last night. I share nothing with Arjun. I promise you I wont meet him ever!Nani gives money to servant. Buy new clothes for your kids and sweets for your family. Don’t waste money on fireworks. He nods. She gives him a bed sheet from her cupboard and realises that her drawer is open. How did this happen? Only I have the key to this drawer. Who opened it then? She finds a button there and gets thinking. Rajvir also looks at the button. He realises that it belongs to the landlord. He was wearing a shirt which had the same buttons.

Victor calls Nani. Aditya (Harshad chopda)and Zoya(jennifer winget) aren’t at home. She asks him where he was. She ends the call upset. Rajvir understands what just happened. I knew that they are doing conspiracy. Nani is upset with Zoya(jennifer winget) . She will bear a worse fate than Hooda house. Love has taught them how to fight. This love will now make them shed tears of blood!Aditya (Harshad chopda)and Zoya(jennifer winget) reach Rajvir’s house in Pune. Aditya(Harshad chopda) opens the lock. He takes out her mangalsutra and makes her wear it first before going inside. She smiles. They cover their noses because of the dust. Zoya(jennifer winget) slips a little and her hand brushes off a few family portraits hung on one of the walls.

Anjana is telling Victor what all to bring for Diwali puja. Harsh wishes her Happy Diwali with a gift. She accepts it half heartedly. He asks her what happened. She shares that Aditya (Harshad chopda)isn’t home today. So many people are coming. He does this Maha aarti with you every year but there is Zoya(jennifer winget) in the house this time. I just hope this tradition doesn’t break. Harsh is positive it wont happen. She reminds him how he used to do this even when he dint gel well with Harsh. I am very scared this time.

The face of one of the guys is hidden in all the photos. Aditya(Harshad chopda) feels it is done intentionally. Who is it who wants to hide it? She is sure something is up. They pick up one of the photos and decide to head back.Roshnaq has been calling Noor who enters just then. Roshnaq and Noor promote Vodafone Sakhi.Aditya(Harshad chopda) looks closely at the photo. We will ask Akansha to scan the photo and restore it a little. Zoya(jennifer winget) decides to go instead and asks him to go home.

Harsh asks Anjana to see who is here. Pundit ji asks about Aditya.(Harshad chopda) Anjana tells him to start the puja. He would be coming. Harsh seconds her. Aditya(Harshad chopda) enters just then. Sorry for coming late. He rushes upstairs to change. Anjana smiles finally.Zoya (Jennifer winget)thanks Mona for coming especially on Diwali. Mona nods. She is busy restoring the photo. Zoya(jennifer winget) paces restlessly. Mona’s eyes widen in shock seeing the face of that man. Zoya(jennifer winget) too is equally stunned to see him. She requests Mona not to tell anyone else about this. She makes Mona print a copy. Mona does as told. Zoya(jennifer winget) thinks to speak to Aditya(Harshad chopda).

Precap: Rajvir and Nani come to Hooda House. He tells everyone his truth and calls Harsh his Dad. Zoya(jennifer winget) tries to interrupt but Nani requests her not to do anything now. You have done a lot already for us. You have done enough to bring us till here.

Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara(Eisha singh)Plans To Make Ruksaar Conscious — November 5, 2018

Ishq Subhan Allah 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara(Eisha singh)Plans To Make Ruksaar Conscious

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Zara says to Kabir that you will not do this? They are in Ruksaar’s room. Zara says to Kabir(Adnan khan) that if you spend night with her then you will lose me, what about our love? what about our relation? Kabir says tonight is the justice night for Ruksaar. Zara(Eisha singh) says she tried to kill you, plot to kill you. Kabir(Adnan khan) says enough, its your defeat saying that, Ruksaar’s love has taken me away from you, Ruksaar has loved me for years and its her victory tonight, I will celebrate with her tonight, leave from here. He winks at Zara(Eisha singh. Zara(Eisha singh) says to Ruksaar that you won, congrats, I am defeated, she says to Kabir that I didnt expect that from you, I am going. She goes to door, Kabir sadly looks at her, she gives him thumbs up. Kabir(Adnan khan) closes door. Zara(Eisha singh) and Reema hides and watches from window. Kabirs sits on bed with Ruksaar. He says you will not greet your husband? you waited for this long so smile, I think your dreams have fulfilled, we married and I have started loving you but one dream is still remaining that is to spend night with me. He brings poison bottle and says remember this poison? you wanted me and you to drink it, you wanted to die with me, I have thought a lot and if I remain alive then I will be divided between you and Zara,(Eisha singh) you wanted that if I die then I will be completely yours, so lets do this, I will fulfill your dream, I dont like to share my love, you will make me drink this poison. He mixes poison in water and pushes glass to Ruksaar, he says take it, make me drink it so you can make me yours in this life and afterwards, fulfill your dreams and kill me, take it. Ruksaar recalls how she wanted to kill Kabir(Eisha singh.) She moves her hand slightly. Kabir (Eisha singhsays make me drink poison, do it. Ruksaar recalls how she dreamt to die with him.. Suddenly Ruksaar’s hand collides with glass and pushes it away.. she throws it down. Zara(Eisha singh) is stunned and comes inside. Kabir says to Ruksaar that you listened to us. Zara(Eisha singh)asks her to come back, you are listening to us. Ruksaar doesnt move. Zara (Eisha singh)says I was sure. Kabir(Adnan khan) asks her to listen, he asks her to move, Zara (Eisha singhsays lets take her to hospital. Kabir(Adnan khan) lifts her and goes.
In hospital, doctor checks Ruksaar. Doctor asks what happened with her? her progress shows that process of her coming out of coma has started, keep doing what you are doing, keep doing things that will make her happy or angry, Zara(Eisha singh thanks him and says we will try to bring her back. Kabir(Adnan khan) hugs Zara(Eisha singh.In hospital, doctor asks them to go home, Zeenat asks if they can take Ruksaar? Doctor says its better if she stays here, Kabir (Adnan khan)says you are sure she is coming out of coma? Doctor says we dont know the timeline but she is showing progress. Reema says can she try to do something dangerous after coming out of coma? Zeenat glares at her. Zara says patients can be jittery after coming out of coma, doctor says we will handle her, dont worry.

Zara is in Ruksaar’s room and recalls how Ruksaar threw glass, then Reema’s words that she will create hovac.In wardroom, Ruksaar close her eyes and moves her hands. She gets up and sees Zara sleeping on couch. She recalls Zara(Eisha singh) saying that Kabir(Adnan khan) will divorce her when she becomes conscious. She evilly looks at Zara and tries to get down but falls from her bed, she crawls to Zara and strangles her. Ruksaar says you wanted me to come out of coma so Kabir(Adnan khan) can divorce me.. call Kabir now.. she strangles her.. Zara(Eisha singh) screams but realizes its only her dream and Ruksaar is still in coma. She calms down and looks at her. Zara says I am sorry Ruksaar, my God knows I am not taking revenge from you, I really want you to become fine so you remain happy in your life, I want to be happy with Kabir (Adnan khan)and you be happy in your life. She turns and sees Kabir(Adnan khan) standing there, he claps for her. Kabir(Adnan khan) says to Zara that you were saying sorry to Ruksaar? I am sorry too for throwing you out of room to do drama with Ruksaar. Zara comes closer to him and says is this right? I am doing all this for my love, we are doing this for our love so dont say sorry, he is tensed as she is closer. She laughs and moves back. Kabir(Adnan khan) pins her to door and says you are nice,Zara get tensed. Zara says I am like this because of your love, I pray that she becomes fine soon so we will start our lives. Kabir(Adnan khan) says we have to do something big, something that will trigger her emotions. Zara(Eisha singh)says I have a plan that will make Ruksaar get up, she tells him plan which is muted. Kabir (Adnan khan)claps.

Reema is in car with Imran and says we are going to jail. Imran says why? Reema says to free Miraj on bail. Imran laughs and says dont joke. Reema says I am not joking, Zara is not understanding, I am worried that if Ruksaar wakes up, she will try to come between Kabir (Adnan khan)and Zar(Eisha singha so I have decided to take Miraj’s help. Imran says whats your plan? Reema says I will tell him that he can be freed if he stops Ruksaar. Imran says you are taking criminal’s help? This is not right.

Nurse comes to Ruksaar’s room. She puts medicine there and leaves. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that Hamdan is alive, he has forgiven you. Kabir and Zara (Eisha singh)hides and watches her. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that you are not Hamdan’s widow anymore. Zeenat calls Hamdan’s sisters and says they are here to tell the good news. Sister says yes he is alive, he is coming to take you. Zeenat says Hamdan is alive so your marriage with Kabir(Adnan khan) has been nullified, you are still Hamdan’s wife, you will live happily with him, he will take you to Dubai. Sister asks Hamdan to come in and take Ruksaar with him. Some man enters room. Zeenat says Hamdan is here to take you, you are not Kabir’s(Adnan khan) second wife but Hamdan’s first wife, he is here to take you. Sister asks Ruksaar to welcome Hamdan. All look on. Ruksaar starts crying. Man holds Ruksaar’s hand but Ruksaar jerks and sits up, she heaves. All are happy to see her awake.

PRECAP- Ruksaar screams and starts throwing things around. Zeenat tries to stop her but she pushes her away. Ruksaar starts feeling dizzy.

Bepannah 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya(Harshad chopda) Breaks Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) Fast —

Bepannah 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya(Harshad chopda) Breaks Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) Fast

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Mystery woman peeks outside and is shocked to see Victor. He enters in a disguise. She asks him why he is dressed like that. I made you a spy but you became a CID. He replies that he will be sent to Kalapani if Hooda’s find out that he is spying on them. Rajvir asks him what’s going on there. He tells them that Zoya(Jennifer winget) is fighting with everyone. She isn’t listening to anyone and has also not kept fast. She even fought in front of me. Mystery woman is pleased to hear it. They would have never thought that their DIL would behave like this. Rajvir gives money to Victor. Are you sure it’s all true? Victor nods. Zoya(Jennifer winget) and Hooda family will never be together. He counts his money happily. Mystery woman adds that they wont be able to forget them ever. Do your work well. Victor leaves. Rajvir and the mystery woman laugh thinking about Hooda’s fate.

Roshnaq is talking to Zoya(Jennifer winget) about Karvachauth. I am excited to go upstairs. Society ladies have called me. What are you wearing? Zoya(Jennifer winget) replies that she hasn’t decided yet. Her mother suggests her to ask her MIL and follow whatever she says. Zoya (Jennifer winget)overhears Anjana inviting someone for the evening. Roshnaq asks Zoya(Jennifer winget) to get ready and send a photo of her and Aditya to her. Zoya(Jennifer winget) agrees and ends the call. She is rushing out when she drops something by mistake. Anjana looks at her.Zoya(Jennifer winget) complains that everything is scattered. She asks Victor to keep everything in place. It’s just a function! Anjana warns her to mind her tongue. You wont understand the importance of Karvachauth. It is for the women who love their husbands. Zoya(Jennifer winget) taunts her back for only following rituals but not having conscience. She goes. Anjana thinks she is talking too much. She is jealous as she isn’t celebrating Karvachauth today. She will never be lucky enough to write her husband’s name in her hands. It will be her punishment.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) watches Zoya(Jennifer winget) get ready and starts helping her. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays. She watches him looking at her through the mirror. Will you stop staring? He replies that he is trying since long but isn’t able to. Don’t disturb me now. She points out that something is missing. He looks at her from right and then left and then says no. She nods and hands him the vermilion box. He fills her hairline. Perfect! Can we not celebrate Karvachauth openly here? We will have to do it stealthily outside. She wants to follow all the rituals. They will win in a way if we celebrate it within the four walls of our room. He wants to spend their personal moment together. She tells him that no one can snatch their personal moments. I am your wife. I wont lose my rights as your wife and will do everything. I haven’t done any ritual correctly since we got married. I want to do it for you. I will break my fast by drinking water from your hands in front of everyone. He is tensed but she tells him she is serious. She leaves. Aditya is smiling.

Arjun wonders if he should message Noor or not. Everyone starts clapping as Anjana enters with Aditya(Harshad chopda). Harsh compliments her. Her friends are equally excited to see her. You have made the preps nicely. Victor is also there. Aditya(Harshad chopda) thinks I don’t know how Zoya(Jennifer winget) will pull it off. I am worried that we might get caught. I just hope everything is fine. Victor does video call with mystery woman. He tells her to just watch the drama and keep quiet. She agrees.

Anjana’s friends ask Anjana about her DIL. Is she celebrating with alcohol today too? Anjana replies that she is doing something else these days. She is spreading poison. Mystery woman says I am the eclipse who is ruining everything for you. Harsh tells Anjana to come. We have to do puja. Ladies tell Anjana not to bear any of Zoya’s (Jennifer winget)tantrums. Let’s focus on puja tonight. We will teach Zoya(Jennifer winget) a lesson tomorrow. She should know who she is messing with! Aditya(Harshad chopda) stands there quietly.

Zoya (Jennifer winget)comes to the party. Everyone looks at her curiously including the mystery woman. Aditya blocks Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) way. She asks him to move aside and strolls around. She notices the puja thaal there and looks at the preps. Anjana is irked that she sent her to jail and is here wearing the saree gifted by her. Her friends assure her that they will take care of Zoya (Jennifer winget)today. Aditya prays to God to manage it tonight. I wont be able to intervene today. Zoya (Jennifer winget)says there is such a big party going on yet no one invited the DIL of the house in the party? Anjana says your party is actually a fast. No one present here wanted you to come here. Zoya(Jennifer winget) begins to feel dizzy. Ladies wonder if she is inebriated again. Mystery woman watches the video in shock. Did Zoya(Jennifer winget) keep fast? Zoya(Jennifer winget) falls down on the floor. She drags the table cover and the thaali’s kept on table fall down. Aditya(Harshad chopda) runs out from there avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Anjana is not at all considerate seeing her condition. This is why I dint call you here. I knew you will mess it up! Zoya(Jennifer winget) says I should snatch your right to do puja as you snatched my right of keeping a fast tonight. Anjana says I was mistaken about you. You are a Daya who is bent upon ruining everyone’s life. Lights go off. Anjana is sure Zoya(Jennifer winget) is behind this as well. Harsh shouts at Victor to check what happened. Zoya (Jennifer winget)is about to pass out when Aditya(Harshad chopda) holds her. He lifts her in his arms and takes her away. Victor ends the video call as Harsh keeps calling out to him.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) brings Zoya(Jennifer winget) to a corner. They both smile at each other. She looks at the moon and then at him. He too does the same. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays. She holds a flowing curtain and looks at the moon and then at Aditya(Harshad chopda) through it. He breaks her fast by feeding her water. He takes her with him to another corner as there are too many people around. I was so dead seeing you pass out. How are you? She tells him she is fine. I was worried that you might say something. He nods. This is why I switched off the lights quickly. You are too stubborn. Lights come back. She looks at the food and smiles. You did this right? He says I know how stubborn you are. You wont step back if you have decided upon something. Roshnaq calls Zoya(Jennifer winget). Did you get the food? Have you both eaten? Zoya(Jennifer winget) shows the thaali to her. I sent a special thaali for you guys. Is everything fine? Aditya says I don’t know how your daughter is still standing. I think I lost too much wait. They all smile. Roshnaq blesses them and ends the call.

Victor asks mystery woman if she saw the drama. She nods. I want to see Zoya.(Jennifer winget) We have to keep a tab on her every second. He knocks at Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) door but gets no response. He opens the door but no one is there. Mystery woman asks him to check where she is. Victor decides to check on terrace. He heads upstairs.Aditya and Zoya(Jennifer winget) sit down to eat. Victor is on his way to terrace. His video call is still active. Aditya (Harshad chopda)and Zoya(Jennifer winget) feed food to each other. Victor steps out on the terrace. He looks ahead curiously.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya(Jennifer winget) share some romantic moments. Anjana thinks to do something about Zoya (Jennifer winget)or her family members will only be seen in photos. Where is she? Zoya (Jennifer winget)is lying on the floor with Aditya (Harshad chopda)lying over her to avoid being seen together. They both look at each other.

Bepanaah actress Jennifer winget looks super hot in red dress and white sneaker’s — November 4, 2018

Bepanaah actress Jennifer winget looks super hot in red dress and white sneaker’s

Jennifer Winget

Hey guys !! As we all know that Jennifer winget aka Zoya from bepanaah is one of the most cutest and hot actress we known soo far,Already winning the hearts of viewer’s with her amazing performance in bepanaah..Day by day Jennifer winget fan’s base is increasing..After doing the memorable show’s like dilmilgaye,saraswatichandraa,Beyadh other than doing these show’s  she wins the heart of her fans through her pictures and video..Recently we notices a pic on instagram wearing red dress with an over-sized floral jacket. She teamed up her outfit with white sneakers and layered hoops..Simple make up and red lipstick can make anyone go down on their knees, Day by day Jennifer winget fashion sense has been amazing..Sharing the pictures, she captioned it as, “Rounding off with Rajkot for @skechersindia And @sahilkochar It’s safe to say Im keeping this jacket? Love love your clothes!”

She looked ravishing !!A couple of days back, the new promo of the show was out in which Zoya and Aditya set the small screen on fire with their onscreen chemistry..Jennifer and Harshad share a great bond. Both of them are been working together on bepanaah for the first time. They are often seen praising one another everytime during the interview..The diva started her career 11 years ago with Kkusum as a child artist and then she featured on shows like Kkoi Dil Mein Hai, Shaka Laka Boom Boom and more. While she did many shows before doing Dill Mill Gaye, it was that show which gained her much recognition,,From impressing us with her acting to walking the red carpet in style, the actress has many times proved that she is here to rule the tv industry..Keep reading tellygosssip for the latest gossip of your fav actress jennifer winget !!

Ishq Subhan Allah latest news:: Ruksar’s survival From Coma turn’s more evil !! —

Ishq Subhan Allah latest news:: Ruksar’s survival From Coma turn’s more evil !!

Image result for zara kabir and rukhsar ishq subhan allah

Hey guys !! As we all know that Zee tv popular drama Ishq subhanallah,Starring eisha singh and Adnan khan is going through high voltage drama,As per the upcoming track Zara and Kabir are making effort’s to get ruksar out of coma, Kabir(Adnan khan) and Zara are trying every possible way to make Rukhsar come out of her coma as Kabir(Adnan khan) cannot divorce Rukhsar as long as she is in coma. Kabir(Adnan khan) does a drama of spending wedding night with Rukhsar as he takes her in the room and admits his love to her. Kabir(Adnan khan) also tells Rukhsar that he will drink poison so that both of them can die together. Rukhsar’s hand moves listening to Kabir’s words and Kabir(Adnan khan) and Zara(Eisha singh) are happy seeing that Rukhsar is showing improvement in her condition. Later, Rukhsar is taken to the hospital and she gets admitted as she is now showing improvement and is slowly coming out of her coma. According to gossip queen .Zeenat says Rukhsar that Hamdaan is alive and will take her back to Dubai. Zeenat also tells Rukshar that since Hamdaan is alive, her married with Kabir is nullified. Rukhsar hears this and she snaps out of her coma and screams and shouts in anger. Rukhsar turns completely crazy and her evilness gets increased even more. Zara’s(EIsha singh) worst fears will come true as Rukhsar will turn more evil and will refused to go away from Kabir’s(Adnan khan) life so easily. Moreover, Miraj will make a re-entry in Kabir(Adnan khan) and Zara’s life and will now help them to get rid of Rukhsar..Wil miraj gets successful throwing out ruksar from kabir and zara’s life??What will be ruksar’s next plan?? To know keep reading my blog..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal (Shakti arora)Ready To Give His Marriage Another Chance — October 30, 2018

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal (Shakti arora)Ready To Give His Marriage Another Chance

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Mauli (aditi sharma)was in her room taking clothes from wardrobe when an old card fell off from between. She reads, “Jaana, it’s not any birthday, neither any festival nor any celebrations; it’s only a card for her because she makes every day festive. I love you Mauli(aditi sharma), Yours Kunal”. Mauli(aditi sharma) thinks time has drastically changed their paths.
Nandini(Drashti dhami) tries Kunal’s(Shakti arora) number and was worried where Kunal(Shakti arora) can be if not with Mauli. She thinks Kunal(Shakti arora) must surely be there.
Kunal (Shakti arora)sat on a bench at a green spot. He recalls Nandini’s(Drashti dhami) words about Mauli’s pregnancy and about her inability to marry him and snatch him from his child. Nandini (Drashti dhami)silently joins Kunal(Shakti arora) on the bench. Kunal (Shakti arora)asks if Nandini has seen the sun, it enlightens the whole day and sets in the evening; but again rise the next day with a beautiful morning. Why their love is unlike this rising sun, why it’s always setting? Nandini(Drashti dhami) says may be they selected the wrong path or direction, they only have to live with the time; as it is. Kunal (Shakti arora)understands at once and says they can get over with the darkness on the way. He won’t need to live with Mauli (aditi sharma)and his child; he can still prove to be world’s best father and even Nandini(Drashti dhami) will take care of him when he is with them. Nandini (Drashti dhami)says it’s impossible, when his child grows up he will hate them both. Kunal (Shakti arora)asks what when the child would realize there is only silence and coldness in his parent’s relationship. Nandini (Drashti dhami)advices Kunal to give his and Mauli’s marriage another chance.

At home, Mamma welcomed the guests for Pooja. Mauli (aditi sharma)was concerned that Dida didn’t have the breakfast and now she is waiting for Bhojan. Dida says she prayed to God for a gift on Karwachot tomorrow. They begin the festivity of Pooja.
There, Nandini (Drashti dhami)and Kunal(Shakti arora) look towards each other sadly. Nandini hugs Kunal in tears and says he would never be able to give his marriage a second chance, if she stays around. They understand the situation well, it’s only the heart that isn’t compelled. She requests Kunal (Shakti arora) to agree on one last thing, she demands him to take her engagement ring back from her. Kunal(Shakti arora) was helpless and pleads not to do this. Nandini asks him to stay strong, else what would happen to her? She won’t be able to get rid of past memories otherwise. Does he want so? She turns to walk away silently, Kunal (Shakti arora)holds her hand to stop her. Amidst heavy tears, Kunal(Shakti arora) takes the ring off Nandini’s(Drashti dhami) hand. Nandini (Drashti dhami)hugs Kunal(Shakti arora) and kiss his forehead. She says her life would be filled with darkness after he has left, but the memories of his love would remain as a source of power for her. She says “I love you”, Kunal (Shakti arora)replies “I love you too”.
During the Pooja, Dida prays to God for being a savior of Mauli’s (aditi sharma)marriage.
Nandini finally runs away crying. Kunal(Shakti arora) was left with the ring in his hand.
Kunal walks home. Mauli (aditi sharma)turns to look at him. Mamma notices his presence in the hall. Dida was also alert. Kunal signals Mauli (aditi sharma)to listen to her. She walks towards him. Kunal(Shakti arora) asks if they should give this marriage another chance. He is ready for it. Mauli (aditi sharma)was in a disbelief and breaks into a cry, hugging Kunal(Shakti arora) tightly. Kunal doesn’t hug back. Mamma goes to hug Mauli(aditi sharma), then caress Kunal(Shakti arora) for bring back home. Kunal (Shakti arora)then walks to Dida and hugs her. He was lost and didn’t speak much. Dida was happy that her prayers have been answered, they will celebrate Karwachot tomorrow, zealously. Kunal walks inside. Mamma asks Mauli (aditi sharma)to give him sometime to adjust and be normal.

PRECAP: Dida advices Mauli to keep eating little after intervals. Mauli(aditi sharma) wanted to fast as its very special for her, she won’t let any harm to her child. There, Kunal(Shakti arora) (Shakti arora) promises Nandini(Drashti dhami) to fast together, he didn’t want any stress from her. Nandini (Drashti dhami)hugs Kunal.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunaina And Karthik Lock Naina(Ashi singh) And Sameer In Principal’s Office —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunaina And Karthik Lock Naina(Ashi singh) And Sameer In Principal’s Office

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The Episode starts with Principal Maam asking Naina(Ashi singh) to give speech during VJN university navratri Utsav. Naina says I couldn’t say how much I am happy seeing you (kumar Sanu, but actually her words is for Sameer (Randeep rai) and says nazar ke saamne dil ke pass, agar koi rehta hai toh woh ho tum. She tells films dialogues and looks at Sameer (Randeep rai). She says today you have supported me. Everyone claps for her. Naina says you are my life, my prayer, my love etc. Karthik tells Sunaina that he has decided that the drama will happen today itself. Principal Maam asks Kumar Sanu to sing a lovely song. Kumar Sanu sings Sanson ki Zaroorat hai jaise…..aashiqui ke liye….
Everyone is happy. Sameer(Randeep rai)

and Naina (Ashi singh)do dandiya together. Other also do dandiya dance. Kumar Sanu sings ghunghat ki aad se….dilbarka…

Everyone is happily doing dandiya. Naina (Ashi singh)and Sameer (Randeep rai) look at each other while doing dandiya. Kumar Sanu sings tujhe na dekho toh chain mujhe aata nahi nahi….

Sameer (Randeep rai)and Naina look at each other…Kumar Sanu sings mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai jo yeh pyaar tumse karta hai….Munna collides with Sameer (Randeep rai) and says sorry. Sameer says you held my hand today. Naina(Ashi singh) gets shy. Swati tries to talk to Munna, but he tells that he hates her and asks her to go. Sameer (Randeep rai) and Naina (Ashi singh)hold each other hands. They all click pic with kumar sanu. Naina’s voiceover tells that night was incomplete without Swati, and says it was big night as we get pic clicked with Kumar Sanu. She says even today I have that pic hanged in my drawing hall.

JBR comes to Munna and Pandit and scolds them. He asks them to handle the campacola counter. The girls tell that Naina(Ashi singh) was reading speech for Sameer (Randeep rai) and Kumar Sanu thought she said for him. Naina(Ashi singh) smiles. She asks Munna if he talked to Swati. Munna says I made her heard enough. A boy comes and says Principal Maam is calling you, as there is something related to Kumar Sanu’s ticket. Naina calls Sameer as Mr. Maheshwari, takes the drink and drinks it. Sameer (Randeep rai) takes it from her hand and drinks it. A fb is shown of the similar incident in the past during Pooja’s marriage function. Munna and Pandit tell that they are stuck with the counter. Naina (Ashi singh)hears Sunaina and Mitali talking about Swati who was crying badly. Sunaina says she must have went towards Principal’s office. Naina (Ashi singh)hears them and goes. Sunaina and Mitali told that deliberately and says it will be fun now. A girl comes to Naina’s(Ashi singh) locality and asks the address. She thinks whose house is his. Bela plans surprise for Anand and thinks she is not afraid as Naina(Ashi singh)and Preeti is not at home.

Naina (Ashi singh)comes to the Principal’s cabin and hears someone crying. She thinks Swati is crying and gets inside. Sameer (Randeep rai) comes and switches on lights. Karthik, Sunaina and others lock the door from outside. The girl gets inside thinking this is the house. Arjun comes home and thinks Chacha and Chachi must be sleeping as the light is off. He thinks to see something in fridge. He is about to fall and looks at the girl who is holding candle in her hand.

The girl introduces herself as Juhi. Arjun introduces himself shyly. He says he will switch on the lights. Juhi asks him to sit and sprays pain relieving spray on his foot. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was a romantic scene and Arjun was surprised to see pain relieving spray. Juhi says your pain will be gone. He asks are you a doctor? Juhi says I am an airhostess and we get such training. Sameer (Randeep rai) tells Naina(Ashi singh) that don’t know who has locked the door. Naina(Ashi singh) thinks of Sameer’c (Randeep rai)challenge and says Munna and Pandit must have locked them. She says if we get caught together then what will happen. Sameer (Randeep rai) says I can’t think of kiss here and tells that he heard Sunaina and Karthik talking about getting us caught. Naina(Ashi singh) says sorry. Sameer says we shall leave from here immediately. Naina(Ashi singh) says I shall call Arjun. Sameer (Randeep rai) says Principal must be coming here, and we shall leave immediately somehow. Sameer’s (Randeep rai)voiceover tells that he was the first one to buy mobile when it was launched, but at that time, they have no mobile phones.

Neha tells that if they are found here then their truth will become false. Principal comes there with Sunaina and Karthik and asks what they are doing in her cabin. She asks them to meet her tomorrow morning.

Bepannah 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja And Yash’s Murderer Revealed —

Bepannah 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja And Yash’s Murderer Revealed

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Rajvir apologizes to Zoya. I dint know Aditya was here. Zoya(jennifer winget). rushes to Aditya and begins to explain but Rajvir says it is ok. We cannot execute the plan as we wanted to. Let it be. Aditya(Harshad chopda)stands facing Rajvir. You wee the one who called me here right? Rajvir agrees. I am done with the drama which is why I was asking Zoya(jennifer winget). to end this drama. Stop adding poison or ruining Muh Dikhayi ritual. She demands to know where her Abbu is. He tells her to stop her drama. Aditya has found out everything. She insists that he has Abbu. Rajvir repeats his words and begins to go towards her when Rajvir holds his hand. Stay away from Zoya(jennifer winget). or you wont be able to move. He turns to Zoya(jennifer winget).. Please explain everything to me. She tells him everything from the beginning. A woman is working with him. She has been threatening us. They want to separate us and break our family. Aditya asks her to show the messages but she relates that she left it in the taxi. Rajvir claps for her. Aditya dials Zoya’s(jennifer winget). number. The line is busy. Zoya(jennifer winget). says I told you they have kidnapped Abbu. He calls Wasim who picks the call startling Zoya.

Zoya(jennifer winget). asks her Abbu if he is fine. Wasim requests her not to call hi again. You don’t have to call to know who is fine or not. You don’t have to do it anymore. He ends the call. Zoya(jennifer winget). tells Aditya(Harshad chopda) she isn’t lying. They told me that you are responsible for Yash and Pooja’s accident. I would have told you everything long ago if I knew Rajvir is behind all this! Aditya(Harshad chopda) holds Rajvir by his collar. You have made a lot of mess in the past already but not anymore! Rajvir frees himself. Do you know about Zoya(jennifer winget).? She was going to marry someone else but she suddenly marries you. She dint love you at all but then suddenly said I love you to you! Think about it. Aditya replies that she loves him. Rajvir tells him not to take love word too seriously. Why doesn’t she let you come closer if she loves you so much? Aditya(Harshad chopda) thinks of the incidents. Rajvir says it is true that both of you fought with the world to be together. Did Zoya fulfil any of the wedding vows? You will have to listen to me against your wish. I only send her to your house to take revenge! She came to your house to collect proof. Zoya (jennifer winget).tries to counter him but Aditya looks determined. Which proof? Rajvir says proof to show your family’s involvement in Pooja and Yash’s murder. Aditya(Harshad chopda) threatens to kill him for his lie. Rajvir advises him to check the papers in Zoya’s(jennifer winget). hands. He reaches out for the envelope. Zoya(jennifer winget). begins to explain that she was forced to sign on these papers or they would have killed Abbu. They had kidnapped him. He reminds her that her Abbu is at home. You could have called once at home to check. She says I panicked. I love you very much Aditya(Harshad chopda) . Don’t trust him. I am not lying. He reads the papers and goes quiet. Zoya(jennifer winget). tells Aditya (Harshad chopda)not to listen to them. I love you very much. Aditya(Harshad chopda) walks away without saying anything. Rajvir smirks.Arjun is worried for Zoya(jennifer winget).. He decides to call police. Harsh enters in his room just then and Arjun ends the call. Arjun lies that he was calling Noor but Harsh checks his phone. Why are you calling PCR? Arjun shares that Zoya(jennifer winget) and Bhai are in trouble. He told me to call police in case they aren’t back in an hour. It is time. Harsh shouts at him to tell everything in detail. Arjun tells him. Harsh is about to call the Commissioner when they hear Aditya(Harshad chopda) call out to him. They rush downstairs.

Rajvir asks Zoya(jennifer winget). how she is feeling after losing everything. You left her home, lost your Abbu and now you lost the guy for whom you left everyone and everything behind! You are at one of the stages of my life. Hooda’s have written it with their own hands. She tells him to stop using fake stories as his life story. You are here because of your misdeeds. He says the same for her. You married in the family that killed your husband! You ended up befriending your enemy by mistake. Enemy’s friend is friend after all. You did the right thing right? She raises her hand to slap him when the mystery woman holds her hand. Now God only can help you! Zoya(jennifer winget). realises who she is. Mystery woman calls her a pawn. Pawn does not raise a hand on their minister. Zoya(jennifer winget). tells them to play as many games as much they want to. No one can create a rift between Aditya (Harshad chopda) and me as our relation is based on trust. Aditya(Harshad chopda) and I trust each other very much. Mystery woman mocks her for her innocence. People don’t trust cheaters. Aditya (Harshad chopda)is cheating you! He married you to hide the truth and is still cheating you. We are trying to save you but you aren’t interested! Zoya (jennifer winget).is sure Aditya(Harshad chopda) isn’t involved in this. I wont fall in your trap anymore!

Harsh is shocked to know about Rajvir. Anjana says I knew this girl wasn’t worth trusting. She married Aditya(Harshad chopda) to take revenge. I couldn’t believe how a girl can be so over free. She told me that she will keep you away from you before her wedding but then ended up marrying you only! Aditya (Harshad chopda)says Rajvir is saying that someone from this family is involved in Yash and Pooja’s murders. I want to bring out his lie in front of everyone! I want to see his reaction when he is exposed! Anjana’s face has turned pale.Zoya (jennifer winget).tells them that their bad intentions wont win this time. Mystery woman says we aren’t wrong this time. Someone from the Hooda House has killed Pooja and Yash. We know who it is. Zoya(jennifer winget). is sure it cannot be Aditya. Mystery woman accepts it. He knows the truth and is trying t hide it! You can go to Hooda house and find out yourself if you don’t trust us! Zoya(jennifer winget). runs.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks Arjun to call police. Harsh stops them. Aditya (Harshad chopda)says we cannot trust Rajvir. He is too dangerous. I wont let him trouble us this time. Arjun asks about Zoya(jennifer winget)(jennifer winget). Aditya(Harshad chopda) replies that he is only thinking about his family right now. He begins to call police but Anjana snatches the phone out of his hands. She runs away. Aditya(Harshad chopda) requests Harsh not to tell Police. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells his father to make her understand but Harsh supports her.

Anjana comes there with a container filled with kerosene. I cannot hurt my family. They struggle to free her as she begins to pour kerosene oil over herself. What are you doing? Anjana tells him to let her die. I am the reason why Yash and Pooja are no more. They died because of me. She breaks down. Epi ends on Aditya’s(Harshad chopda) shocked face.

Precap: Anjana says sorry to Zoya(jennifer winget).. I know it was a very big mistake. I was very much upset over how Pooja cheated Aditya(Harshad chopda). I couldn’t take it anymore which is why I did this to them! You can tell me your decision. I will accept it. Zoya (jennifer winget).says I wont decide for what you did and why. My question is with Aditya(Harshad chopda) now. Why did you hide such a big truth from me? Now you can do what you think is right and I will do what I believe is right.

Bepanah Latest News: Evil Rajveer (Aporva agnihotri)new master plan to create difference between Aditya-Zoya — October 29, 2018

Bepanah Latest News: Evil Rajveer (Aporva agnihotri)new master plan to create difference between Aditya-Zoya

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Hey guys, Colorś popular show bepanaah was going through the romantic track between Zoya(jennifer winget) and Aditya,Soon viewerś has would be sad by the upcoming track ,As evil Rajveer is back..he will be seen plotting with mysterious Nani to break apart Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya’s (jennifer winget)marriage., Zoya(jennifer winget) as she will be completely trapped. As already being blackmailed by mysterious Nani, Zoya(jennifer winget) will further be blackmailed by Rajveer(Apurva Agnihotri). Zoya (jennifer winget)leaves Aditya(Harshad chopda) suddenly during their romantic intimacy as she gets a message of Wasim getting kidnapped. This leaves Aditya shocked and shattered…According to Miss gossip queen Zoya’s (jennifer winget)horror, she will be asked to sign the divorce papers to break the relationship with Aditya(Harshad chopda) and this will be  forced by none other than Rajveer.(Apurva Agnihotri).Rajveer(Apurva Agnihotri) will come in front of Zoya (jennifer winget)and will threaten her over Wasim’s life.for his ugly revenge against the hooda family… Zoya(jennifer winget) will be left with no option but to sign the divorce papers. Aditya(Harshad chopda) will be shocked to see Zoya(jennifer winget) with Rajveer. As per the latest news, in the upcoming episode of Bepanah, Rajveer will start creating misunderstanding between Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(jennifer winget)..Keep reading telllygossip for the latest interesting news!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer(Randeep rai)- naina´s (Ashi singh)life twist with the entry of poonawala —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer(Randeep rai)- naina´s (Ashi singh)life twist with the entry of poonawala

Hey guys !! Miss gossip queen has brought you the latest news,Sony tv popular show ye undino ki baat hai will witness a new entry..The latest epsiodes of yeundino ki baat hai had mainly shown the Navartri..As per the gossip queen the new entry will be of the drama teacher, Mr. Poonawala. The character of Mr. Poonawala will be played by actor Arjun.,..The principal will expect Mr. Poonawala to get students involved in the drama and accordingly he will direct the college drama. Apparently, Mr. Poonawala will not get on with JBR (Vishnu Sharma). This tiff will bring in some twists in Sameer (Randeep rai)and Naina’s(ashi singh) relationship. What will be this new drama and new twist? Is Sameer and Naina’s relationship in a new danger??Well Miss gossip queen too is waiting for the future story..keep reading tellygossip for the latest updates of your fav serial..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka latest news: Nandini´s Sacrifice to unite Kunal and Mauli(Aditi sharma) —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka latest news: Nandini´s Sacrifice to unite Kunal and Mauli(Aditi sharma)

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Hey people !! daily dose of entertainment is here , According to miss gossip queen..Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka will show that Kunal tries to save his relationship with Nandini(Drashti dhami) as Nandini(Drashti dhami) insists to end their relationship forever. Finally, Kunal and Nandini (Drashti dhami)are going to end their extra marital affair as Nandini(Drashti dhami) decides that Kunal should stay with Molly as Mauli is going to have his baby. Kunal and Nandini (Drashti dhami)have an emotional moment as they meet each other in a park and both are completely lost in love…Nandini (Drashti dhami)insists Kunal to get back with Mauli (Aditi sharma)so that their baby can have a complete family.  Nandini(Drashti dhami) gives the ultimate sacrifice of her love for the sake of her friendship with Mauli. Kunal and Mauli (Aditi sharma)are both heartbroken as they spend their last few moments together before they break up and move their separate ways. Will look Kunal we able to live happily being away from Nandini (Drashti dhami)and will Nandini(Drashti dhami) and Kunal forget each other and move on???? Will Mauli (Aditi sharma)and Kunal unite?? Keep reading latest news of miss gossip queen only on tellygossip..

Ishq Subhan Allah 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara´s(Eisha singh) new Strategy To Unveil Ruksaar —

Ishq Subhan Allah 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara´s(Eisha singh) new Strategy To Unveil Ruksaar

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Zeenat says to Zara (Eisha singh)that I was standing with you when you needed Kabir, today my sister needs Kabir so I am standing with her. Zeenat gets call and says okay, I am sending someone, she leaves. Zara says to herself that I did a mistake of losing Kabir(Adnan khan) listening to Ruksaar and Zeenat, if Ruksaar is Kabir’s(Adnan khan) responsibility then he is my responsibility, I will be with him all the time.
Zeenat says to Kabir (Adnan khan)that they are shifting Ruksaar from ICU to wardroom, I cant go so you have to go. Ayesha says I can send Shahbaz, Kabir says no I will go. Zara(Eisha singh) says I will go with you, Kabir says no, you take rest. Zara (Eisha singh)says I cant rest when you are with Ruksaar, she asks Ayesha if she can go? Ayesha nods, Kabir(Adnan khan) and Zara leaves.

Kabir and Zara (Eisha singh)are in car. Zara(Eisha singh) says will you really take care of Ruksaar? Kabir (Adnan khan)says its my duty, I have to unwillingly take care of her, Zara (Eisha singh)says till when? Kabir (Adnan khan)says till she is in coma, when she becomes fine then we will talk with her, he prays for Ruksaar to become fine. Zara(Eisha singh) says what if she is pretending to be in coma and is not really in coma? They come to hospital. Kabir(Adnan khan) says how are you sure? Zara(Eisha singh) says if she can plan to kill you to be with you then she can pretend to do all this to get care from you. Kabir (Adnan khan)says if this is drama from her then this is her last drama. Nurse says you are late, we have shifted her to wardroom 65.

Zara (Eisha singh)and Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s wardroom. They see her turned towards TV and are stunned. Zara whispers to Kabir(Adnan khan)that she is watching TV, she is pretending to be in coma only. Zara(Eisha singh) asks Ruksaar to stop her drama, you were watching TV. Kabir says this woman has crossed her limits, she is watching TV here, her sister is crying for her, family is worried. Zara(Eisha singh) asks her to wake up. Kabir says when we will tell family and they throw her out then she will wake up. Nurse comes there and says what are you doing? Doctor have asked to make her sit in daytime like this. She makes Ruksaar lie again. Zara(Eisha singh) looks at Ruksaar and says her eye pupil are moving.. Kabir says listen. Zara says I am telling you this is drama. Kabir says she is in coma. Zara says I cant trust her, she tried to kill you. Zara(Eisha singh)takes out safety pin and says God forgive me but I have to do pin her so that we will know truth. She stabs pin on Ruksaar’s hand but she doesnt move. Zeenat comes there. Zara (Eisha singh)hides pin. Zeenat asks what did doctor say? Kabir (Adnan khan)says he said she will be fine soon. Zeenat kisses Ruksaar’s forehead and says wish you could see your husband here to take care of you, dont worry, God will make you fine soon. Kabir(Adnan khan) distracts Zeenat while Zara(Eisha singh) is about to stab her with pin but nurse comes there. She asks Kabir (Adnan khan)to help them pick her up. Zara (Eisha singh)says you dont have staff? Nurse says its lunch time, Kabir says actually.. Zeenat says he will help. Kabir(Adnan khan) reluctantly Ruksaar in his arms and puts her in wheelchair, Zeenat goes with Ruksaar and nurse. Zara(Eisha singh) is tensed and thinks that I will end Ruksaar’s drama today.

Scene 2
Zara(Eisha singh) asks doctor if patients can pretend to be in coma. Doctor says no patient did it before. Kabir whispers to Zara(Eisha singh) that Ruksaar didnt move her eyelids for 10 minutes. Zara (Eisha singh)says she must have practiced it. Doctor says I think my wife is practicing that too. Kabir laughs and says his wife must glare him without moving eyelids. Doctor says yes. Zara (Eisha singh)says I am not joking, Ruksaar can do anything to get you, she can go to any extent to put you in danger and I can do to any extent to protect you, can take on anything for you, I will bring out truth of Ruksaar’s coma drama, she leaves from there.

Kabir (Adnan khan)says to Zara(Eisha singh) that I didnt like the way you were talking to me infront of doctor.. I have an idea to put your idea to rest, we will know if she is doing drama or not, lets do it infront of Ruksaar.Zeenat says to nurse that I will bring her medicine. She leaves.

Kabir asks Zara(Eisha singh) to do it. Zara (Eisha singh)says I cant do it, I cant put you in danger to find truth. Kabir says God with me and you are with me, I am doing all this to remove your doubt. Zara(Eisha singh) puts waist on his back.
Zara(Eisha singh) and Kabir comes to wardroom, nurse asks Kabir(Adnan khan) to help. Zara(Eisha singh) says your staff is still not here? she shakes her heard. Kabir (Adnan khan)helps putting Ruksaar in bed, nurse leaves. Kabir (Adnan khan)tells his plan to Zara.(Eisha singh) Kabir asks Zara(Eisha singh) to go to balcony and see if parents are coming? he silently gives lighter to Zara(Eisha singh). Zara (eisha singh)is worried but goes there. Kabir lights lighter, he burns his waist on back and screams that he has caught fire but Ruksaar doesnt react. Zara(Eisha singh) rushes to him but her dupatta gets stuck. Kabir (Adnan khan)is about to burn himself but Zara runs and takes off waist from him. Kabir(Adnan khan) washes her hand and whispers whose plan was it? Zara(Eisha singh) says I couldnt see you burning. Kabir kisses her head and says you are fool. He shows her waist and says this cloth doesnt burn, you had to look at Ruksaar and see if she will come to save me as I am her love. Zara (Eisha singh)says I couldnt think of anything when I saw your surrounded by fire, truly I cant see you like that. Kabir (Adnan khan)brings out safety pin and stabs it to Ruksaar but she doesnt blink. Zara(Eisha singh) says you can pin again. Kabir(Adnan khan) says no. He whispers to her that she is in coma for real.

PRECAP- Zara(Eisha singh) asks Kabir (Adnan khan)if a wife tries to plan to kill her husband then it can be a reason to divorce her? Kabir(Adnan khan) says it can be a valid reason. Zara says then Ruksaar will go out of this house tomorrow. All are stunned.

Bepannah 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: The entry of Rajveer —

Bepannah 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: The entry of Rajveer

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Mystery woman tells Zoya(Jennifer winget) thye are divorce papers. I want you to divorce Aditya Huda(Harshad chopda)! Why do you look so stunned? I told you earlier itself that I will ruin you! Zoya(Jennifer winget) keeps looking around. Mystery woman says you have seen divorce papers in the past too. They would have been signed if that accident hadn’t happened. Let’s do the pending work this time. Sign them quietly. Zoya(Jennifer winget) refuses outright. Aditya(Harshad chopda) and I love each other immensely. I wont listen to any of your demand till the time you make me meet my Abbu! I wont sign the papers. Mystery woman says you have time for now but hope you sign them on time or you might not even get a chance to bid adieu to your father. You will regret it later then. Enough of drama. Sign the papers. She disconnects the call. Zoya(Jennifer winget) keeps looking around but fails in seeing anyone.

Zoya (Jennifer winget)looks at the papers. She recalls her wedding vows. She is in dilemma thinking about Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Wasim. Why am I on the same crossroad again? Who should I choose – Abbu or Aditya(Harshad chopda)? Mystery woman looks at Zoya. Zoya(Jennifer winget) thinks this is just a piece of paper. No one can separate me and Aditya(Harshad chopda) but right now it is important to save Abbu. I have to save his life. I cannot lose him! I will sign them to find out who wants to separate me and Aditya(Harshad chopda)! I will fulfil my vows. I will fight but I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to Abbu during this duel. My life is his gift. I cannot play with his life. She signs the papers. Mystery woman smiles seeing her sign the papers. Tears stream down Zoya’s (Jennifer winget)face. I love you Aditya! She keeps repeating those words to herself as she holds the papers tight.

Mystery woman calls Zoya.(Jennifer winget) Leave the papers in the pandaal next to you and leave. You will find your Abbu outside. I defeated you after all! It was bound to happen. You have been my strongest enemy till now I have to accept. I enjoyed being your enemy. Real relations are the ones made by God. Rest are meaningless. Your and Aditya’s (Harshad chopda)relation is shallow. Aditya(Harshad chopda) and his family are cheaters. Your real love was Yash. You remember it right? She watches Zoya(Jennifer winget) walk towards the pandaal. Zoya(Jennifer winget) looks at Ravan’s effigy. She is about to burn the papers. Mystery woman asks her if she wants to see her Abbu alive or not. What are you doing? Zoya(Jennifer winget) looks around to find her. I am not your puppet who will dance on your tunes. I want my Abbu before I give you these papers! I will count till 10. Mystery woman threatens to burn her Abbu if she dares to burn the papers. Zoya(Jennifer winget) replies that God decides life and death. My Khuda is always with me. You need these papers to separate me from Aditya.(Harshad chopda) If you want these papers then I want my Abbu right here. You would not like to go back empty handed after coming all the way till here, right? Mystery woman tells her to handover the papers or she will be blamed for her Abbu’s death. Zoyav starts counting backwards worrying the mystery woman. She warns Zoya(Jennifer winget) not to act smart I will send your Abbu so far from you that he will never return! Zoya(Jennifer winget) is in tears while counting backwards. She moves the papers closer to the diya and her voice is shaky. Mystery woman stops her from setting them afire. Your Abbu is around Ravan’s effigy. Go and find him.

Zoya(Jennifer winget) drops her phone in shock. Abbu is around Ravan’s effigy? Aditya reaches the fair too. He tries someone’s number but it is unreachable. Zoya(Jennifer winget)asks a few passer bys about her Abbu. Arjun calls Aditya(Harshad chopda) to know about his whereabouts. Did you find Zoya(Jennifer winget)? Aditya shares that someone called him here but he cannot reach that person now. I have no news about Zoya(Jennifer winget) too. Arjun finds something fishy. I will call police. Aditya asks for an hour. Arjun asks him what if they do not find Zoya(Jennifer winget) in that time. Zoya (Jennifer winget)continues asking people about her Abbu. Aditya tells Arjun not to wait for his phone call then.

Mystery woman smiles seeing Zoya(Jennifer winget) run from place to place. A guy walks up to her. She is super happy to see him. You made me wait for too long. You came just like Vijay Dashami comes every year. She does his aarti. We will avenge for the last defeat. You might be a Ravan in the eyes of the world but you are my Ram. Go and finish them.Only we know about the misdeeds of Hooda family. We must tell the world now. Go and destroy them!

Zoya shouts out for her Abbu and breaks down. Where are you Abbu! How to find you! A pundit ji asks her why she is so sad. Zoya (Jennifer winget)says good wins over evil on Vijay Dashami. Why is evil winning today? He replies that the biggest victory is the one you achieve by killing the Ravan inside himself. This is the real meaning of Vijay Dashami. Zoya (Jennifer winget)realises something and catches the word inside. She runs towards the effigy. People get worried seeing her so close to the effigy. She shouts for her Abbu and begins to look around. Few ladies take her down the stage somehow. Zoya (Jennifer winget)struggles with them. She falls down and a guy holds her. She is stunned to see Rajvir.

Arjun is pacing worriedly. He looks at his clock and calls Noor. She disconnects the call without listening to him. He is upset that not everything is about them. He calms himself somehow but is distracted as Harsh and Anjana ask him if he is fine. You both ran out of the house. Is everything fine? Anjana is sure it must be because of Zoya(Jennifer winget). Harsh tells her to stop it. Not everything goes wrong because of her! Anjana stays put. Arjun tells them it isn’t about Aditya and Zoya(Jennifer winget). Harsh asks him what the matter is. Arjun replies that he isn’t happy. You both only care about Bhai nowadays. It is as if I don’t exist for both of you! Just give me some time. He walks away in a huff. Anjana wonders what has happened to him. Harsh goes to check on him.

Rajvir advises Zoya(Jennifer winget) to focus on her goal. Do what you came here to do. She asks him what he is talking about. Rajvir asks her if she is in her senses. She says I am in my senses. He tells her to stop acting. No one is watching you. Do I have to now tell you what our plan was? Don’t say that you dint marry Aditya Hooda(Harshad chopda) to take revenge from him? Do you remember anything? Zoya(Jennifer winget) is confused. What are you saying? Rajvir says you either lost your memory or you are acting. What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting as if you don’t know anything? She tells him to stay away from her as he tries to hold her hand. No one can separate me from Aditya(Harshad chopda). No one can break my family! Rajvir says no one is around to see your acting. You can stop. They turn and see Aditya(Harshad chopda) there.

Precap: Anjana pours kerosene oil over herself. Aditya (Harshad chopda)pushes the container away. What are you doing? Anjana tells him to let her die. I am the reason why Yash and Pooja are no more. He wipes her tears. You did all that for me! I will become your shield now. He hugs his mother. Zoya(Jennifer winget) is standing at the door and has heard everything.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal (Shakti arora)Finds Out About His Child —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal (Shakti arora)Finds Out About His Child

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Nandini(Drashti dhami) confirms if Mauli(Aditi sharma) is pregnant or not? Mauli asks why Nandini is concerned about it, if she would be able to leave Kunal(Shakti arora) if she replies as yes. If their friendship had no value in front of Nandini(Drashti dhami)? She cares for her child, but didn’t care for her while snatching Kunal (Shakti arora)from her. Nandini (Drashti dhami)requests Mauli(Aditi sharma) to tell her if she is pregnant. Mauli replies yes, she is three months pregnant.
At home, Kunal had made preparations for Nandini’s (Drashti dhami)Haldi ceremony. He welcomes Nandini(Drashti dhami) excitedly as she was soon to be Mrs. Kunal Malhotra (Shakti arora)and promises to complete all the rituals well. He was excited about their wedding and planned each function for her. Nandini thinks about Mauli, and says this marriage can’t take place. Kunal (Shakti arora)asks why it isn’t possible. Nandini (Drashti dhami)says Mauli(Aditi sharma) is three months pregnant. Kunal (Shakti arora)drops the thaal claiming it impossible. Nandini (Drashti dhami)asks if Kunal (Shakti arora)understands the meaning, Mauli (Aditi sharma)is going to be a mother to his child; she can’t snatch her husband at the weakest turn of her life. No child must be brought up without father, and Kunal (Shakti arora)would be a dearest father in the world. Kunal(Shakti arora) leaves in confusion.

Mauli(Aditi sharma) returns home. Mamma asks what happened since yesterday, Mauli is so disturbed. Mauli (Aditi sharma)tells Mamma that Nandini (Drashti dhami)called her to temple and inquired about her pregnancy. Mamma wonders how Nandini(Drashti dhami) come to know about it, and if Kunal also knows this? Kunal(Shakti arora) comes inside saying he has come to know about it. He asks Mauli(Aditi sharma) if she told Nandini (Drashti dhami)that she was pregnant. Mauli(Aditi sharma) was speechless. Kunal (Shakti arora)asks how it was possible, they had gone for family planning. Is she sure? Mamma complains that Kunal(Shakti arora) isn’t concerned about the condition of her wife? He is a doctor and must understand that family planning fail. He isn’t anymore the old Kunal(Shakti arora) who cared for his wife. Kunal (Shakti arora)leaves home. Mauli asks Mamma to let him go to Nandini.(Drashti dhami) Mamma says an innocent life is now involved with this matter and she will make sure Kunal(Shakti arora) takes his responsibility towards his child. She leaves the house. Dida assures Mauli(Aditi sharma) that everything will now get fine, Mauli(Aditi sharma) must not lose hope.
Nandini(Drashti dhami) watch all the decoration. Mamma comes clapping over her celebration and curses Nandini(Drashti dhami) for enjoying here with Mauli’s husband while she is suffering. She questions how Nandini(Drashti dhami)can celebrate so well after snatching another woman’s husband. She claims Nandini(Drashti dhami) to be emotionless; no matter what names society gives Nandini(Drashti dhami). She asks Nandini to call Kunal(Shakti arora), she needs to speak to him. Nandini replies that Kunal(Shakti arora) isn’t here. She says she sent Kunal (Shakti arora)home as soon as she found out about Mauli’s pregnancy. Mamma says Kunal came there, still he left his wife and child. She curses that Nandini (Drashti dhami)is never able to bear this pain, she prays Nandini (Drashti dhami) becomes a mother. Nandini (Drashti dhami)promises Mamma to send Kunal back home, his child will never live a fatherless life. Kunal(Shakti arora) belonged to Mauli (Aditi sharma)and always will.

PRECAP: Mauli (Aditi sharma)recalls Kunal’s (Shakti arora)claims of never being able to keep her happy; he now loves Nandini(Drashti dhami). Nandini(Drashti dhami) calls Kunal (Shakti arora)who doesn’t pick up the call while driving

ISHQ SUBHANALLAH LATEST GOSSIP :: Ruksar’s new drama,Zara is Arrested !! — October 23, 2018

ISHQ SUBHANALLAH LATEST GOSSIP :: Ruksar’s new drama,Zara is Arrested !!

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hey guys !!Zee TV’s show Ishq Subhan Allah will show that Zara (Eisha singh)will once again get in trouble with the law as she will be arrested for attempt to murder charges. In the current track of the show, Rukshar is undergoing a great deal of trouble as her beloved Kabir (Adnan Khan) has decided to spend a night with Rukshar. Zara loves Kabir a lot and cannot share him with anyone and therefore she challenges Rukshar that Kabir will never come close to her. However Rukhsar plays another evil trick where she ensures that Zara (Eisha singh) will be out of her way for good…Rukshar drinks poison and also falls down from the railing and she comes very close to death. Rukshar’s life gets saved but she alleges that Zara (Eisha singh)tried to kill her. Rukshar traps Zara (Eisha singh)as she makes a police complaint against her and the police lands up at the house to arrest Zara (Eisha singh). This is not the first time that Zara (Eisha singh) is being sent to prison as she was earlier jailed in Nilofer’s murder case too. Let’s wait and see how Kabir is able to rescue his beloved Zara and get her out of prison

Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir(adnan khan) About To Consummate Marriage With Ruksaar —

Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir(adnan khan) About To Consummate Marriage With Ruksaar

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Ruksaar recalls how Zara(Eisha singh) challenged her that she cant get Kabir. She sees Zara(Eisha singh) working with Kabir(adnan khan) on some papers. Kabir (adnan khan)looks in Zara’s(Eisha singh) eyes, they keep looking at each other, some papers fall down, Zara(Eisha singh) and Kabir(adnan khan) gets down to take it and touch hands, Kabir(adnan khan) smiles at her. Zara gets up and says I am going to decorate Ruksaar’s room, Kabir(adnan khan) is tensed.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s room and sees Zara (Eisha singh)decorating it, he thinks that Zara(Eisha singh) I am doing all this for you. Ruksaar comes there and says to Zara(Eisha singh) that I am spending my first night with Kabir, you have spent nights with him so what kind of lights he likes? dim? blue? yellowish? Kabir gets angry and tries to take Zara (Eisha singh)from there. Ruksaar says Kabir(adnan khan) are you that eager to be alone with me? Zara(Eisha singh) angrily leaves from there.
Kabir(adnan khan) stops Zara (Eisha singh)and says why are you doing this? stooping low? Zara says then divorce me, Kabir (adnan khan)says I am doing all this for a reason, Zara(Eisha singh) says me too. Kabir(adnan khan) says you are decorating her room to spend a night with me? Zara (Eisha singh)says no I am doing all this to test my love, tomorrow night will decide if our love will remain colorful or fade away for life. She turns to leave and says come, I have to put Ruksaar’s name on your hand with mehndi. Kabir says it will go away in two days but your name on my heart will never be removed, I am doing all this to remove Ruksaar’s from our lives, she will go away, try to understand me, think from mind, not from heart. Zara (Eisha singh)glares at him and leaves.

Ruksaar is getting ready and sees Zeenat crying, she asks what happened? Zeenat says you are too selfish, you think about yourself only, you didnt think about your sister? you will get Kabir (adnan khan)for one night for your happiness but you will lose your sister for life, next day they will throw you out as you have signed agreement, I can see you today but from tomorrow, I wont be able to see you anymore, did you think about that? she cries. Ruksaar laughs evilly and says you think I am a fool? you thought it was truth? She shows her agreement papers and says how can you think that I will leave Kabir? I will die but will never leave Kabir,(adnan khan) I love Kabir(adnan khan) way more than Zara(Eisha singh), I cant share my Kabir with anyone. Zeenat says what is going on in your mind, swear on me, tell me whats your plan? Ruksaar says tonight will be a hell for Zara(Eisha singh) and victory for me, tonight Kabir (adnan khan)will become mine forever, lets go, I have to make Zara(Eisha singh) apply Kabir’s(adnan khan) mehndi on my hands. She dances around stunned Zeenat.

In function, all are enjoying. Zeenat brings Ruksaar. Ruksaar greets Ayesha. Alina comes home and meets everyone. Ayesha asks how was your competition? Alina says great. She asks what is going on in house? Ayesha says I will tell you later, go and get fresh.
Amaan asks Kabir if to call him paternal uncle or maternal uncle? Kabir (adnan khan)says I am your chachu and will remain that.

Reema says to Zara (Eisha singh)that how will you write Kabir’s(adnan khan) name on Ruksaar’s hane? Zara(Eisha singh) says thats not important, important is if Kabir(adnan khan) will be able to see me write his name on Ruksaar’s hand, will he not stop me? Alina comes there. She hugs Kabir and goes to Zara, (Eisha singh)she says I missed you, what function is going on in house? Zara(Eisha singh) gets tensed. Kabir calls Alina to him and starts explaining.
Ruksaar calls Zara(Eisha singh) and asks her to write ‘K’ on her hands, I was waiting for you. Zara(Eisha singh) sees Kabir busy with Alina and is jittery. Ruksaar says do it fast, apply it nicely. Zara(Eisha singh) is emotional. She is about to write K but Amaan stops her and says I will apply mehndi to Ruksaar aunt. Ruksaar says no, let her do it. Amaan says I have practiced too. Ruksaar says dont make me angry, go. Kashan says he is a kid, let him do it. Ayesha says let Amaan do it. Amaan takes cone and apply mehndi to her, he writes ‘K’ on her hand. Zara(Eisha singh) is relieved. Amaan smirks at Kabir. Amaan writes X on her hand instead of K on her hand. Ruksaar says what is this? Amaan says I fooled you and runs from there, all snicker. Kabir smirks at Zara(Eisha singh). Reema says you should thank him, Zara(Eisha singh) silently thanks Kabir,(adnan khan) he nods.Ruksaar hugs Zeenat and cries. Zeenat says swear on me, dont play any dangerous game. Ruksaar thinks what I am going to do will either make Kabir(adnan khan) mine forever or will never be of anyone. Zara(Eisha singh) comes there. Ruksaar thinks that doors that will close tonight will never open. She holds Zara’s(Eisha singh) hand and starts to leave from there. Ayesha comes there.

Ruksaar hugs her and says forgive me for my mistakes. Ayesha is reluctant. Ruksaar leaves with Zara.(Eisha singh)
Ruksaar says to Zara(Eisha singh) that the distance between us and my room, same is the distance between your defeat, Kabir is there. Kabir(adnan khan) is offering prayers. Ruksaar says wish me as I have got Kabir(adnan khan) from you for one night. Zara(Eisha singh) says you didnt win till now. Ruksaar says I would hug you but we dont hug dead people. She brings her in her room and sees Kabir (adnan khan) there. Ruksaar says you have decorated my room  nicely than yours, poor you, you had to come here, I would have Kabir (adnan khan)give you reward for bringing me here if he was not praying. She circles some money around her and Kabir(adnan khan) and tries to give it to Zara. Zara(Eisha singh) turns to leave but Ruksaar says keep looking at time, Kabir (adnan khan)is yours till my room’s door is open and he will be mine as soon as door closes, goodbye. She starts to close door on Zara.(Eisha singh) Zara is tensed.

PRECAP- Kabir(adnan khan) is offering prayers. Ruksaar eyes him lustfully and whispers that I will spend tonight in your arms and tomorrow morning.. she mixes poison in juice jug and says tomorrow morning, we will drink this and leave this world together, embracing togetherness in after life. Outside Ruksaar’s room, Zara is worried and hurt.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal(Shakti sharma) Saves Nandini(drashti dhami) From Fire —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal(Shakti sharma) Saves Nandini(drashti dhami) From Fire

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Rajdeep throws the matchstick. Nandini(Drashti dhami) screams but Rajdeep steps over it. He tells Nandini (Drashti dhami)he won’t kill her so easily, else people would claim that Kunal’s(Shakti arora) lover died. After sometime, people would begin calling her as Rajdeep’s wife. He goes away.
Mamma comes to Mauli (Aditi sharma)who sat on the floor, her head in her hands while broken mirror lying nearby. Dida apologizes Mauli (Aditi sharma)for being mean, but she wish to watch them together. She and Mamma request Mauli(Aditi sharma) to tell Kunal about their child. There was a door bell, they hear Pramilla welcome Kunal.(Shakti arora)
Rajdeep returns to Nandini (Drashti dhami)with a pack of red bridal attire and ornamentation. He asks Kunal (Shakti arora)to wear this…
Kunal (Shakti arora)runs to his room and looks in the wardrobe hurriedly. He finds Mauli(Aditi sharma) standing in his room but doesn’t speak and leaves instead. Dida sends Mauli (Aditi sharma)behind Kunal to tell him about the child. Mamma also makes Mauli (Aditi sharma)go behind him.

Nandini (Drashti dhami)shouts for help. Rajdeep laughs that there’s a lot, snakes, rats and other reptiles. It’s a deserted place, none is around. He looks towards her and says she looks most beautiful when she is Nandini Rajdeep Thakur. He reminds how she wore red dress when she came to his house for the first time. Nandini(Drashti dhami) continue to resist while Rajdeep forces the bangles around her wrist and drapes her with red dress. He place a ‘bindi’, lipstick and sindoor in her hairline. He then sits intently looking at her with a smile and complements that she looks like his wife now.
Mauli(Aditi sharma) follows Kunal’s(Shakti arora) car. She wonders where is he rushed towards.
Rajdeep says Nandini must live like this. She came to his house in this dress, now she will depart in the same dress. She is lucky to die a married woman’s death, then clicks a selfie with Nandini.(Drashti dhami)
Nandini walks into the go down’s hall dressed up in the bridal dress. Rajdeep wonders how someone can look so beautiful before dying. He says now she will die as Mrs. Rajdeep Thakur. She will always be his, as they are connected at heart. Nandini (Drashti dhami)clarifies that making her wear red dress or sindoor doesn’t make them husband-wife. Kunal (Shakti arora) won her heart through love and respect, she will die remembering Kunal only. Rajdeep holds a rope to tie Nandini(Drashti dhami) with a wall. Nandini(Drashti dhami) stood calmly. Rajdeep spills kerosene in a circle around the wall and Nandini(Drashti dhami).Mauli (Aditi sharma)reaches behind Kunal.(Shakti arora)Rajdeep boasts that Nandini’s(Drashti dhami) death certificate will have the name, Mrs. Nandini(Drashti dhami) Rajdeep Thakur. He lights a matchstick. The fire encircles Nandini.(Drashti dhami)..Rajdeep plays music on his cell phone and begins swirling over the tone. Nandini closed her eyes thinking about Kunal (Shakti arora)and herself.
Kunal (Shakti arora)spot Rajdeep’s car and thinks he knew already that Rajdeep must be aware of this shut down medicine factory. Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) car stops right behind Kunal’s. Kunal hurries into the factory and was shocked to see Nandini(Drashti dhami). Rajdeep and Kunal (Shakti arora) come for a confrontation. Nandini (Drashti dhami)shout for Kunal’s help. Kunal holds an iron rod lying nearby and tries to save Nandini.(Drashti dhami) The fire had fiercely spread around. Kunal(Shakti arora) finds a shawl nearby and tries to put the fire off. Rajdeep loaded his revolver and took Kunal’s aim.

PRECAP: Kunal reaches Nandini(Drashti dhami). Mauli (Aditi sharma)watch him save her. Mauli (Aditi sharma)returns home and was upset that Kunal (Shakti arora)can’t see anything but Nandini.(Drashti dhami)

Bepannah 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya And Zoya Stand United Amidst Obstacles —

Bepannah 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya And Zoya Stand United Amidst Obstacles

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Zoya(jennifer winget) wishes her Abbu happy birthday. He excuses himself. Noor too follows him. Zoya stands there teary eyed. Arjun walks up to his brother. Poor Zoya(jennifer winget)! Her Dad is already not talking to her and now you too! I know you are upset but you should think about her too. Do it for her sake. Talk to her.

Zoya (jennifer winget)cries in the washroom. You (Abbu) may get upset with me, you may not accept me as your daughter but you will always remain my Abbu. She recalls touching his feet. Happy Birthday Abbu! Thank you, Aditya(Harshad chopda) . She washes her face and is looking around for tissue when a girl offers her one. Are you alright? Is there some stress? Zoya(jennifer winget) denies and thanks her. She leaves. It turns out to be the same girl who has been deployed by that mystery woman..Aditya stops Noor repeatedly. What will your Appi have done if she was in your place? What would she have done if you had married some guy you liked? Would she have tried to talk to your Abbu or would she have stopped talking to you? Noor looks at him. He asks her to answer this simple question. Don’t you know your Appi? She has saved you since childhood right? Should she have followed your Abbu’s wish or her heart? Noor begins to say from her Abbu’s perspective but he tells her to answer from her own mind. Both sisters know everything but they do the opposite. I know the answer well. Stop it. How much more will you trouble her? Look at her condition? Noor and Aditya(Harshad chopda) look at Zoya(jennifer winget). Have you realised she has no one to even talk to? Noor gets emotional.

The same girl collides intentionally with Aditya (Harshad chopda) does not pay any attention to her. He walks away.Noor meets her sister and asks her to play Dandiya with her. Zoya(jennifer winget) smiles through her tears. You are really talking to me? Noor apologizes to her. I don’t know how I dared to get upset with my own Appi! I punished you even when you weren’t at fault. Please forgive me. Aditya(Harshad chopda) Jiju explained it to me just now. Please forgive me. Zoya (jennifer winget)hugs her overwhelmed. Aditya (Harshad chopda) watches them from far. Noor tells her that Aditya(Harshad chopda) Jiju won my and Ammi’s heart already. Everything will be fine once he wins Abbu’s heart. Zoya(jennifer winget) is sure it will happen if they are together. My Kohinoor! I missed you. Noor says I missed you too to her. Aditya (Harshad chopda) joins them. Zoya(jennifer winget) tells him that she will keep pacifying him even if he stays upset with her for forever. She hugs him and repeatedly thanks him for uniting her and her sister. Aditya(Harshad chopda) wipes her tears. He points at Noor. Some people do not just understand words! They all smile. Noor suggests dancing together.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) , Zoya(jennifer winget) Arjun and Noor dance on Udi Udi Jaaye. Wasim looks on unhappily. Zoya’s (jennifer winget)phone begins to ring. She excuses herself on the pretext of coughing. Aditya(Harshad chopda) dances with Arjun and Noor. Someone hands over a pair of dandiya to him. He accepts them confused. That same girl starts dancing with Aditya(Harshad chopda) .

Zoya(jennifer winget) picks her phone. It is the same mystery woman. She makes Zoya(jennifer winget) look at the girl playing Dandiya with Aditya.(Harshad chopda) She is the problem which is going to cause trouble in your husband’s life. She is just going to accuse him of misbehaving. You will now go there and slap your husband! You have to slap him in front of everyone. Zoya (jennifer winget)looks at them in shock. Aditya’s(Harshad chopda) expressions are that of bewilderment. Zoya (jennifer winget)refuses to do anything like that. Are you mad? The mystery woman tells her to hurry up. Your husband is going to be accused just now. The girl makes Aditya(Harshad chopda) hold her from behind and dances around him. The mystery woman disconnects the call.

The girl suddenly shouts at Aditya(Harshad chopda) for misbehaving with her. How dare you touch me! Everyone stops to look at them. The girl starts calling Aditya(Harshad chopda) names. Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks her what rubbish she is saying. When did I touch you? She replies that guys like him only come to trouble girls. He touched me in front of everyone! She acts to cry. Aditya(Harshad chopda) calls it rubbish. Few guys offer to call police. Arjun vouches for his brother. Did you see it for real? Calm down if you haven’t! Zoya (jennifer winget)walks up to them. Mystery woman’s words echo in her head. She makes Aditya (Harshad chopda) look at her. The girl smiles. Zoya (jennifer winget)recalls all the misdeeds happening with her family members lately. She instead slaps the girl shocking her. Aditya (Harshad chopda) looks at her blankly. Zoya (jennifer winget)asks the girl how she dare frame her husband wrongly! The girl keeps taunting Aditya. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells her that he hasn’t even looked at her. Ladies begin to retrospect. No one would do so in front of wives. Call police. They will find out the truth. Wasim taunts Roshnaq for cooking up excuses and bringing him here to show all this. She left our house because of this guy! Roshnaq replies that he has made up his mind against Aditya(Harshad chopda) . He might not be at fault but you will never believe him!

The girl blames Zoya(jennifer winget). You are a woman yet you don’t believe a woman! People demand Zoya(jennifer winget) to give explanation but she outright refuses. I am speaking truth whereas she isn’t. She will answer now! She asks Noor to show the video she shot. We will find out the truth then. The girl gets tensed. Noor plays the video. Everyone sees it and realises that it was the girl who was framing Aditya(Harshad chopda) . Zoya(jennifer winget) asks her if she would like to say something. You are right. A woman is a woman’s enemy! We can see everything clearly in the video. Other women are blamed because of women like you! There are so many women who go through a lot but no one listens to them because of few women like you! You should be ashamed. People ask the girl to apologize. Zoya (jennifer winget)refuses. I request her not to repeat it ever again. Do not blame anyone falsely. Learn something for yourself and for other women like you! Leave! The girl leaves from there. Wasim asks Roshnaq to come. Roshnaq and Noor follow him.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) looks at Zoya(jennifer winget) proudly. How were you so sure I wasn’t at fault? She replies that she trusts him more than herself. I dint take the vows just for the sake of it. I trust you more than myself. I may make many mistakes but I know you will never make any! He tells her to stop talking about her mistakes. She asks him if he forgave her. He asks her how to be upset with her. he hugs her tight. She mentally promises to never break his trust.

Precap: Zoya(jennifer winget) tells the mystery lady that she foiled her plan today. I slapped your pawn instead of my husband. Don’t you think I did something great? The mystery lady tells her to stop. She drops something angrily. Zoya(jennifer winget) holds the door handle. The mystery lady is right across that door. Before Zoya (jennifer winget)could barge in, someone comes and breaks the tubelight. She helps the mystery lady escape from there.

Television queen Jennifer winget and looks immensely pretty at Durga puja ! — October 22, 2018

Television queen Jennifer winget and looks immensely pretty at Durga puja !

Jennifer Winget

Hey guys !! As we all known that jennifer winget is already winning Heart’s for her role as Zoya in Bepanaah,Since the actress is already in news for her best performance..Jennifer looked drop dead gorgeous in green lenenga.. Jennifer recently took to Instagram to share her pictures wearing an ethnic wear at a Durga Puja in Kolkata…As in the pictures she has seen wearing green lenenga with beautiful golden print as well as matching golden jhumka’s perfect hair burn and makeup..Sharing the picture, she wrote, “Decking up Kolkata tonight. Time for Durga Pujo! #navratrinights #garba #dandiya #durgapujo..

As per the upcoming year’s Jennifer’s style statement has been evolved..The Actress is been looking pretty good..Winget started her career as a child artist and later starred in popular shows such as Kasautii Zindagii Ki, Saraswati Chand, and Beyhadh among others.As everyone known she is one of the Stylish celebrity of small screen who has a huge fan following..In her last TV show Beyhadh, she played the role of a evil and manipulative Maya..As per the current show Bepanaah starring Harshad chopda and Jennifer winget, Jennifer plays Zoya who’s husband dies in a mysterious circumstances and she struggles to get her life normal and eventually falls in love with Aditya.. The show has received a lot of appreciation ever since it started. The makers of Bepannaah never fail to introduce new twist and turns in order to keep the audience glued to the small screen..The show starring Jennifer and Harshad is considered to be one of the unique concepts shows with many layers to it.Already won the heart’s of the audiences..Keep Reading Tellygossip for the latest updates,news, of your fav shows…

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Shocker:Naina’s – Sameer first Romantic kissed picture’s gets Viral !! — October 20, 2018

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Shocker:Naina’s – Sameer first Romantic kissed picture’s gets Viral !!

Hey guys !!! Yeh undino ki baat hai starring Ashi singh and Randeep Rai  is gearing up interesting twist and turn’s..As revealed earlier, Naina(Ashi singh) is given the responsibility to keep a strict eye that girls and boys do not get close in college premises.Further at combined Navratri, while everyone were busy dancing to the tunes of Kumar Sanu, Naina(Ashi singh) and Sameer(Randeep rai) will find their way to steal some privacy.At Navratri, Naina(Ashi singh) and Sameer(Randeep rai) will be seen getting intimate in a s place Further, Kartik who is aware of their kissing challenge will follow Naina(Ashi singh) and Sameer(Randeep rai) and click their photos…Kartik and Sunaina will manage to make the photo viral which will reach the Principal leaving her shocked and fuming.This will bring huge storm in Naina’s(Ashi singh) life as she will be suspended from college by an angered Principal.In spite of pleas and begging, Principal will not bend leaving Sameer(Randeep rai) highly guilty for Naina’s(Ashi singh) misery.It will be highly exciting to see how will Naina(Ashi singh) manage this situation and her family.Keep reading for the latest gossip and updates…

Ishq Subhanallah :: Zara and Kabir’s new plan for Ruksar —

Ishq Subhanallah :: Zara and Kabir’s new plan for Ruksar

Related image

Hey guys !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav serial Ishq subhanallah,According to the latest report’s Kabir and Zara(Eisha singh) now arrange a trap for Ruksar..As per the latest track Rukhsar has put forward a condition in front of Kabir(adnan khan) that if he spends a night with her, she will give him divorce and will go away from his life forever. Initially, Kabir(adnan khan) refuses for this offer and Zara(Eisha singh) gets extremely happy knowing that Kabir is only faithfull to her. However, Kabir realises that Rukshar if very dangerous and she can also harm Zara(Eisha singh) to fulfill her dreams. Kabir decides to spend a night with Rukshar and also prepares legal documents to ensure that Rukshar does not back down from her promise to divorce him. Zara(Eisha singh) is shattered by Kabir’s(adnan khan) decision but she has confidence in her love and knows that Kabir(adnan khan) will never betray her…It will now be seen that Kabir(adnan khan) and Zara(Eisha singh) will together lay out a trap where they will make Rukshar sign the papers somehow and Kabir will ditch Rukshar at the last moment. Rukhsar will be helpless as she has already signed the documents. Rukshar will fall into the double trap laid out by Kabir(adnan khan) and Zara(Eisha singh) together and she will face defeat. Will Rukshar accept her defeat so easily? What will be ruksar’s next step?? Any guess?? Keep reading my blog for latest gosssip…

Ishq Subhan Allah 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir Agrees To Ruksaar’s Condition —

Ishq Subhan Allah 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir Agrees To Ruksaar’s Condition

Image result for kabir ishq subhan allah

Kabir recalls his moments with Zara(Eisha singh) and how he said that they are married.
Zara(Eisha singh) says to herself that I know Kabir(Adnan khan) is stuck between love and duty. He comes to Zara(Eisha singh) and says what are you for me? She says I am your wife. Kabir(Adnan khan) says say something more appropriate like if I am mobile then you are charger. Zara(Eisha singh) says if I am mobile network then you are internet park, Kabir(Adnan khan) says if I am car? she says then I am patrol, he says if I am human then you? she says I am soul. Kabir(Adnan khan) says if you take soul from human? Zara says then human will die. Kabir(Adnan khan) closes his eyes and sighs, he says its done. Zara says why are you talking about death? She holds his hand and asks why he is warm? do you have fever? He says yes, fever of your love which never happened to me and will never happen to me. Zara says Kabir(Adnan khan)? Kabir says goodbye Zara, she is confused, he hugs her and kisses her, tum hi ho plays, Kabir(Adnan khan) says bye and leaves.

Kabir(Adnan khan) gives gun to Imran and says I cant kill myself but you can kill me, shoot me. Imran asks if he has gone mad?
Zara(Eisha singh) says to Reema that I am tensed, Kabir(Adnan khan) said bye to me, why would he say that? it was like something important, I have to go to him.

Imran throws gun away, Kabir shouts that what did you do? it was my chance to be free. Imran says accept Ruksaar’s condition, its just one night. Kabir(Adnan khan) says never, I am of Zara only. Imran says you will get Zara(Eisha singh) for life, you can marry Ruksaar to save her life but you cant accept Ruksaar’s condition to get Zara(Eisha singh) back? ruksaar is your wife so its not illegal. Kabir(Adnan khan) hugs him and cries.Zara (Eisha singh) and Reema are leaving to find Kabir. Kabir comes back. Zara(Eisha singh) rushes to him and asks where were you? are you fine? do you have fever.. she controls herself and asks where was he? Kabir(Adnan khan) sadly looks at her and goes in house.Kabir(Adnan khan) comes to lounge, all are there. Kabir(Adnan khan) says I accept Ruksaar’s condition, all are stunned. Ruksaar gets elated and says do you really accept to be my husband and spend a night with me? Kabir(Adnan khan) says I accept. Zara is hurt and broken to hear it. She leaves from there. Ruksaar says to Zeenat that did you hear that? Zeenat is not happy.

Ruksaar is dancing around Kabir’s(Adnan khan) cutout in her room, bahun mein chale ao plays. Zara(Eisha singh) comes there and sees her dancing. She shakes her head and stops music. Ruksaar smirks and says you cant see my happiness. Zara(Eisha singh) says I wont be able to see your tears. Ruksaar says I am not going anywhere to cry. Zara(Eisha singh) says you would cry for life, Kabir helplessly said yes to you but my love would make him say no. Ruksaar says you cant change truth, tomorrow Kabir(Adnan khan) will be mine, tomorrow night would be a beautiful night for me but it will be an eclipse for you, where will you hide? Zara(Eisha singh) says I challage you to try everything but Kabir(Adnan khan) will never be yours, I can dance too but I wont dance till I win, I cant take part today but tomorrow night when I win, I will dance with you, she leaves from there. Ruksaar smirks and says I am thinking about consummation night, you did wrong for yourself for challenging me, I will insult Zara infront of Kabir(Adnan khan).

Imran reads document which says that after giving divorce to Kabir(Adnan khan), I will leave him and Zara(Eisha singh) , I would never irritate them, plot against them, never come back in their lives and stay away from them. Kabir(Adnan khan) says I dont trust Ruksaar so get this stamped from court. Kabir(Adnan khan) says I am doing all this, putting my honor on stake for Zara(Eisha singh) but what if Zara takes this wrongly? what if she moves away from me.

Zara(Eisha singh) says to Reema that I dont know if Ruksaar will divorce Kabir(Adnan khan) after spending a night with Kabir(Adnan khan) but then I wont be able to take back Kabir(Adnan khan), I promise on Quran that I might not stop loving Kabir if spends a night with Ruksaar but I will never ever be with him, I woul never even look at his face.Kabir(Adnan khan) gives document to Ruksaar, Ruksaar shows wedding card to Shahbaz and says you had cut my name and wrote Zara’s(Eisha singh) name on it so now you will print a card and cut Zara’s(Eisha singh) name and write my name. Ayesha asks what is this rubbish? Ruksaar asks her to call me bahu. Kabir says how dare you talk to my mom like that. Ruksaar says I am asking her to call me bahu. Ayesha says Kabir(Adnan khan) is accepting your conditions so what is all this? Ruksaar says my wedding reception is remaining so I want it to happen and I want everyone to come and know that I am younger daughter in law of this house. Shahbaz says just tell all your conditions and sign on this document. Ruksaar calls Zara(Eisha singh) there. Kabir(Adnan khan) asks her to stop it. Zara(Eisha singh) comes there. Ruksaar says to Zara that I want you to apply Kabir’s(Adnan khan) name mehndi on my hands and decorate my marriage night room with Kabir. Zeenat asks her to stay in limits, you are crossing your limits Ruksaar. Kabir takes document from Ruksaar and throws it away. Kabir(Adnan khan) says to Ruksaar that Zara(Eisha singh) would never come between your and my problems. Ruksaar says she will, Kabir says she wont. Zara(Eisha singh) comes inbetween them and says I will come inbetween it. Zara(Eisha singh) says I will apply mehndi to you, you want me to decorate your room? I will do it, you know why? because you will get only these things but not Kabir(Adnan khan). Zara(Eisha singh) emotionally looks at Kabir. Ruksaar thinks that I will get Kabir(Adnan khan) for sure, my challange that you would bring Kabir to me.

PRECAP- Kabir (Adnan khan)says to Zara(Eisha singh) that you want apply mehndi to Ruksaar and decorate a room for her to spend a night with me? are you crazy. Zara(Eisha singh) says I am not doing it for her and you, I am doing it to test my love, tomorrow will decide if my love can pass this test, will our love stay alive or become discolored for life.

Bepannah 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya Meets Her Family —

Bepannah 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya Meets Her Family

Image result for zoya and wasim bepanah

Aditya(Harshad chopda) looks at his phone but it gets switched off. I wanted to surprise Zoya but now this has shut down! He realises the moment Zoya(jennifer winget) enters in the room and begins to go but finds her holding her ears. She says sorry to him. Please forgive me. It is very important for me. You can say anything to me, punish me. I deserve it. I accept that I made a mistake but please don’t just walk away. Please don’t leave me alone. I agree that I shouldn’t have done all that and should have spoken to you first of all. I dint do anything intentionally. You know me this much. You know that I wont hurt anyone intentionally. He looks at their wedding vows and points them to her. Do you know why we hung it on the wall? It is so we can live up to those words, those vows. I am upset and angry with you but I will fulfil this vows. I am around only. You will find me the moment you will begin to look for me. He stops at the door for a moment but then goes. Zoya(jennifer winget) is in tears.

The mystery woman is doing puja. There is nothing above a promise, right? Thank you! She gives aarti to the photo also. The wedding vows are above everything. I have made Huda family members against Zoya(jennifer winget). Now I will attack the first kid of Huda family. Are we ready? She turns and hands over a bundle of cash to a girl. Go and execute the plan. The girl leaves.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks his mother why she is stressing so much. I am saying sorry. I promise she wont do it ever again. Please drop it. She tells him it is past for her now. I am happy that you took my side today. I thought you have become Zoya’s(jennifer winget) servant but you can still figure out what’s right and wrong. He is relieved to hear it from her. Zoya(jennifer winget) made a mistake but her intention wasn’t wrong. She agrees. Make preps for Dandiya night. He asks her to join them but she politely refuses. I just want to rest. Arjun comes there with a parcel. He ends up saying that it is a dress for Zoy(jennifer winget)a but he goes quiet. Anjana says it is ok. Go and give it to her. Aditya(Harshad chopda) is upset with her. Why would he give it to her? Arjun nods but Aditya(Harshad chopda) stops him. He tells his mother not to stress anymore. He takes the packet from Arjun. I ordered it for her. She will feel bad if I wont give it to her myself. Anjana smiles for their sake but isn’t actually happy.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) keeps the dress on the bed. He turns and finds Zoya(jennifer winget) standing behind him. She requests him again. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells Zoya(jennifer winget) that he ordered a dress for her. See if you like it. She picks it up immediately. You brought it for me? He nods. She opens it right away. It is a beautiful lehenga set. She asks him if he wants her to wear it in evening. He tells her to be ready by 7. Zoya(jennifer winget) feels bad seeing him walk out like that. Aditya too isn’t happy. They both lean against the door and keep their hands on the door. Their hands are at the exact same position but neither of them realises it.

Arjun goes to look for his shoes. Aditya(Harshad chopda) is ready. He goes to check on Zoya(jennifer winget). Did you forget that we have to leave by 7? He looks away seeing her getting ready. I am sorry for coming without knocking. She reminds him it is his room only. I will come in 2 minutes. He notices her struggling with the thread of her blouse. He walks up to her, pulls her closer to himself and ties the thread of her blouse. They share a romantic eye lock. He steps back the moment his work is done. Shall we? She looks at him startled as he walks out of the room.

Zoya(jennifer winget) keeps looking at Aditya(Harshad chopda) as they head towards the car. Forget about talking, he doesn’t even want to look at my face right now. She opens the front door but then opens the back door. Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks Arjun to sit in front. Zoya(jennifer winget) wants to sit in the backseat. Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(jennifer winget) keep looking at each other in the rear view mirror. Arjun wonders how people live near metro construction sites. There is so much noise here. People have filed an appeal in court requesting to stop this. The couple does not say anything.

In the Dandiya party, Arjun tells Zoya(jennifer winget) that the one she is looking for does not want to meet her right now. You know why he is so busy? Aditya(Harshad chopda) points at Zoya(jennifer winget). She is pleasantly surprised to see her mother and hugs Roshnaq. How did you come here? Roshnaq gives credit to Aditya(Harshad chopda) for arranging this meeting. He forced me to come here. It isn’t just me but your Abbu who is here too. You wanted to wish him right? Aditya(Harshad chopda) has done all this. Zoya(jennifer winget) looks at Aditya. She remembers telling him about her Abbu’s birthday in the morning. She cries looking at Aditya(Harshad chopda). Roshnaq points at Wasim. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells her to go fast and wish her Abbu. Zoya(jennifer winget) begins to walk towards Wasim. Wasim tells someone that his daughter is coming. Noor joins him just then. Wasim calls her his only daughter. Zoya(jennifer winget) recalls him breaking his ties with her for forever. Zoya(jennifer winget) drops her phone intentionally near Wasim. It lands at his feet. She touches his feet while picking it. He absentmindedly keeps his hand over her head. His smile disappears the moment her sees her.

Precap: Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(jennifer winget) dance happily together. Her phone begins to ring. She excuses herself on the pretext of coughing. Noor and Arjun are also dancing. That same girl who was paid money by that mystery woman stops Aditya for group dance. She suddenly shouts at Aditya(Harshad chopda) for misbehaving with her. Zoya (jennifer winget)slaps her. How dare you point fingers at my husband!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Boys’ And Girls’ To Dance Together In Dandiya — October 18, 2018

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Boys’ And Girls’ To Dance Together In Dandiya

Image result for yeundino ki baat hai dandiya
Munna and Sameer(Randeep rai) head toward the toward but Pundit opens the drawer to check whose photo Principal Ma’am was looking at. They hold back their laughter seeing Kumar Sanu’s photo and come out of that room. They have a hearty laugh outside. Pundit points out that the sofa, table and almost everything in that room was shaking when Mam was dancing. Munna adds that there is nothing left to see after what he saw today. They discuss that Mam seems to be a very big fan of Kumar Sanu. Sameer(Randeep rai) gets an idea. Now girls and boys will do Dandiya together. Mam herself will give the permission now.

Sameer(Randeep rai), Munna and Pundit come outside while talking. Preeti and her friends talk unhappily about Dandiya practise. It is no fun without boys. Naina(Ashi singh) also comes there. Sameer(Randeep rai) asks her why she took off… her locket. She teases him saying that she should have worn it at home so that everyone can ask her from where she got such a beautiful necklace. I would have gotten completely shy and tell them that their SIL gave it to me, right? He smiles. He sweetly points at his cheek. They share an eye lock. Naina(Ashi singh) asks him if he wants one more slap. Preeti asks them what they are talking about. Sameer(Randeep rai) tells her to ask Naina. Naina lies that they were talking about who they should invite as chief guest for Dandiya function. Preeti smiles. Sameer(Randeep rai) tells them not to worry. I will call a great celebrity. Naina (Ashi singh)suggests inviting the head of Agarwal committie but Sameer(Randeep rai) again tells them not to worry. I will invite a guest because of whom Principal Mam will allow girls and boys to dance together. The girls get excited. Sameer(Randeep rai) tells them to see his magic. He walks away smiling to himself. Naina asks Munna and Pundit but they too are clueless. Pundit asks Kamya who she will dance with. She tells him not to bother about that. You will anyways dance with Munna as Swati is not here. Swati looks at them. Munna notices her and taunts her with a sher.

Sameer(Randeep rai) comes there on his bike and asks Naina to sit. She denies. Who will follow the rule made by Mam if i wont? Munna and Pundit tease her by calling her Masterni and make a few spontaneous verses. Naina(Ashi singh) teases them back by talking about getting good marks in exams. Sameer(Randeep rai) asks Naina again but she tells him to understand. He nods but leaves to finish some important work.

Mama ji calls Vishakha ji and shares the good news with her. Poonam is all smiles. Mami ji tells her just to rest now. I will do everything. She happily agrees. Mama ji is sure their grandson will be equally naughty. Poonam holds Devang’s hand asking him if he is happy. He nods but removes her hand awkwardly. Sameer(Randeep rai) comes home. He is thrilled to hear the news and congratulates the couple. He suggests names for a girl and a boy. He then asks Mami if he can ask her something. She tells him to ask for anything except her life. I don’t want to die before seeing my grandson.

(Background – Naina):
Does it sound strange to you today or not? Back then such remarks were completely normal. Times are changing. Girls and boys are equal now. We have indeed changed with time too but there is still a long way to go.Sameer(Randeep rai) requests Mami to ask her Director brother in Mumbai to help him. She agrees.Kartik and Sunaina come to a photo studio. They hand over the camera to the guy to develop them. Photographer tells them to click the remaining shots but they are in no mood.

(Background – Naina):
Only the people before digital age can understand the pain of that photographer. Giving the reel to develop without completely clicking all the photos was such a big tragedy back then just like a 2k note getting washed in the washing machine. Every shot of camera and every moment was very precious.Kartik pays extra money to the photographer. He agrees to give prints by tomorrow morning. Sunaina is eager to show Naina her place before Dandiya. Photographer returns Kartik his camera and hands him a receipt.

Principal Ma’am asks Naina(Ashi singh) and her friends what’s so important that they left their class to be here. JBR says I also asked them but they dint tell me anything. Naina (Ashi singh)proposes to invite Kumar Sanu in the Dandiya function. Principal Ma’am is in for a pleasant surprise. She stumbles on the papers but then composes herself. JBR begins to make fun of it but Principal Ma’am is too intrigued. What did you say? Tell me again. Who are you inviting? Naina(Ashi singh) takes Kumar Sanu’s name again. She asks her if she is sure he will come. Naina(Ashi singh) nods. Sameer(Randeep rai) adds that he will also sing. Principal Ma’am looks at Kumar Sanu’s photo in her drawer and smiles shyly. JBR peeks to see but fails. What’s Ma’am looking at? Pundit ends up telling him that she is looking at Kumar Sanu’s photo. Munna covers it up saying that she is looking at the calendar. Principal Ma’am seconds him. I was checking the schedule. Principal Ma’am and JBR say yes for inviting Kumar Sanu.

Naina (Ashi singh)asks them if she should call and confirm Kumar Sanu. Principal Ma’am asks her if she has his number too. Sameer(Randeep rai) replies that Naina has very good connections. She is very close to him. Munna says he calls Naina (Ashi singh)and sings the song to make sure everything is right. Pundit also says a lie. Principal Ma’am is unable to control her excitement and hugs Naina(Ashi singh). I knew it that you are a brilliant girl! You deserve to be the GS of VJN. Love it! Sameer(Randeep rai) points out that there is a problem. Kumar Sanu keeps travelling for his shows. He can come only for an hour. Principal Ma’am doesn’t mind it. Sameer points out that he will be confused as to where to perform in that one hour. Munna tells them not to worry. We will ask him to sing in boys’ area. Naina(Ashi singh) argues that Ma’am wont be able to meet him this way. Principal Ma’am panics at that idea.

(Background – Sameer):
Teachers had a fixed dialogue for kids in schools and colleges to stop them from shouting back then – what fish market is this! Similar thing was going on there. This noise was going inside Ma’am mind. I never got so shy hearing Naina’s (Ashi singh)name as much as Ma’am was turning red at this point of time. Celebrities and fans share a similar kind of love. There are no complaints just love.Principal Ma’am decides to club the Dandiya party. JBR nods. They agree upon combined Dandiya event. Naina confirms with her again. She nods. They all leave the room.(Background – Sameer):
Every generation has an iconic voice. Kumar Sanu was the same icon in 1990’s. This one voice was spread like air amongst everyone in that time.

Principal Ma’am is smiling shyly to herself and holds Kumar Sanu’s photo sweetly.

Precap: Sameer(Randeep rai) tells Naina(Ashi singh) that she can send him to jail but this thief will steal this time. You can try as much as you want but I will kiss you on Dandiya night. They challenge each other on the same.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli(Aditi sharma) Convinced To Bring Kunal(Shakti arora) Back —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli(Aditi sharma) Convinced To Bring Kunal(Shakti arora) Back

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Mauli(Aditi sharma) come home and watch Kunal leaving with his luggage. Dida was speaking on phone that no one will blame him, one must not leave home; there are misunderstandings in everyone house. Mamma confirmed on phone about a flight to London, and cries that Kunal must have left for London. The flight will take off in two hours. Mauli(Aditi sharma) hurries to airport and takes information about flights going to London. One desk says the flight is about to take off within ten minutes. She requests a guard but wasn’t allowed into the flight. She sits on a bench nearby recalling every good memory with Kunal. She looks ahead to find Dida and Mamma there in the airport. Mauli(Aditi sharma) cries placing her head in Dida’s lap that Kunal (Shakti arora)left them forever. Mamma asks her to come home. Mauli (Aditi sharma)wasn’t ready to accept there is any home without Kunal.(Shakti arora) Mamma insists on her to go home. Mauli(Aditi sharma) says she had to tell so much to Kunal, about the baby as well. Dida says Kunal must be at home, she can tell him now. Mamma says Kunal didn’t go anywhere, it was a lie. He took the suitcase having some clothes for charity. Mauli(Aditi sharma) asks why they lied to her? Dida says they wanted her to understand the importance of Kunal (Shakti arora)in her life. Mauli (Aditi sharma)questions if they made her suffer so much only for this? Mamma qualifies it was timely, Mauli loves Kunal(Shakti arora) dearly then why she doesn’t stop him. Mauli (Aditi sharma)agrees she loves Kunal(Shakti arora) but the question is, if Kunal loves her as well? If he also feels himself incomplete without her? Dida urges Mauli(Aditi sharma) to question Kunal(Shakti arora) about it. Mamma says not all days are same, may be Kunal (Shakti arora)is also hiding something from her?
Kunal(Shakti arora) says he is alive without her, but its like forgetting the way back home. Its like breathing but incomplete. He wonders if he holds the right, but wish to say that he still loves her. He thoroughly feels her absence and wants another chance. Can she forgive him for one last time? Can they begin a new life? Kunal(Shakti arora) taped all this.
Mauli (Aditi sharma)  was confused how she must tell Kunal(Shakti arora) about the baby without knowing Kunal’s wish. She doesn’t want her child become a source to bring Kunal(Shakti arora) back. Dida says this child is an angel, who came to untie the knot between her and Kunal(Shakti arora)..Kunal(Shakti arora) removes the tape from the camera, writes “Sorry, Please watch this” and was about to place the tape in an envelope. He hears Pramilla cry outside after having burnt her hand. Kunal(Shakti arora) leaves the tape on the bed, and takes Pramilla to hospital.
Mauli(Aditi sharma) returns home with Mamma and Dida and walks to Kunal’s(Shakti arora) room. No one was in the room. She finds the tape and camera lying on the bed and plays it in the camera. She cries emotionally and smiles watching the tape; considering it a message for herself. She thinks Kunal(Shakti arora) is also upset and wants to return to her life. She cries in excitement now, removes the tape and place it back on the bed.
Nandini watch the video as well.
Mauli (Aditi sharma)gets ready as Kunal(Shakti arora) in the video said, if she accepted his apology she must come to meet hi on a bridge in his favorite red saree. She was draped in the red saree with sindoor and jewellry. She was happy that Kunalwish to return to her.
There, Nandini stood with Kunal’s (Shakti arora)favorite saree.Mauli(Aditi sharma) hugs a cushion on her bed and was happy that Kunal (Shakti arora)is returning. She missed him dearly. She was thankful to God.

PRECAP: Kunal(Shakti arora) blames Mauli for going to deter Nandini, she has left home. He won’t forgive Mauli (Aditi sharma)if something happens to Nandini. He gets a call about kidnapping.

Bepannah 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya Blames Anjana For Giving Poison To Everyone —

Bepannah 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya Blames Anjana For Giving Poison To Everyone

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Arjun sits next to his brother. You are putting in so many ideas to impress your wife. Smart! Aditya(Harshad chopda) replies that he has done that already which is why she is his wife today. I don’t want to take this relation for granted. Arjun suggests buying jewellery for Zoya.(jennifer winget) Aditya asks him to join him but Arjun is hesitant. Aditya(Harshad chopda) decides to seek Noor’s help. Arjun tells him she wont come but Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks him to pacify her. Arjun thinks she will never say yes if he asks her. It might work if you will ask her. Aditya(Harshad chopda) requests him to understand him. I haven’t given a perfect day to Zoya(jennifer winget) till now. I want to make today perfect. It is Navratri today. Please help me. Arjun loves his idea. Harsh has overheard their entire conversation.

Zoya(jennifer winget) is in a fix. I cannot blame Mummy ji for this! Which mother cangive poison to her own kids? I heard her voice though! I must find out the truth before doing anything. Truth should be unveiled if she is indeed behind all this or else I have to find out what’s happening.

Harsh advises Anjana to think about Aditya.(Harshad chopda) We can either forget the past or accept it. Aditya(Harshad chopda) is only taking his wife’s side. This is what we have taught him. She reasons that she hasn’t taught him to call wrong right or follow his wife’s orders blindly. Harsh tells her to understand. Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Pooja’s relation lacked something which is why it remained incomplete somehow. He wants to make the best of his relation with Zoya. Support him. She asks him what she should do then. He speaks of their ritual where MIL’s give jewellery to DIL’s in Navratri. She reluctantly agrees.

Wasim and Noor are surprised seeing the Dandiya night vouchers. Wasim asks Roshnaq how she got them. She repeats the story that Aditya(Harshad chopda) had taught her. Wasim thinks as if she is trying to remember the words and is then saying it. Is everything fine? She nods. Are you fine or not? He assures her he is fine. She asks him why he is asking so many questions. You can tell me if you don’t want to go. I will go alone. He agrees to come. Noor pacifies her. We too are equally excited for Garba night. She signals her Abbu who says yes. Roshnaq smiles.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) smiles looking at Roshnaq’s text. Thanks Ammi. Zoya(jennifer winget) will be thrilled to meet her family today. It will be a great surprise. He notices Zoya(jennifer winget) coming just then. How did it go? He notices her tensed. Is something wrong? Did Ma say anything to you? Harsh joins them before they can say anything further. He tells Zoya(jennifer winget) that it is her first Navratri in the house. It is a fresh start. Arjun seconds him. We all need a clean slate kind of beginning. Harsh turns to Anjana.

Anjana tells Zoya(jennifer winget) that it is a tradition of their family. We gift new DIL’s of the house something that is ancestral. Come with me. Aditya (Harshad chopda)smiles in disbelief. They all follow Anjana upstairs. Anjana gives a saree to Anjana which her MIL had worn after her wedding. This has been passed to all the DIL’s of our house since then. It isn’t that fashionable but I hope you will wear it. Zoya(jennifer winget) thanks her for the saree. I will surely wear it if you want me to. Anjana tells her she wants her to wear it. Zoya(jennifer winget) mentally decides that Anjana cannot hurt her family. It wasn’t her! Harsh teases Anjana for not giving any jewellery to Zoya. Will you make her work hard? Anjana replies that no ornament can match up to this saree. Aditya(Harshad chopda) teases Harsh saying that he might make Ma give bangles to Zoya(jennifer winget) now but he might have to buy a lot of jewellery for Ma later on. Anjana shares that the jewellery isn’t modern. I am not sure if Zoya(jennifer winget) will like it or not. Harsh tells Zoya(jennifer winget) not to believe her. This cupboard is a goldmine. Request your MIL once. You will find amazing stuff there. He asks Anjana to give her bangles. Arjun adds that she should also give Zoya(jennifer winget) necklace. Her neck will look bare then. Everyone starts pulling her leg. Anjana stands there quietly, certainly not enjoying any of it. Harsh takes out the bangles. A bottle falls down in the process. Harsh makes Anjana give them to Zoya(jennifer winget). She touches her feet so as to seek her blessings. Harsh teases Zoya (jennifer winget)to take his blessings too. They all smile. Everyone heads downstairs. Zoya (jennifer winget)turns to go too but she hits the bottle by mistake.

Zoya(jennifer winget) picks up the bottle. The label says poison. She thinks of what happened during the death anniversary puja. She drops the saree and bangles in shock. It means I dint hear anything wrong. Mummy ji! She asks Anjana to stop.

Huda family stops in their tracks. Zoya(jennifer winget) shows the bottle to them. I found it in Mummy ji’s room. It is empty. You are the one who added poison in the Prasad right? Everyone is shocked. Zoya(jennifer winget) asks her why only she dint accept Prasad. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells her to stop but Zoya(jennifer winget) does not. I know Mummy ji does not like me but I dint know she will fall this low! Anjana calls her mad. Take her to mental asylum. Zoya(jennifer winget) tells her she heard her voice outside orphanage. You paid money to someone and even spoke about poison. Harsh tells her that Anjana was at home 20-25 minutes ago. Zoya(jennifer winget) repeats that she saw her outside orphanage and even heard her voice. Harsh reasons that she cannot blame Anjana just on the basis of voice. Zoya(jennifer winget) is sure it was Anjana only. I saw her from the backside and I even chased her. You were there right? How did this bottle come in your room? Ask her. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells her that no one will ask Ma anything. We know her well. We know she does not like you. She says that on the face. We asked her to apologize to your Abbu but she outright refused on our faces! You think she can stoop this low in your hatred towards you? Zoya(jennifer winget) insists she isn’t lying but he points out that she is actually blaming his mother! You don’t trust her but you trust me right? I swear on myself. Ma can do anything but she cannot give poison to me, Arjun or Pa.

Precap: The mystery lady says all the bricks and members of Huda House will fall one by one. Zoya(jennifer winget) will help me in this. Zoya(jennifer winget) understands someone is trying to separate her family members. This house is mine too now. I wont let anyone mess up with my family!

Ishq Subhan Allah latest news: Zara’s Tough decision to prove kabir’s love.. — October 17, 2018

Ishq Subhan Allah latest news: Zara’s Tough decision to prove kabir’s love..

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hey guys !!The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Ishq Subhan Allah will show that Zara (Eisha singh)will have to face Kabir’s anger as she will take a drastic step to prove her love for Kabir..As per the current story Zara (Eisha singh) has asked divorce from Kabir as she is ready to live a life without Kabir but she cannot share him with anyone..Zara (Eisha singh)makes it clear that her undying love for Kabir is the only reason for her to end her relationship with him. Zara(Eisha singh) says that if she cannot get divorce, then she will stay away from Kabir..Kabir is very shocked by Zara’s(Eisha singh) decision but  knows that ZaraEisha singh) is doing all this in anger. However, Zara Eisha singh)will now try to prove her undying love to Kabir and will be ready to give the ultimate test of love for Kabir’s sake.

As per the reports Zara will walk over burning coals to prove that her love for Kabir is pure and she can take her life decisions on the basis of her undying love for Kabir. Zara (Eisha singh)will walk over burning coals but Kabir will see her and rescue her. Kabir will carry Zara(Eisha singh) in his arms and bring her back home. Kabir will also scold Zara(Eisha singh) for taking such a risky step but Zara will not have any regret. Will Kabir also take a bold step for his love and divorce Rukshar..Keep reading TEllygossip

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Gossip : Principal furious with Naina (Ashi singh)irresponsible Busy with Sameer !! —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Gossip : Principal furious with Naina (Ashi singh)irresponsible Busy with Sameer !!

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Hey guys ! its has been long about gossip,Fans of Sony TV’s popular serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH) will have to gear up for some interesting drama during the upcoming Navratri celebrations..Soon Viewers will see that Sameer (Randeep Rai) and Naina (Ashi Singh) look forward to the Navratri celebrations in the college wherein Bollywood’s famous singer Kumar Sanu woul be performing in a special appearance.. Principal (Guddi Maruti) will be against the idea of boys and girls playing garba together. But  the boys will manage to get into the group where girls would be celebrating and playing garba. Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina’s romance would be seen amid the garba dance and celebrations.

Later, Principal will ask Naina to give a token of thanks to Kumar Sanu for his presence. BUT, Naina (Ashi singh)would be busy romancing with Sameer (Randeep rai) and would fail to come on the stage which will upset principal mam After the event ends, Principal will call Naina (Ashi singh) in her room and shout at her. She would blame Naina to be an irresponsible general secretary of the college..Keep reading Tellygossip for the latest updates of ur fav show !!

Bepannah 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Wasim’s Happy Birthday —

Bepannah 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Wasim’s Happy Birthday

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Aditya(Harshad chopda) is sleeping. Zoya(Jennifer winget) holds his hand. I know it is important for us to come closer but I want this danger to pass first. Just have patience. I need you. She keeps her head on his hand and turns to his side. Aditya(Harshad chopda) also turns towards her in his sleep.

Wasim is sleeping. Someone enters in his room holding a knife. Roshnaq wakes up and screams seeing the knife. Wasim wakes up because of the noise. They are shocked to see Noor standing in their room holding a knife in her hand. What are you doing here? Noor tells her Ammi she has ruined the surprise. She wishes her Abbu Happy Birthday. Roshnaq also wishes him. Wasim thanks his daughter and cuts the cake. Roshnaq looks at her phone sadly. Noor asks her Ammi where she is lost. Are you still thinking about some other important work right now? Roshnaq

denies. Wasim points out that she is thinking about her daughter. She does not care. Roshnaq is sure it can never happen. Wasim blows the candles saying these are the only meaningful relations he has. I don’t care about any other relation. Noor feeds him cake. Your Noor will always stay with you. He nods and pats at her head.
Next morning, Aditya, Arjun, Harsh and a few people bring in Devi Ma’s idol. Zoya(Jennifer winget) looks on. Anjana tells her about Durga Ma. She is the emblem of love, mercy, strength and saviour. It is said that every woman has one of her avatars. The one who has all of it is called Devi. Unfortunately, some people lack all the virtues. Aditya, Harsh and Arjun are listening quietly from a distance. Anjana goes to pray. Aditya (Harshad chopda)feels bad for Zoya(Jennifer winget). He tells his mother that every woman is Adi-Shakti. They are sometimes not just aware of it. When it happens, a woman is called Devi. Zoya(Jennifer winget) is standing with her back to Durga Ma’s idol. They remove the chunri upon Pundit ji’s askance. Zoya (Jennifer winget)turns and folds her hands in reverence. There are loud cheers of Jai Mata Di. Aditya(Harshad chopda) glances at his wife. Anjana also looks in Zoya’s direction.

Aditya (Harshad chopda)is talking to someone on phone when Zoya(Jennifer winget) comes outside. She realises it is 16th. She confirms the date with servant. Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks her if Ma said something. She denies. Stop thinking like that. It is 16th today. It is Abbu’s birthday. I forgot all about it. I dint even call him. He wont even come to pick the phone if I call from your number. I used to go to orphanage on his every birthday to distribute toys and sweets to the kids. He asks her if she wants to meet him. She thinks to go to orphanage alone. I can spend time with kids that ways and maybe see him too. He might forgive us one day. Aditya(Harshad chopda) is lost in thoughts. She asks him where he is lost. He replies that it is his favourite work to listen to him. she asks him to come with her but he excuses himself for some urgent work. She turns and is about to collide with Anjana. Anjana rebukes her for not being careful. Zoya (Jennifer winget)rushes inside without saying anything.

Zoya(Jennifer winget) comes to the orphanage with gifts for the kids. The caretakers ask about Wasim. She sadly replies that they he dint come along. One of the ladies tells her that it is every parent’s right to scolds their kids and be upset with them. Zoya(Jennifer winget) rues that she might not be able to gain his love ever. The lady assures her that it will eventually be fine. Zoya(Jennifer winget) finds out that the kids have gone out for a picnic. She notices one girl named Arushi there and decides to spend some time with her.

Zoya(Jennifer winget) sits beside Arushi. Arushi tells her that God is upset with her which is why she fell ill. I couldn’t go with my friends. Zoya(Jennifer winget) denies. You are God’s favourite child. He has sent me here to spend time with you. I got special gift for you. She gives a doll to her. They spend some good time together. Zoya(Jennifer winget) notices Anjana there and gets curious.

Aditya brings Arjun to some place. Arjun asks his brother why they are there when Roshnaq greets them. Aditya(Harshad chopda) gives her passes for Garba Night. She agrees to try her best to bring Wasim and Noor there. He requests her to make it happen so Zoya(Jennifer winget) and Wasim come face to face. She thanks him for his efforts. He replies that he is doing it for everyone. I wont be happy if she is unhappy. I have to make up for Arjun’s mistakes. Please tell him that Wasim Sir is upset with me and not him. I have eloped with his daughter after all. She smiles. They all head in separate directions.

Zoya(Jennifer winget) witnesses Anjana giving money to a guy. Make sure this matter is never dug again. Everyone is thinking that food poisoning happened because of expired products. There is still a lot to happen. The worst will be when I will end this relation once and for all! She leaves. Zoya(Jennifer winget) wonders if it was indeed Anjana. What was she saying about Prasad? What’s happening? She remembers all the incidents and is shocked. She connects the dots. Does it imply that Mummy ji is behind all this?

Precap: Zoya (Jennifer winget)collides with something in Anjana’s room and a bottle falls down. It is of that poison. She later confronts Anjana in front of everyone. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells her that no one will ask Ma anything. We know her well. You think she can stoop this low in your hatred towards you? Zoya (Jennifer winget)insists she isn’t lying but he points out that she is blaming his mother!

Ishq Subhan Allah 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara(Eisha singh) Denies To Be With Kabir Anymore —

Ishq Subhan Allah 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara(Eisha singh) Denies To Be With Kabir Anymore

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Zara talks to Salma on call, she asks her to be wise. Zara sees Kabir coming there and tries to leave but Kabir says I thought we will stay together to fight everyone but you are asking for separation? will you be able to live without me? will you be able to enjoy life without me? I cant sleep without you, you know when we fought last time, I thought I could sleep but when I lied down, I couldnt sleep, that day I knew I was in love, I didnt believe in love, only in duty but you changed that, you made me love you, how can you leave me? you want divorce? I will give you what you want but do you want it? Zara says you think I can live without you? how can you expect me to be with you one night and then you go to Ruksaar next night? I cant bear it, you want to know what my heart cant

do? it cant share you with anyone, I can live without you but I cant share you with anyone, I cant see you going to anyone else infront of me, I cant share you for life. Kabir looks away and wipes his tears. Zara comes behind him and tries to hold his hand but she recalls how Kabir didnt divorce Ruksaar. She moves away and says I have taken my decision and I wont move back from it. Kabir stops her and says you cant make me crazy like this. Zara says my love and life is getting destroyed, you have your Ruksaar with you. Kabir shouts to not take her name, you are making me crazy, you can do anything but I will not divorce you at any cost, you can wait for life but I wont give it, I will move away from religion and give divorce to Ruksaar but I will not leave you at any cost.. you have seen Kabir who follows religion, who is a priest but you will see a new Kabir now, A Kabir who loves you, Kabir who is in love and can do anything but will never divorce you. Zara is stunned and leaves from there.

Zara is in kitchen, she is trying to cook but she keeps recalling how she asked for divorce and her argument with Kabir. Her dupatta catches fire from stove but she doesnt see it. Kabir comes there and jerks dupatta away from her, he throws water on fire. Zara runs to him and asks if he is fine? your hand is burning, why did you come inbetween? Kabir says I am fine, are you fine? let me see your hand.. Zara moves away and doesnt let him see her hand. Ayesha comes there and asks Zara if she is fine? Zara nods. Ayesha asks her to take rest, dont come in kitchen for 10-15 days. Zara says I dont even know if I have these many days in this house. Ayesha says I would never want you and Kabir to separate, why did you ask for divorce? Zara says I didnt ask for divorce, I asked for whole Kabir. Kabir sadly looks at her. She leaves from there.

Irfan comes to Shahbaz’s house. Shahbaz says everything okay? Ruksaar comes there and says let me explain, she says to Irfan that you are a priest so only Zara is your daughter? Irfan says all girls of Lucknow are like my daughters. Ruksaar says then why injustice with me? when I gave request in sharia board, you scolded me but today Zara sent her request for divorce from Kabir in sharia board so you are here. Ayesha is stunned and says Zara requested for divorce in board? Kabir comes there. Ruksaar says congrats Kabir, your first wife requested for divorce in sharia board, he is stunned.

In sharia board, Irfan says we have seen every aspect of this matter, he says to Ruskaar that you have asked for rights as a wife from Kabir, you were married to me to save your life, not to live life with him so you cant get rights of a wife but Kabir can take time to accept relation with you. He says to Kabir that you have accepted that you dont have reason to divorce Ruksaar so you cant leave her. He says to Zara that you have asked for divorce from your husband but you cant take it as your husband loves you, takes care of you, doesnt hurt you and his family doesnt torture you so you dont have any reason to take divorce from him. Kabir thanks God. Irfan says you said you cant share your husband with anyone, these are your feelings for your husband but they cant be reason to take divorce. Zara says you mean to say my passion of love cant be the reason to separate from him? we can marry out of love but cant separate because of love so.. now this love will become my reason to completely stay away from my husband till I dont find the reason to ask for divorce, I will not have a look at him till then. Kabir is stunned. Ruksaar smirks. Zara says I will repeat, my love is my pride and it doesnt allow me to share my husband with anyone. She leaves from there. Kabir goes behind her.

Zara is leaving with Reema, Kabir tries to stop her but Zara sits on Reema’s scooty and leaves. Kabir sits in Imran’s car and leaves behind her. Ruksaar sees it and says I got my life back because of Zara and I will make her life hell now.
Reema asks Zara what we will do now? Zara says I will wait till I find a reason to divorce Kabir. Imran asks Kabir what we will do now? Kabir says I will wait till Zara’s anger is down.
Zara says to Reema that we are not going home, you know love is extreme, when you are happy in love, you feel like you are flying but when you are pained in love, you feel like everything is giving you a pain.
Kabir says to Imran that after loving Zara, I feel like life of a priest is very simple than life of a lover.
Reema stops her bike and says I am tried now. Zara says you are tired so soon? I am finding a way for my life.
Imran says to Kabir that I am tired of driving now. Kabir says I have been running around for many days but nobody asked if I am tired, I will be running round and round and nobody knows what is in my fate.
Reema gets call from her parents and says I am coming, she ends call. Zara asks her to leave. Reema says I am not leaving you. Zara says I will roam around, Kabir is not accepting me fully nor divorcing me, I am just roaming around. Reema says but.. Zara says just leave, Reema asks her to take care and leaves. Zara says to herself that there must be something lacking in my love that I couldnt get Kabir.

PRECAP- Zara looks at burning coals and says this love is not easy, its about a volcano you have to cross for your lover. She says I will give a test today for my love, it will show if I just brag about my love or I really love Kabir. She is about to walk on burning coals. Kabir is running to stop her.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli (Aditi sharma)Indecisive About Kunal —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli (Aditi sharma)Indecisive About Kunal

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Mauli(Aditi sharma) recollects a memory about planning a baby with Kunal in 2018. Both Mauli and Kunal (Shakti arora)look towards each other, Mauli (Aditi sharma)leaves the room.
At night, Dida cries sadly besides Kunal. She was about to tell him about his doubling happiness and relation with Kunal(Shakti arora). Mauli(Aditi sharma) comes to interrupt from behind and asks Dida to fell asleep and takes her from the room. In the corridor, Dida tells Mauli(Aditi sharma) that Kunal (Shakti arora)has really fallen weak. Mauli qualifies he is only ill, she needs some time to share the news with Kunal.(Shakti arora) Later, Mauli finds the angelic lady, recalls about Kunal’s(Shakti arora) promise last year. She rushes into Kunal’s(Shakti arora) room with a smile and hugs him thankfully. Soon, Mauli(Aditi sharma) realizes she had been day dreaming only and Kunal (Shakti arora)was asleep, she only thanks him from a distance with a smile.
The next morning, Mauli (Aditi sharma)instructs Pramilla about the breakfast. Dida and Mamma stood with Halwa and almonds for Mauli(Aditi sharma). She says she already had toast, but Dida asks her to take it for the little life now associated with her. They were shocked to see Kunal(Shakti arora) stand behind them, he walks towards them suspiciously. Everyone stood there beholding their breaths. Kunal(Shakti arora) removes his ear piece and leaves for clinic. Dida asks Mauli to share the news with Kunal(Shakti arora), she holds an upper edge with Kunal (Shakti arora)now and can use it as an opportunity to save her marriage. Mauli(Aditi sharma)romises to share the news at the right time. She hears Dida worried about her approaching divorce in a few days.

Nandini (Drashti dhami)was painting in her balcony, distressed about leaving Kunal. She gets a call from Kunal (Shakti arora)on her cell phone and cuts it.
Sweety hits Kunal outside the apartment. Kunal’s cell phone drops. Sweety discuss with Kunal that she met Nandini(Drashti dhami) in market yesterday, she was concerned about her distress. Kunal hurries outside worried. Sweety enjoys the situation.
Nandini (Drashti dhami)comes to the door as Kunal(Shakti arora) rang the doorbell. She questions from inside why he came here. Kunal (Shakti arora)requests to see her face for once. Nandini(Drashti dhami) wipes her tears and opens the door. Kunal (Shakti arora)was concerned, and hugs Nandini out of worry. Nandini(Drashti dhami) says Kunal (Shakti arora)must not have come here, she forbid him to visit her. Kunal asks how she took the decision so abruptly. Nandini(Drashti dhami) clarifies it was her one time decision, he can go anywhere but must not visit her at any cost. She asks Kunal(Shakti arora) her no, else there would be no difference between him and others. She has even blocked his cellular number, she doesn’t wish to meet him in future. She slaps the door shut over Kunal’s(Shakti arora) face and cries inside. Kunal(Shakti arora) leaves the apartments..Sweety arrives at Nandini’s(Drashti dhami) apartment. Nandini (Drashti dhami) says Kunal(Shakti arora) SweetyKunal(Shakti arora) has changed altogether, he won’t now be seen. This is how girls like Nandini(Drashti dhami) do, they snatch husbands of innocent women. Nandini wants Kunal(Shakti arora) to crave for herself, else she must have left the city by now.

PRECAP: Kunal leaves home with his luggage. There, Mauli(Aditi sharma) hear Dida requesting Kunal (Shakti arora)to return home, there are misunderstandings in everyone family. Mamma was doubtful that Kunal might leave for London in a flight that will take off in three hours. Mauli(Aditi sharma) reach airport but the staff says the flight took off ten minutes ago already.

Bepanah Latest News: Wow!!Aditya warns Anjana against Destroying Zoya’s (Jennifer winget)image, — October 10, 2018

Bepanah Latest News: Wow!!Aditya warns Anjana against Destroying Zoya’s (Jennifer winget)image,

Related image

Heyyy !!The upcoming episode of Colors’ serial Bepanah will show a high voltage drama as Anjana will leave no stone unturned to ruin Zoya’s (Jennifer Winget) image in front of her friends during the upcoming Muh-Dikhai ritual. It is seen that Anjana is absolutely not happy to have Zoya(Jennifer winget) in the Hooda house as Aditya’s (Harshad Chopda) wife. Anjana has allowed Zoya to be in the Hooda house against her wish. Anjana leaves no chance to make Zoya(Jennifer winget) feel unwanted. In the meanwhile, Zoya(Jennifer winget) receives disturbing messages from a mysterious person hinting towards Aditya being the real culprit of Yash and Pooja’s death. Torn between all this negativity, Zoya(Jennifer winget) tries to hide her tension from Aditya…In the upcoming episode of Bepanah, Anjana will arrange for Zoya’s muh-dikhayi. However, Anjana will trick Zoya(Jennifer winget) and make her drunk. Zoya(Jennifer winget) will behave in a weird way in front of Anjana’s friends. However, Aditya will reach there and will take Zoya(Jennifer winget) with him. Aditya will realize that Zoya(Jennifer winget) must be made drunk by Anjana. Aditya will be seen warning Anjana sternly against humiliating and troubling Zoya(Jennifer winget), which will make Anjana even bitter towards Zoya. Will Anjana follow Aditya’s warning or will she trouble Zoya (Jennifer winget)more? Keep reading TELLIGOSSIP for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers on Bepanah.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai LATEST GOSSIP :: No way !!Sameer -Naina’s Romance caught red handed by Chachaji Read on —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai LATEST GOSSIP :: No way !!Sameer -Naina’s Romance caught red handed by Chachaji Read on

Image result for sameer naina chachaji

Hey people ! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show,It is seen that Naina is down with severe cold and fever, which makes Sameer(Randeep rai) worry for her.Further, since Naina’s(Ashi singh) family will fail to get medicine for her, Sameer(Randeep rai) will take the big risk of going to Naina’s(Ashi singh) house with medicine.Moreover, it will be seen that Sameer(Randeep rai) will climb till Naina’s(Ashi singh) gallery through a ladder with the help of Munna and Pandit.,,Further ahead, Naina(Ashi singh) will get happy as well as scared seeing Sameer(Randeep rai) in her house late night.Meanwhile, Chachaji will be alerted by the noise and will walk up to the window to have a look.Thus, Naina and Sameer’s(Randeep rai) Romeo Juliet romance will be ruined by Chachaji’s entry.Surprisingly, Chachaji will appreciate Sameer(Randeep rai) for his care and efforts for Naina leaving her and Sameer surprised.At the same time, Chachaji will also give them a reminder to be in their limits and not to degrade their family’s respect…Wow that’s great news for all Samaina fan,Keep reading my blog for Samaina happy moments..

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update : Sameer Wanted to hear Naina’s voice ! —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update : Sameer Wanted to hear Naina’s voice !

Related image

Mama, Mami are going to temple. Sameer(Randeep rai) comes. Mama asks him to come too. Mami says she knows what he’ll ask, a girl of his choice. She says she will do it as what Sameer(Randeep rai) will do in so much crowd there, everyone offering milk to Ganeshji.Taiji, Chachiji, Preeti are also in temple. They didn’t bring Naina(Ashi singh) as she was sick.

Female narrator says you must have heard about Ganeshji drinking milk in 90’s. Whether that was true or no, no one knows. Fight between faith and science will always go on.Munna and Pandit come to Sameer(Randeep rai) and inform him about the same. Sameer(Randeep rai) asks is that for real. Munna says he went himself and says almost everyone is outside temple, waiting in line. They think of eating something. Munna says pakora made by Poonam. Sameer(Randeep rai) says she has gone outside. They check in fridge.

Naina(Ashi singh) is thinking about Sameer(Randeep rai). She calls him and asks what he’s eating. He says apple. She says she wants to eat too. He invites her at his home. He then asks is she calling from home or outside? She says from home. Sameer(Randeep rai) gets tensed asking what if anyone hears her conversation. She says she loves him, she hasn’t done anything wrong. She screams and says she loves him. Sameer(Randeep rai) gets more worried. She says no one is at home. Sameer(Randeep rai) says they must have gone to temple, right? She says yes and they think of offering milk to Ganeshji in their homes.Male narrator says he did so many things in Naina’s(Ashi singh) love which he never imagined he would ever do. If one didn’t do things that you need to hide from your friends, then you never really fell in love.

They both ask each other what they asked for. They say they asked each other.

Rakesh and his brothers are sitting with society men. They hear on radio about Ganeshji drinking milk. They are amazed. Chachaji says he believes in God, but this is just blind faith. Someone asks Rakesh what he wished for. Rakesh says he wished that Arjun’s 1 year goes fast so he can get back to cricket. This hard working job is not for him.

Ganeshji doesn’t drink milk offered by Taiji. Mama, Mami come to same temple. Preeti tries and Ganeshji drinks. Taiji is shocked. She tries again and this time Ganeshji drinks. Mami wishes to get grandchild.Chachiji and Preeti forgot to bring medicine for Naina(Ashi singh). Sameer(Randeep rai) calls at Naina’s(Ashi singh) home. Preeti picks up. He says he wants to hear Naina(Ashi singh) once. He hears Naina(Ashi singh) sneezing continuously and learns Chachiji forgot to bring medicine from Chachiji, Preeti, Naina conversation.

Precap: Sameer climbs the ladder and reaches Naina’s(Ashi singh) balcony. Chachaji hears noise and goes to check. He sees Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina together.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal Plans Mauli’s Birthday; Nandini(Drashti dhami) Misses The Celebrations —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal Plans Mauli’s Birthday; Nandini(Drashti dhami) Misses The Celebrations

Related image

Jyoti sprinkles ‘Ganga Jal’ across the house and assures that nothing will interfere in her house now. She complains that Mauli(Aditi sharma) never paid heed to her advices. Kunal(Shakti arora) is back home, Mauli(Aditi sharma) must keep him bound to herself now. Mauli tells Jyoti that Kunal hasn’t returned for her, but for Dida. They don’t want a patch up and have filed a divorce. Jyoti was angry that she filed a divorce? She asks if Kunal(Shakti arora) is still with Nandini…. Mauli(Aditi sharma) nods and leaves the kitchen crying. Jyoti was furious over Nandini and says after all the disgrace Nandini(Drashti dhami) must have left the city, but now she won’t spare her. She can’t let Nandini(Drashti dhami) celebrate her life by ruining her daughter’s house.
Mauli climbs up the stool in her room and change the cells of the wall clock. She loses her balance. Kunal(Shakti arora) comes to the room and finds Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) possibility to fell off. He holds the stool and asks why she didn’t call him for help? Mauli says she is getting used to living without him, it’s better he let her learn this. She wish like wall clock, there was some tool to change the times in lives as well. She never realized when Kunal changed so much, then smiles weakly that outside Manish’s house she once asked Kunal (Shakti arora)if he would ever leave her. They recall how Kunal(Shakti arora) called himself lucky to have her as a wife, he was ready to fight anything for her companionship. Kunal (Shakti arora)apologizes and says he can understand her pain. Mauli forbids him claim understanding her position, she is bearing it and prays to God that none has to bear such pain in life.

There at home, Nandini(Drashti dhami) sat with the idol of flying girl Kunal had gifted her. She recalls Mauli’s words that she prayed for Nandini’s(Drashti dhami) smile and her wish has been fulfilled. She looks towards the calendar and remember its Mauli’s birthday tomorrow.
Dida was happy and tells Kunal and Mamma that it’s Mauli’s birthday tomorrow. It’s the only day in year that Mauli(Aditi sharma) rightfully demands a gift for herself. She wants to celebrate the day with full zeal. Mamma taunts that this year Mauli has already got enough of surprises in life. Dida tells Kunal(Shakti arora) to organize the surprise birthday of Mauli.
Nandini(Drashti dhami) tells Kunal that arranging a surprise party for Mauli(Aditi sharma) is really hard. She kept the news of everything beforehand and even made demands in her childhood. Kunal asks Nandini(Drashti dhami) how she can do all this. Nandini(Drashti dhami) realizes even her shadow shouldn’t be there around Mauli(Aditi sharma). She offers to help Kunal(Shakti arora) distantly. Nandini was in the market for shopping. Mauli (Aditi sharma)comes to the same shop and stops by an angel with wings and a magic wand. She recalls she once demanded the idol. Kunal(Shakti arora) had promised Mauli(Aditi sharma) to get it on her next birthday. She walks away crying and thinks now she has no desire for it. Nandini reaches the same idol and recalls it was the favorite item of Mauli(Aditi sharma), she might surely like it.
The next morning, Mauli wakes up to find her room decorated all around. She sits up in shock and smiles as Mamma, Dida and Kunal stood there to wish her. She goes to hug Dida, Mamma and Pramilla out of excitement. She then moves to Kunal(Shakti arora), almost hugs him, and then withdraws herself. They recall their old celebrations and surprises together in the room. Dida offers Mauli to demand anything she wish for. Mauli(Aditi sharma) replies she has grown up Dida, she only needs peace and everyone’s happiness now. Mauli(Aditi sharma) goes to get ready for clinic, it’s a hectic schedule in clinic and what she would do at home?
Nandini(Drashti dhami) sat with her and Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) photo. She says she wish to hug Mauli and wish her, but they stand at a turning that they can’t think of coming close. She wished her photo for years when away, and today when they are near; she still can’t wish her.
Mauli (Aditi sharma)opens the wardrobe and finds two new dresses with tags. She blankly looks at them but selects an old dress. Kunal(Shakti arora) comes to the room and wish Mauli(Aditi sharma) birthday. She smiles weakly. He asks if she won’t wear a new dress, like she always does. Mauli (Aditi sharma)replies nothing is forever. A lot has changed this year only, and no one knows it better than him.

PRECAP: Nandini (Drashti dhami)distributes meal among the poor for Mauli’s (Aditi sharma)birthday. Mauli(Aditi sharma) comes to the car and finds it filled with surprises. She was annoyed and hires an auto instead, wondering what’s the use of all this when Kunal isn’t with her anymore.

Bepannah 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya(Jennifer winget) Prepares Halwa For First Rasoi Rasam —

Bepannah 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya(Jennifer winget) Prepares Halwa For First Rasoi Rasam

Image result for bepanaah wallpapers

Zoya(Jennifer winget) get up and doesn’t find aditya(Harshad chopda). She goes inside washroom and find yash sitting in blood water.. He repeat how do you like marrying the person who killed 🔪me.. Zoya(Jennifer winget) get up shocked 😱as it turned out to be her dream. She goes to washroom and wash her face. Aditya bring tea and think how to address zoya(Jennifer winget) like mrs. Aditya hooda, mrs zoya, wife and finally settle on saying dear wife.. He say dear wife its our first morning after marriage. Zoya(Jennifer winget) say she is coming in minute. Aditya realise zoya(Jennifer winget) doesn’t drink tea and goes to bring coffee☕.. Zoy(Jennifer winget)a think not to let her bad dreams to over power her present. She comes out wearing red saree and was looking soo prety..😍😍😍 (who bathe in one minute😆😆)

Aditya get memerize seeing her and try to get romantic.. Zoya(Jennifer winget) make him side saying she need to get ready, but aditya(Harshad chopda) say lets drink bed coffee☕, zoya(Jennifer winget) ask bed coffee? Aditya(Harshad chopda) as you don’t drink tea so bed coffee☕. Zoya(Jennifer winget) take coffee and say she try to go in kitchen for her rasoi rasam, but aditya doesn’t let her go.. She say she learnt during her event that this rasam bring family relation near. She ask him to get out as she need for get ready, but he say let me see my wife. Aditya(Harshad chopda) say Maa and push him out of room.

Zoya(Jennifer winget) goes in kitchen and ask for likes and dislikes but victor say we shall make, so zoya plan to cook halwa. She take milk from fridge and aditya come. He ask cooks to go out and both try to make hawla while aditya get romantic but suddenly message beeps. Zoya(Jennifer winget) get tensed but it turned out of noor on aditya mobile. Aditya say that noor is not ready to listen. He add that noor is stubburn like zoya. Zoya(Jennifer winget) calls📱 her saying she will listen to her appi but noor cut her call.Wasim get happy🙂 saying that he is happy that Noor doesn’t pick zoya(Jennifer winget) call. (Noor is not happy listening to it.) Roshnaq say that she is your appi talk to her. Noor say she behaved and insulted abbu and due to her he went jail, roshnaq say zoya(Jennifer winget) was unware of it. Noor say i shall not talk📱 to her and goes from there. Wasim is happy🙂 hearing that.Zoya(Jennifer winget) gets sad 😢and keep on adding sugar in halwa.. Aditya(Harshad chopda) stop her saying till we both are together we shall make everything right. I promise to set everything right amd will keep on trying.. He hold her face and say that like zoya(Jennifer winget) got his full family, I will to get her full family by her side… Zoya(Jennifer winget) smiles🙂 and aditya try to get romantic but than both make halwa.

At dining table Harsh say that sweet smell is coming and aditya say zoya(Jennifer winget) made halwa for her rasoi rasam. Zoya(Jennifer winget) serve to everyone.. But Anjana say she doesn’t like.. Arjun praises Halwa… Harsh ask but why she cooked? Zoya(Jennifer winget) replies that she thought that it will be good to start relations with sweet. Anjana stare at her. Anjana say she will ask cook to cook something for me.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) say yes you may as we shall end whole halwa, then anajana say if you all insist I shall take little bit. Zoya(Jennifer winget) serve her, she likes it but say sugar is extra, but harsh say its fine. Anjana goes from there.

Arjun ask Aditya (Harshad chopda)to feed halwa to Zoya(Jennifer winget) bhabhi. Zoya(Jennifer winget) feel shy but she eat and arjun ask her to feed to aditya(Harshad chopda) too… 😍Anjana looks them from far… Harsh say to victor to take leave as now who will like food cooked by you, when zoya(Jennifer winget) make it declious food.. (but i wonder 🤔zoya was really bad cook when shown in start, so since when she started to cook declious food😆)…Anjana say she took over my family… Anjana get call from one of her friend who ask her for muhu dikhayi rasam, first anajana denies but later cut call stating I shall call📱 you again… She goes near dining table and say that her friends are asking that I brought new bahu so do muhu dikhayi, and I said i didn’t bring but my son got new wife.. So if his wife give permission shall we keep muhu dikhayi rasam…. Aditya is about to speak but zoya(Jennifer winget) stop him and say she need not to take any permission from me… Harsh say now atleast house will have happiness🙂… Arjun say that you are not allowed in ladies function… Harsh say you will not understand… He get up and ask zoya(Jennifer winget) that he always wanted a daughter, if he gift her saree will she wear.?? Zoya(Jennifer winget) say that I am your daughter first then Bahu of this house.. Harsh blesses her.. Anjana remembers how Aditya(Harshad chopda) took side of zoya(Jennifer winget) always and was ready to leave house..

Precap: Zoya(Jennifer winget) get ready to Muhu Dikhayi rasam, Aditya prasises her and try to get romantic. Zoya(Jennifer winget) drink juice🥤…

Bepannah 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya Gets Threatening Messages — October 9, 2018

Bepannah 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya Gets Threatening Messages

Image result for zoya and aditya

Anjana welcome zoya(Jennifer winget) and aditya. They take blessing from her. Then both go and take blessing from Harsh.
Harsh: If time would have been different, welcome would have been much happier. (waqt kuch or hota to tumhra welcome or khushi se hota)Zoya: we all shall make time good with efforts and we are not similing doesn’t mean we forgot to smile. (hum sab milkar waqt ko behtar banayenge. Hum muskura nhi rehe hai iska matlb hum muskurana bhule to nhi hai)Wasim bless them both and Arjun hug aditya.
Aditya appologize to vatsal for leaving suddenly and thank him for all help and stop seeing zoya(Jennifer winget). She is shown removing her jewellary. Bepannha si mohobatt ki hai…🎼🎼 He hug zoya(Jennifer winget).
Aditya: You set worlds best wife record. No wife hasn’t proved herself this so soon.

Aditya: what?
Zoya : I felt ammi abbu are not only angry😡 but went far too. I don’t know will noor talk even. I don’t want that happen to you. My bad luck should doesn’t hurt you.
Aditya: No its not bad luck, just time is bad. And till we both are togther nothing will happen bad.
They both look at each other through mirror and aditya(Harshad chopda) get romantic. He remove jewellary, free her hair and kiss her eyes. Mere dil ko tere dil ki jarurt hai plays…🎼🎼🎼Suddenly message beeps (stupid message, but phone should have broken in accident still ok📱) and zoya(Jennifer winget) check message say congrats you married your husband killer🔪. Zoya(Jennifer winget) get tensed. Aditya(Harshad chopda) try to get romantic, new message beeps don’t tell anything to aditya. Zoya(Jennifer winget) remember her vowes that not to hide anything from aditya. She is about to say and light goes. Aditya(Harshad chopda) goes to check.
Message beeps saying told you not say anything, now bear concequences. Zoya(Jennifer winget) think whats happening all this and what does it mean?

Aditya(Harshad chopda) call servent and everyone come out.
Anajana says in old days people use to believe that if new bride come and light goes its called bad omen.Aditya tells thank god we are not in old days. And ask victor to check light problem.
Harsh and aditya smile.🙂 Someone knocks on door.

Zoya(Jennifer winget) send message stating who are you but it doesn’t deliver. Door knocks and aditya goes to open. Zoya(Jennifer winget) get message 📱stating behind door is something dangerous can kill everyone. Zoya(Jennifer winget) runs out of room. Aditya open door and find gift box with tick tick tick sound.
All discuss that it would be marriage gift but this time? Aditya open but zoya(Jennifer winget) come and throw gift asking others to go far. light come and everyone see it was watch.⏰
Arjun pick: zoya(Jennifer winget) why you threw watch?
Anajana: You reacted as if it was bomb or wanted to hide any of your secret.
Victor: it was fuse that went, now its fine.
Harsh: calm down and lets go to sleep. Good night

Aditya closes door🚪 and zoya(Jennifer winget) get new messge stating it was watch⏰ now but be careful and don’t tell anything to aditya(Harshad chopda) otherwise… Zoya(Jennifer winget) get terrified. Anajana watch her. Zoya(Jennifer winget) goes inside her room. Aditya(Harshad chopda) see her restless.

Aditya goes to room but arjun take him out.Arjun tells Bhabhi is not ok, she is hurt too much.Aditya says ofcourse so much had happen since today, she is scared.
And flash back shows from car accident, fall of bulbs, snake bite, etc.
Aditya come back to room and zoya(Jennifer winget) is in deep thought about messages. He break her thoughts.Aditya says we shall break this silence and talk about bed sides but you already selected, so you sleep that side I shall sleep on other.
Zoya(Jennifer winget) just nods He says this room belongs to both of us, so I shall make space for your clothes which we shall bring tomorrow and if you want to redecorate it you can.Zoya  (Jennifer winget)says No, she don’t want. Everything is fine.

Aditya sit infront to her and notice her tension and pain. They both look at each other turn by turn.

Zoya(Jennifer winget)  apologises  as she shouldn’t have behaved this way. Everyone will think me crazy.Aditya says he is happy the way Zoya(Jennifer winget)behaved. He like when Zoya cares for him Zoya(Jennifer winget) says Aditya He is the most special person in her life.Aditya asks If he did any mistake..Zoya(Jennifer winget) says No…Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells he got scared for a while

Aditya(Harshad chopda) and zoya(Jennifer winget) think. Zoya(Jennifer winget) remember about messages and say that aditya can’t do anything wrong.

Precap: Aditya try to get romantic with zoya(Jennifer winget). Zoya(Jennifer winget) ask him to let her go in kitchen. Aditya no, and you are behaving like wife. Anjana say that her friends want to do muhu dikhayi as I brought new bahu, but i denied saying aditya brought new wife. So if new wife give permission we can keep muhu dikhayi.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina (Ashi singh)Thinks How To Convince Principal —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina (Ashi singh)Thinks How To Convince Principal

Image result for ashi singh

Sameer(Randeep rai) challenges Sunaina’s gang that Navratri function will definitely happen. Sunaina claps and asks who will complete that challenge? him or Naina? Naina says “we”. They will complete challenge together. Swati says they accept the challenge and asks Sunaina to give them 2 days. Kartik objects, but Sunaina gives Naina(Ashi singh) 2 days. Naina(Ashi singh) smiles looking at Swati. Naina(Ashi singh) and her gang tell Sunaina if they win, then Sunaina and her gang will have to put Naina’s posters on walls which they took down and write “Sorry Naina” as well.

Naina and her friends discuss that they challenged, but how they will complete it? Sameer(Randeep rai) is busy in collecting torn posters’ pieces. Naina(Ashi singh) sits down and smiles looking at him. Sameer(Randeep rai) says he can’t see anyone stepping on Naina’s(Ashi singh) name. Naina(Ashi singh) says all that matters to her that her name is written on his heart. Sameer says but it matters to him. Naina(Ashi singh) says she feels like hugging him. Preeti says then hug him. Sameer(Randeep rai) stands up and spreads his arms like SRK style. Female narrator says SRK might have copyright on that pose, but she knows he learned from Sameer(Randeep rai) only. Naina reminds Sameer(Randeep rai) that principal has asked her to keep girls and guys away. Friends get upset as Naina(Ashi singh) always spoils romantic moments. They leave. Sameer(Randeep rai) again spreads his arms. This time, Naina(Ashi singh) walks to him with a smile, only to turn his hands down. She walks a few steps and then comes back to hug him from back. Sameer(Randeep rai) is surprised. She says “I love you”. All their friends come back and say “We love you too”. Naina(Ashi singh) blushes.

Mami shows too much love to Poonam (her daughter-in-law) which surprises her. Mami gives her film tickets as well and asks her to go with Devang in evening to watch movie and eat outside as well.

A peon brings Arjun to his room / cabin. Arjun finds that room low standard. Peon tells him he will write workers names, time they arrive, and make them sign. He reads magazine and finds Shefali’s picture in it. He recalls someone saying Shefali has become a model now.Naina(Ashi singh) tells her friends that once they get Navratri function permission, they will get sports team permission as well. Preeti says so much happened and she is still behind sports team. Naina(Ashi singh) says yes, she has promised students. They think how to convince principal mam. Naina(Ashi singh) is sneezing and she has fever. Sameer(Randeep rai) asks Preeti to take Naina(Ashi singh) home. Naina(Ashi singh) says she won’t go home. Sameer(Randeep rai) says they can think tomorrow what to do and manages to convince her.(Ashi singh)(Ashi singh)

Male narrator says so much was happening that day and another adventure was still to happen.

Precap: No one is at home. Naina(ashi singh) calls Sameer(Randeep rai) . He asks what if anyone listens. She loudly says that she has loved him, she is not afraid of anyone. She will scream and say that she loves him. Other side, Sameer(Randeep rai) is getting tensed as Naina(Ashi singh) screams and says “Sameer, I love you”.

ishq Subhan Allah 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zeenat Learns About Ruksar’s Plan — October 8, 2018

ishq Subhan Allah 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zeenat Learns About Ruksar’s Plan

Image result for ishq subhan allah

Kabir and Zara’s (Eisha singh)Nikah is complete. Shahbaz checks papers in Ruksar’s hands and he announces there is another good news. Papers for Ruksar’s release from Dubai’s jail are here. Everyone says mubarak to Ruksar.

It’s bidaai time. Zara(Eisha singh) bids adieu to her parents and family. Kabir assures Zara’s(Eisha singh) parents that he will try to always keep Zara(Eisha singh) happy and always support her. Zara (Eisha singh)tells her parents to bless that they get back whatever they have lost in their lives and they have so much love in their lives that they make an example of mohabbat. Zara’s (Eisha singh)mother asks Aayesha whether they can come to her house to welcome Kabir and Zara(Eisha singh).Ruksar calls Rubana and is furious.

Kabir and Zara(Eisha singh) romance in car while going to Kabir’s house. Zara(Eisha singh) thanks him for giving her biggest happiness of her life. Kabir(Adnan khan) says he is thankful to her. Reema and Imran tease them and ask to look at their wedding photos. Zara(Eisha singh) and Kabir look at their wedding photos. Zara (Eisha singh)says she will save these memories forever.Ruksar comes to her room and thinks of her next plan. She plans to keep Zara(Eisha singh) away from Kabir(Adnan khan) and give him same pain that he gave to Ruksar by staying away from her on their wedding night.

Kabir and Zara(Eisha singh) arrive at Kabir’s house. They are welcomed by Kabir’s family members. Zara’s(Eisha singh) parents are also there. It’s time for Zara and Kabir to look at each other from mirror. They argue about going first. Kabir gives up and says he will go first. Ruksar comes behind and Kabir(Adnan khan) turns his face seeing her. He’s asked to look at Zara(Eisha singh). He looks up and Ruksar has gone and now he sees Zara.Ladies send guys away. Kabir (Adnan khan)was going away as well, but Zara(Eisha singh) stops him saying he needs to be there. They dance.

Ruksar plans to spray some sedative perfume on Kabir so he wakes up after 8 hours straight. She wonders how to bring Kabir(Adnan khan) to the room. She sees Aman and tells him to send Kabir to room. Kabir goes. Zeenat locks the room. He asks her to let him go and asks what has happened to her. Why she is doing all this. She says he is forcing her to do all this. Did he think what she will have to go through seeing him spending wedding night with Zara(Eisha singh)? She takes out perfume bottle to spray on Kabir. Zeenat opens the door and perfume bottle falls and shatters. She sends Kabir away and explains Ruksar that they should be thankful to Kabir and Zara(Eisha singh). Ruksar says she can’t see Kabir(Adnan khan) and Zara (Eisha singh)together. If they spend night together, then everything will be over. She won’t let that happen no matter what. Zeenat asks what she means? What is she planning to do? Ruksar smiles and says she will destroy everything. She leaves. Zeenat says she won’t let anyone come in way of this house’s happiness, not even Ruksar.

Kabir joins Zara(Eisha singh). He tells everyone that all rituals are done now, right? Imran and Reema tease them saying main one is still left.. wedding night. Reema tells Zara that this is perfect time to ask Kabir whatever she wants. Zara(Eisha singh) thinks about something and then says she doesn’t think Kabir will be able to do that. Kabir asks what she means and tells her to tell. Zara(Eisha singh) says she wants him to carry her to the room. Kabir (Adnan khan)says no way. Zara(Eisha singh) gets upset and starts walking. Kabir (Adnan khan)follows her and lifts her. Zara is happy. Ruksar looks on and says today it won’t be suhagraat, but a sad night.

Precap: Kabir(Adnan khan) and Zara(Eisha singh) get romantic in their room while Ruksar tries to set their room on fire.

Bepanah Latest News: Mystery person to create tension in Aditya & Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) married life — October 7, 2018

Bepanah Latest News: Mystery person to create tension in Aditya & Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) married life

Hey people ! Colors’ popular serial Bepanah is currently showing the happy track of Aditya (Harshad Chopda) and Zoya’s (Jennifer Winget) wedding. However, Aditya and Zoya’s wedding is certainly not taking place smoothly. As seen in the latest episode of Bepanah, Zoya(Jennifer winget) feels that Aditya’s(Harshad chopda) life is in danger from someone and just after the wedding, Aditya(Harshad chopda) gets beaten up by a snake. Zoya(Jennifer winget) makes sure to save Aditya’s life and soon both will be seen even getting intimate. But at this juncture, Aditya(Harshad chopda)and Zoya'(Jennifer winget) marital life will get intruded by a mysterious person…Apparently, as Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(Jennifer winget) will get close, Zoya (Jennifer winget)will receive a message from an unknown number, questioning her on marrying a man who killed her first husband, Yash. Zoya(Jennifer winget) will get utterly shocked seeing the message but will hide it from Aditya. While Zoya will try to ignore the message, whenever Aditya(Harshad chopda) will come close to Zoya(Jennifer winget), she will be seen receiving a disturbing message accusing Aditya(Harshad chopda). This will leave Zoya(Jennifer winget) torn mentally while Aditya will notice the change in Zoya(Jennifer winget). Who is this mysterious person trying to create problems in Zoya(Jennifer winget) and Aditya(Harshad chopda)? Will Zoya(Jennifer winget) fall in the trap of suspecting Aditya(Harshad chopda) or will she try to find the truth? Stay tuned in for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories and spoilers …

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal Decides To Plan Something Special For Nandini —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal Decides To Plan Something Special For Nandini

Mauli and Nandini(Drashti dhami) were a part of playing sindoor. Mauli rubs her sindoor into Nandini’s hairline, without recognizing her. As they confront each other, the thaal fell off Mauli’s hand. She appreciates Nandini(Drashti dhami) for snatching her everything, even her sindoor as well. She leaves the hall. Kunal(Shakti arora) watch her leave and spots Nandini(Drashti dhami), who stood crying in the midst of hall. He hurries to Nandini(Drashti dhami) and takes her aside. Nandini(Drashti dhami) says Mauli was fearful that she wants to snatch her sindoor, she only came here for peace and doesn’t hold Mauli as her enemy. Kunal(Shakti arora) assures Nandini (Drashti dhami)that he trusts her. Nandini(Drashti dhami) says the love and respect she got from Kunal is enough for her, she never wanted to snatch him from Mauli. Kunal(Shakti arora) wipes Nandini’s(Drashti dhami) tears and asks if she would still cry even after getting her love.He says situations are such that sometimes he might hurt her, but he promises that he will be there each time to wipe the tears. Mauli came here because of Dida. She comes here each year to celebrate companionship. He assures Nandini(Drashti dhami) that he is here with her to celebrate with her. He went against his family and society but selected Nandini(Drashti dhami). They will have to fight for the day when they can be truly united. Pandit ji asks the ladies to take chunri of Mata. Kunal(Shakti arora) gets into the line. He gets two chunri, looks towards the Goddess considering it a symbol. He then drapes Nandini(Drashti dhami) in the chunri. Both look at each other for a while.

The next day, Kunal speaks to Nandini(Drashti dhami) on phone about her head ache. Nandini(Drashti dhami) says she will be fine in a while. Kunal(Shakti arora) tells her to stay relaxed and not to overthink about yesterday. He plans a dinner in a new restaurant. Nandini(Drashti dhami) replies she doesn’t want to go. Kunal(Shakti arora) convince her to come along, he will make her feel special. After the call, Kunal thinks this isn’t an easy time for Nandini(Drashti dhami). He must do something special for her.
At home, Mamma was doing the Pooja. Kunal(Shakti arora) was leaving when Dida stops him and inquires about his plan of action. Kunal(Shakti arora) says he is leaving for clinic, and will get late. Dida complains that they don’t consider her appointments important anymore. Kunal(Shakti arora) reminds Dida that her appointment is tomorrow. Dida says she has to go to temple, so he must come earlier. Kunal(Shakti arora) reminds Dida that she spoke to Indu about temple visit. Dida then asks him to return soon, she wants to work on her will with him. Kunal(Shakti arora) says Dida must sleep earlier tonight for her blood tests tomorrow morning. After Kunal has left, Mamma tells Dida that the marriage would only end if Kunal(Shakti arora) and Mauli take the initiative and do it at will.

PRECAP: Kunal, Nandini(Drashti dhami) and Mauli were confused about their stance

Bepannah 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya’s(jennifer winget) Grahpravesh In Huda House —

Bepannah 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya’s(jennifer winget) Grahpravesh In Huda House

Related image

Zoya(jennifer winget) shouts for help. She ties her dupatta around Aditya’s(Harshad chopda) wrist. Someone calls doctor. Zoya(jennifer winget) encourages Aditya(Harshad chopda) not to break his promise. You promised you wont leave me. She sucks the poison out of his hand. Everyone looks on in shock. Zoya(jennifer winget) begs Aditya(Harshad chopda) to open his eyes. He holds her hand in semi conscious condition. How can something happen to me till you are with me? Nothing can go wrong till you are with me!Someone is watching the wedding video.Harsh runs downstairs and tells Anjana that Vatsal called just now. Aditya(Harshad chopda) dint have an accident but he got bit by a snake. Anjana is taken aback.

Doc checks Aditya(Harshad chopda). You saved him. You shouldn’t have done it though as it would have risked your life too. Aditya(Harshad chopda) gives credit to her for saving him always. Nothing can happen to me till the time she is with me. Anjana enters and rushes to Aditya(Harshad chopda). Are you fine? You got bitten by a snake? He assures her he is fine. Doc also tells her he is fine because of his wife. Huda family looks at Zoya(jennifer winget). Anjana’s eyes widen in shock seeing her mangalsutra. She lets go of Aditya’s (Harshad chopda)hand immediately and stands up. Wife? She looks at Aditya(Harshad chopda). I couldn’t think you will do something like this. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells her to bless them if she wants to give someone. Anjana asks him if he knows how much concerned they were worried for him while he was happily getting married here. Harsh suggests keeping her emotions in check. Important thing is that Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(jennifer winget) are fine. Anjana begins to argue and calls Zoya(jennifer winget) that girl when Aditya stands up. He shakes his head at her. She is my wife! Harsh tells Anjana that Aditya(Harshad chopda) is fit and fine. Is your hatred towards Zoya(jennifer winget) greater than your love for Aditya(Harshad chopda)? You should thank Zoya(jennifer winget) for saving our son’s life. Anjana thanks Zoya(jennifer winget) sarcastically. She saved his life but she I am sure she only would have put his life in risk. She is like that only. I will never accept her! Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells her not to accept Zoya(Harshad chopda) if she does not want to. We are ok with that. He holds Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) hand and begins to walk away but Anjana requests him to stop. Aditya(Harshad chopda) calls it useless. You wont talk nicely to Zoya and I will only keep fighting with you. It wont do any good. Zoya(Harshad chopda) tells him it will happen. This is the chance to accept your loved ones; forget the past mistakes and move on in life. Please understand. Anjana tells Aditya(jennifer winget)) she cannot promise to love or respect Zoya(jennifer winget)) but she wont give her any chance to complain. Please come home with us. I only want you to come back with us. Aditya(Harshad chopda) looks at Zoya(jennifer winget) who nods at him. Please. He agrees but keeps a condition. I will stay in that house till the time Zoya(jennifer winget) is able to live there peacefully. Anjana nods. Harsh heaves a sigh of relief. Let’s go home. We have to go somewhere else first. Arjun shares that he made a very big mistake. Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks him about it. Zoya(jennifer winget) and Aditya(Harshad chopda) looks at everyone’s faces.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) shouts at the Inspector to get Wasim out of the cell right away. Roshnaq and Noor hug Zoya(jennifer winget). Harsh withdraws his complaint. Wasim looks at Zoya(jennifer winget) from top to toe. Aditya(Harshad chopda) tears the complain copy into pieces and asks Inspector to open the cell asap. Inspector complies. Zoya(jennifer winget) says Abbu but Wasim holds out his hand for her. Stop right there. Zoya(jennifer winget) tells her Ammi she dint know about it. Wasim says how would she know after all. It wasn’t her fault. She was busy marrying the guy whose family wanted to see me behind bars. Harsh accepts his mistake. I panicked seeing the condition of Aditya’s(Harshad chopda) car. I thought I lost him for forever. It’s all my fault. I am sorry. I apologize to you too. I have hurt you very much. Zoya(jennifer winget) explains that she too had no idea about it. Our phones were in the car. Harsh seconds her. I apologize to you (Zoya) too. Wasim expresses his wish to go home if everyone is done apologizing. Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks Anjana to say something. She asks him what he means. He asks her to atleast apologize. She asks him if she wants her to apologize to them. I wont do any such thing! How can you expect it from me? Aditya(Harshad chopda) begins to say something when Wasim refuses to engage in any further drama. He calls out to his wife before walking out of there. Roshnaq tells Zoya(jennifer winget) to take care of herself and Aditya(Harshad chopda). Zoya(jennifer winget) also tells her to take care of herself and Abbu. Anjana looks on.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) asks Harsh why he should come back. Ma dint even say sorry once. Zoya(jennifer winget) thinks of her mother’s advice about maintaining relations. Anjana says why should I apologize. I was worried for you. He said he will destroy you. What else could I say? He reasons that the truth came out in front of you now so you could have just apologized. Why aggravate the matter? Zoya(jennifer winget) says there is no need to say anything. The day was really long. A lot happened that shouldn’t have happened. We were prepared that come what may we will find a way to be together. He says you don’t understand. She holds his hand. I understand everything. I understand the meaning of relations and the meaning of staying together. We will all go home as one family. Arjun says sorry to her. It was entirely my fault. She tells him it was no one’s fault. Whatever happened today was a lesson for all of us. Arjun denies. It was my fault. If I hadn’t thought of all that then! She cuts him mid sentence. Arjun apologizes to her again. She holds his hands and calms him down. How will we unwind if we wont get stuck? I have lost a family today. I need all of you very much today. She wipes Arjun’s tears. He tells her he is with her. Aditya(Harshad chopda) smiles. Harsh tells Aditya he is proud of him and of his choice. Zoya(jennifer winget) nods back. Harsh looks at Anjana but then asks Zoya to come to her home. She nods.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(jennifer winget) enter Huda House and find Anjana standing there with a puja thaal. Harsh smiles. Anjana asks Zoya(jennifer winget) to do grahpravesh. I think you know it already. Aditya is about to argue but Zoya(jennifer winget) stops him. Zoya(jennifer winget) hits the kalash and enters inside. Anjana does their aarti with a blank face. They bend down to seek her blessings. Anjana thinks Zoya(jennifer winget) might have come to this house but she wont get anything except pain here.

Precap: Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(jennifer winget) are about to kiss when her phone beeps. She is shocked to read the message – how are you feeling after marrying the one who killed your husband!

Bepanah shocking twists: Zoya(Jennifer winget) and Aditya marriage remains Twist..Read on to know more.. — October 5, 2018

Bepanah shocking twists: Zoya(Jennifer winget) and Aditya marriage remains Twist..Read on to know more..

Bepanah shocking twists: Zoya and Aditya marriage remains incomplete

The popular serial of color’s starring Jennifer winget and Harshad chopda is going through interesting plot, As we have seen Zoya(Jennifer winget) and Aditya(Harshad chopda) is going through a very happy phase but in some time it will be shattered..Aditya and Zoya(jennifer winget) have moved out of their houses and their friends Vatsal and Ishita are set to get Zoya(jennifer winget) and Aditya(Harshad chopda) married. On the other side, as seen earlier, Waseem is furious with his insult and wants to kill Aditya(Harshad chopda) ..However Anjana and Harsh doubt Waseem and accordingly, Police arrest Waseem for the attempted murder of Aditya(Harshad chopda)..In the upcoming episode of Bepanah, Aditya and Zoya(jennifer winget) will be seen all set for the wedding and will also start off with the wedding rituals. Zoya(jennifer winget) and Aditya(Harshad chopda), having no idea of what’s been up with their families, will be seen happy about their wedding and their upcoming future. But to everyone’s shock, just before the wedding gets completed, Zoya(jennifer winget) and Aditya(Harshad chopda) will get the news of Waseem’s arrest and the wedding will get stalled. Aditya and Zoya(jennifer winget) will rush to Waseem to help him out of the police clutches. Aditya(Harshad chopda) will get angry with Harsh and Anjana for accusing Waseem of trying to kill Aditya. Zoya(Jennifer winget) will feel shattered and guilty of her actions. Aditya(Harshad chopda) will try to calm Zoya.(Jennifer winget) Will Zoya’s(jennifer winget) guilt separate her from Aditya(Harshad chopda)? Keep watching Bepanaah and visiting my blog for the latest spoiler’s of your fav serial..

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sunaina’s evil plan work’s , Naina (Ashi singh)in danger !! —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sunaina’s evil plan work’s , Naina (Ashi singh)in danger !!

Image result for sunaina and naina

Hey people , Ye undino ki baat hai starring Ashi singh and Randeep Rai is going through interesting plot and twist , As per the ongoing Track Naina..It seems all girl’s enjoy playing cricket..But Sunaina cannot digest this happiness..Sunaina and Kartik play an evil game and inform girsl’s parents about they playing in knickers and t-shirt while Kartik’s friends pass lewd comments on girls to degrade them.Thus, in spite of forming the team, Naina’s(Ashi singh) efforts go in vain as parents create a ruckus and scold girls for playing.With no other option left, coach dismisses the girl’s team thus shattering Naina’s plan…On the other hand, a couple gets caught romancing in the newly inaugurated library leaving the Principal humiliated by MLA.

Thus, Principal takes Naina to task and in a fit of rage cancels the sports as well as Navratri celebration.Also, Naina(Ashi singh) is warned to assure that girls and boys maintain their distance and do not romance in college premises.Kartik further adds fuel to fire and instigates everyone against Naina calling slogans against her.Now it will be intresting to see how Naina(Ashi singh) will fight kartik and Sunaina and handle this new difficulty keep reading my blog for the latest gossip!!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka latest news: Mauli(Aditi rathore) puts Kunal’s Sindoor on Nandini(Drashti dhami) —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka latest news: Mauli(Aditi rathore) puts Kunal’s Sindoor on Nandini(Drashti dhami)

Image result for mauli and kunal

Hey people The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka will show that Mauli and Nandini (Drashti dhami) will find themselves face-to-face in an awkward situation where Mauli(Aditi rathore) will mistakenly put Sindoor on Nandini’s (Drashti dhami)forehead. It’s the time of festivities in the show as Mauli (Aditi rathore)and Nandini (Drashti dhami) will both be a part of the Durga Pooja celebrations where they will be dressed in beautiful Bengali clothes. Mauli(Aditi rathore) will take part in the Sindoor khela ritual organised in her society where married women put Sindoor on each other’s forehead. However, Nandini (Drashti dhami)too will land up there and will take part in the festivities.

Kunal’s Sindoor on Mauli.(Aditi rathore).A twist will come as Kunal(Shakti arora) will reach there and he will mistakenly push a plate of Sindoor and the Sindoor will fall on Mauli’s forehead. Later, Mauli will dance with the other women and Nandini (Drashti dhami) will also join in atn Mauli(Aditi rathore) will mistakenly put the same Sindoor on Nandini’s forhead. This exchange is Sindoor is symbolic of how Mauli (Aditi rathore)is handing over her husband to Nandini (Drashti dhami). Mauli(Aditi rathore) and Nandini (Drashti dhami) will have an awkward moment and Mauli (Aditi rathore)will storm out of there in anger. How will Kunal (Shakti arora)react seeing Sindoor on Nandini’s (Drashti dhami) (Drashti dhami) forhead? Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and spoilers on Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. Keep reading tellygossip for the updates of ur fav shows !

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: A New Challenge Awaits Naina(Ashi isngh) —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: A New Challenge Awaits Naina(Ashi isngh)

Image result for ye un dino ki baat hai

Naina(Ashi singh) asks her friends to come to Red Rose. I am very hungry. They look at her in confusion. She says her stomach also needs food. Scolding me isn’t enough. Shall we? Sameer (Randeep Rai)says we know you are upset but you weren’t at fault there. She nods. I will feel I was at fault if you guys will be sad. Let bygones be bygones. My name is Naina (Ashi singh)Agarwal. I don’t know one thing – how to accept defeat! Her friends smile. I am very strong. Her friends agree. You got a guy like Sameer(Randeep Rai). It is indeed true. Naina(Ashi singh) says I have only become GS as of now. I will fulfil the responsibilities of GS now. She pulls Sameer’s(Randeep Rai) hand and whispers in his ears. Remember one thing clearly. The girl who woo Sameer (Randeep Rai)Maheshwari can do anything! Sameer(Randeep Rai) smiles. Her friends tease her that they too have heard it.Let’s go and eat. We have to think how to fix the situation. They all head to Red Rose. Sameer(Randeep Rai) stops Naina(Ashi singh). You too must always remember that the guy whom you have won over will stick by your side through thick and think. She replies that she knows it already. How else do you think I get so much strength? They both look at each other sweetly.

Naina (Ashi singh)asks him what he would take in return of letting go of her hand. He replies that she will beat him if he will tell her the answer. Why would I have held onto it if I had to let go of it ever? She reminds him of the law Principal Ma’am has made today. I am the Inspector here. He teases her sweetly. I have seen the cheeks of an Inspector turn red for the first time. She blushes.

Swati calls out to JBR loudly. Sameer (Randeep Rai)and Naina(Ashi singh)get distracted. JBR tells Swati he is standing right in front of her. Why is she shouting so loudly? She asks him about exams. He reminds her that he had recently announced that exams have been postponed. Keep ears open just like you use your mouth. He realises it was a bad joke and walks away. Sameer(Randeep Rai) and Naina(Ashi singh) change the topic as JBR walks past them. Naina (Ashi singh)is sure Swati did all that intentionally. He says it might be possible. She might have realised her mistake. Naina(Ashi singh) hopes it comes out to be true. I will find my lost friend this way.

Mami ji reads a magazine column and decides to write her problem to the editor. She hides it as soon as Mama ji enters. Poonam Bhabhi touches her feet and he blesses her. Mami ji asks him to change his blessings (bless in regards of a baby). Mami ji is irked as Poonam Bhabhi does not understand it. Mami ji is upset with her as she told Devang everything. He is still worried. Mama ji understands that he might be worried. It might be that Devang has office tensions while Poonam works hard all day. This would only tire them by the end of the day. She agrees with his logic. We should ease out things for them so they can spend some time together.

(Background – Naina):
Stress wasn’t as prevalent in those days as it is now. Life was very simple back then. There weren’t many needs or tensions. It is acceptable that Mama Mami couldn’t become grandparents in those days but how did the population increased so much over all these years!

Tau ji and Tai ji are waiting anxiously for Arjun to get ready for his first day. Tai ji taunts Arjun for taking too much time in getting ready. Arjun shares that Chachi brought a new shirt for him. Tai ji is irked that Bela has already spoiled the girls a lot and now is doing the same with Arjun. Bela stops Arjun and does his aarti. Tai ji taunts Bela for doing aarti as if Arjun has become some collector. Arjun seeks his father’s blessings. Rakesh reminds him to stay focused on his game. Arjun nods unwillingly. Rakesh tells him to focus on the job for a year and then resume cricket. This is my only wish that you play for the country one day. Arjun nods. Tau ji and Arjun leave. Tai ji says so much happened yet he hasn’t stopped dreaming. God save us!

Naina’s(Ashi singh) friends come out of Red Rose. They cook up excuses before Naina (Ashi singh) and Sameer(Randeep Rai) . Naina(Ashi singh) suddenly overhears some sound. Their friends gesture Sameer(Randeep rai) to divert Naina’s(Ashi singh) attention. He gets the clue and tries going to other place but Naina(Ashi singh) walks inside Red Rose.

Kartik tears the chart paper in front of Naina(Ashi singh). Sunaina welcomes Naina sarcastically. She asks the students if they regret making her a GS; does she deserve to be a GS; should we have elections again. Students reply in her favour. Sameer asks Naina to come. Sunaina and her gang suggest him to take her out of the college. Kartik makes slogans against Naina.(Ashi singh) Sameer(Randeep Rai) tells him that his Nana ji is only the trustee of this college. He has not bought it. Kartik tries punching him but Sameer (Randeep Rai)holds his hand and pushes him back. Sunaina tells Kartik to let it be. Why fight with the one who is already defeated? She steps down from the chair and looks at Naina. Can you see how she ruined the Navratri function and college’s reputation? She spoiled our mood yet she does not seem upset at all! Kartik taunts her for coming to canteen to party with her friends after what all happened. What should we do now? They all tear down all the wallpapers from the wall and tear them into pieces in front of Naina. Sunaina asks Naina(Ashi singh) if she has understood where she belongs. Sameer(Randeep Rai) tells her to be quiet. You will see the worst of me if you utter another word. You are very lucky that you are a girl and I don’t hurt girls. If it was a guy in your place then I would have raised my fist on you! Naina(Ashi singh) is a girl who never gives up. She always thinks about everyone else before her. She falls down yet she knows how to stand back. Kartik asks him why the sports team couldn’t be made then. Even the Navratri function got cancelled. Will she again try to seek permission from Principal Ma’am? Sameer(Randeep Rai) asks him what if it happens and Naina(Ashi singh) succeeds. Will you then accept that Naina (Ashi singh)wasn’t the wrong choice for GS? They all agree. Sameer(Randeep Rai) challenges that the function will happen. Naina(ashi singh)asks him what he is saying but Sameer(Randeep Rai) sets out the challenge with Sunaina and her gang.

(Background – Naina):
I saw a Mahabharata play in childhood on stage. Karna and Arjuna exchanged their lines. Audience knew that something was amiss but it was done so confidently that they ended up clapping happily. Other actors also started supporting them in it. Same thing happened in college that day. We started cheering and patting Sameer(Randeep Rai) too for the way stood to his ground that day. No one knew if it was a task which could be accomplished or not but we all gave in.

Precap: Sameer (Randeep Rai)climbs a ladder up the balcony so as to meet Naina(Ashi singh) stealthily at night.

Bepannah 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya And Zoya(Jennifer winget) Are Officially Married —

Bepannah 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya And Zoya(Jennifer winget) Are Officially Married

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Aditya(Harshad chopda) looks sweetly at Zoya(Jennifer winget)as she comes dressed in the bridal attire. All their clashes and meetings flash in the background. Aditya extends his hand towards Zoya (Jennifer winget)who readily holds it. She sits next to Aditya. Pundit ji starts the rituals. Zoya(Jennifer winget) steals a glance at Aditya(Harshad chopda) when he is praying. He too looks in her direction when she isn’t looking. They both look at each other once they open their eyes. They start the puja. Someone is recording it. 2 waiters pick those boxes and hand out garlands to the bride and groom. Aditya(Harshad chopda) straightens his head once to tease Zoya (Jennifer winget)but then happily bends his head for her. She smiles. He too puts the garland around her neck and stops to look at her for a moment. From today, you and I belong to each other. We will also be together if there is something beyond life. The snake is very near Zoya’s (Jennifer winget)neck.

Noor is trying someone’s phone. Roshnaq is sitting there like a stone. She is looking blankly at Wasim while tears stream down her face. Noor shares that there is no news of Appi. I am very much worried for Abbu. Roshnaq requests her to do something. I cannot see him here. Get him out of here please. Noor says we might be able to take Abbu home if we are able to bring Aditya (Harshad chopda)here. Roshnaq is worried that this place will only rub salt to his wounds if he stays here for anymore time. Get him out of here asap.

Arjun notices Noor and Roshnaq’s faces. He asks the Constable to handover water bottles to them. Constable nods. Noor thanks the constable for the water bottles.Arjun thinks intentionally or unintentionally Siddiqui family is in danger because of them. I will have to find Bhai.

Zoya (Jennifer winget)and Aditya (Harshad chopda)sit down for the remaining rituals.  Ishita and Vatsal happily do their gathbandhan. Aditya and Zoya(Jennifer winget) exchange vows as they take pheras around the holy fire. Zoya(Jennifer winget) wants to exchange some vows in the wedding before Aditya(Harshad chopda) can fill vermilion in her hairline. Pundit ji allows her. Zoya(Jennifer winget) turns to Aditya(Harshad chopda) and holds his hand. (1) If you get lost then I will bring you on the right path. I will become your support if you ever shake in your step. I will never hide anything from you. (2) Faith will be the base of this relation. We will trust each other more than ourselves. (3) You will always find me with you in bad times. I will stand in front of you in worse times. Aditya smiles. Zoya(Jennifer winget) continues. (4) I will love you immensely till I am alive. I will only love you forever. (5) I wont say anything that will hurt you. (6) Any problem will have to fight with me first before reaching you. Death will also have to first fight with me. He gives her the last vow. I may or may not find you right but I will stick with you forever. I will fight with you or argue or get angry but I will never leave you. Everyone claps for them.

Arjun tells Harsh that he is sure Aditya (Harshad chopda)and Zoya(Jennifer winget) are fine. I have informed hospitals to inform us in case any such case comes. Harsh calls it unfair. I want news about them. Arjun knows he only wants to know about Bhai. You only want to blame someone. I too thought Wasim uncle has all the answers but he isn’t the culprit. We have put an innocent behind bars! Anjana overhears them and is shocked. We wont withdraw the case till I see Aditya! What’s the problem here? Is he being tortured? No right! Let him stay in jail for few days. He tries saying something but she tells him not to force her to go against her own family.

Aditya (Harshad chopda)fills vermilion in Zoya’s (Jennifer winget)hairline. Zoya(Jennifer winget) gets emotional as he makes her wear the mangalsutra. Pundit ji announces them husband and wife. Zoya(Jennifer winget) sees the snake in her garland and shouts out to Aditya in shock. He holds the garland and the snake bites him. He throws the garland away. Guests panic a little. Snake runs away. Zoya (Jennifer winget)notices the bite marks on Aditya’s hands. He starts feeling dizzy. Zoya(Jennifer winget) holds him as he loses conscious.

Precap: Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya are about to kiss when her phone beeps. She is shocked to read a message – how are you feeling after marrying the one who killed your husband!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli(Aditi sharma) Gets A Positive Clue For Her Marriage In Sindoor Pooja —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli(Aditi sharma) Gets A Positive Clue For Her Marriage In Sindoor Pooja

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Pramilla comes to tell Mamma about Kunal’s condition. Mamma finds the medicine sachet in dustbin of kitchen.Nandini(drashti dhami) was worried about Kunal.Mamma questions Dida if she had given the medicine to Kunal(Shakti arora)? Dida accepts giving the medicine, she claims that Kunal(Shakti arora) and Mauli(Aditi sharma) are under a single roof because of her. Mamma was shocked to hear she lied about her illness. Dida accepts saying she made doctor to lie as well. She can’t see her children part ways and her house getting scattered. Mamma says she always advice Mauli(Aditi sharma) of compromise but she wonders why should Mauli forgive Kunal?
Mauli(Aditi sharma) watched Kunal(Shakti arora) sleeping on the couch and wonders if he is fine?
Mauli then reach the door of the room. Dida was asking Mamma to be her side and not to tell Mauli(Aditi sharma) or Kunal(Shakti arora) about the truth. Mauli(Aditi sharma) asks what is it that Dida wants Mamma’s help. The ladies were speechless, Mamma handles the situation saying Dida doesn’t want to take pumpkin juice from tomorrow. Mauli(Aditi sharma) says Dida is a strong lady, is she afraid of pumpkin juice?Kunal wakes up in the midst of night. He wonders how he fall asleep on the couch, Nandini (drashti dhami)must be waiting for him. He runs to Nandini’s (drashti dhami)apartment but the watchman tells her that she had left for temple.
Mauli (Aditi sharma)finds Kunal’s(Shakti arora) watch on the table. She touches it and remembers how Kunal(Shakti arora) kept this watch dear, she had gifted this watch to him. Dida comes to Mauli and requests her to go to the Pooja today, if not for Kunal but for Dida.
Nandini(drashti dhami) was there in the Pooja. Kunal(Shakti arora) reach there. Nandini’s(drashti dhami) phone was at home which he tried calling. Nandini(drashti dhami) hear some women discuss that this Pooja is important for married women. She turns to face the Goddess, Kunal(Shakti arora) came to the hall and was looking for Nandini. Mauli (Aditi sharma)walks to the hall. Mauli (Aditi sharma)also comes to stand in front of the Goddess, then looks around where women had been dancing festively. Both ladies stood in front of the Goddess for the grand aarti. Mauli(Aditi sharma) prays for the right path and leaves the future over the Goddess. Nandini(Drashti dhami) prays that she got love after much suffering in life, and prays that her love isn’t snatched from her. After the prayer Nandini(drashti dhami) leave the crowd. Mauli(Aditi sharma) comes forward towards the idol and kneels for prayer. Kunal(Shakti arora), who was looking for Nandini(drashti dhami) hits a lady and her sindoor plate spills over Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) head. Mauli(Aditi sharma) finds the incident as a clue.

PRECAP: Mauli and Nandini(drashti dhami) play with sindoor. Mauli(Aditi sharma) fills Nandini’s(drashti dhami) hairline with Sindoor from hers. They recognize each other, Mauli(Aditi sharma) complains that Nandini (drashti dhami)snatched everything from her, her love, husband and today she snatched her sindoor as well.

Bepannah 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: One More Twist In The Wedding — October 4, 2018

Bepannah 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: One More Twist In The Wedding


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Everyone starts clapping for Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(Jennifer winget). Aditya (Harshad chopda)remarks that life is a precious gift which they only get once. We must not waste it on what happened in the past. We got a silver chance today to make it the way we want! Mysterious guy keeps loosening the rope. Aditya(Harshad chopda) adds that he loves his present and future. I want to shout out to my life and tell life to hug me close. Zoya (Jennifer winget)notices the truss shaking.

Lady Inspector interrogates Roshnaq and Noor. Did Wasim say that he will ruin Aditya (Harshad chopda)Huda? Roshnaq nods out of fear. Lady Inspector keeps asking her strange questions. Roshnaq says my husband committed the mistake of saying things which he shouldn’t have. Any father would have done the same if his daughter had left her wedding in between and left with Aditya Huda! Lady Inspector does not buy it. Roshnaq asks her if she has a daughter. Lady Inspector shakes her head. Roshnaq replies that she wont be able to understand it ever then. Noor mentally refuses to forgive Arjun for her mother’s condition.

Arjun comes to his mother’s room but finds her sleeping peacefully. He decides to talk to her tomorrow morning. Anjana opens her eyes the moment he is out of the room and dials a number.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) tells Zoya(Jennifer winget) their future will be very good as she is his present and tomorrow. I wont let you go away from me ever! She smiles. She looks up hearing the noise. She asks Aditya(Harshad chopda) to come but he keeps talking. The truss starts falling. Zoya(Jennifer winget) notices it and pushes Aditya(Harshad chopda) in opposite direction and herself runs in opposite direction. Everyone is shocked to see it.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) shouts Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) name the moments lights are switched on again. She is chasing the mysterious guy but he runs faster. Aditya(Harshad chopda) runs and hugs her.

Inspector tells Wasim he might say no but they have proof against him. we have your call recording. Harsh is sitting outside the cell. Wasim’s call recording is played where he is speaking about getting Aditya (Harshad chopda)out of his way so Zoya comes back to him. Roshnaq asks him if Zoya’s(Jennifer winget) love and Aditya’s(Harshad chopda) hatred made him stoop so low. Is this true? Wasim requests her not to say so. You are with me since 35 years. You know me well. I cannot hurt anyone especially Zoya(Jennifer winget). She says you were so angry at that time. A lawyer (Rathore) interrupts them. Arjun is also there. Wasim shares that he has been talking to his lawyer only. I have been talking to him only on that call. I was calling him as I wanted to bring Aditya(Harshad chopda) and Zoya(Jennifer winget) on the road. Zosh Events was pulling back my 5 crores too. I wanted the company to shut down if they had failed to return my money on time! I cannot think of killing anyone ever!

Harsh refuses to believe Wasim but Rathore shows him the notice they were going to submit in court tomorrow. Arjun reads it. Uncle is right. Harsh says how do you know these papers weren’t bought on backdate and made today only. Arjun reasons Wasim isn’t a criminal but Harsh points out that no one is born a criminal. Circumstances make one thus. I wont let him go till the time my son returns home safely.

Vatsal tells Aditya (Harshad chopda)and Zoya(Jennifer winget) that he scolded the event manager. Zoya is sure something is wrong. Ishita asks her if she doubts someone. Zoya (Jennifer winget) shares that she feels as if someone has been following them. Aditya(Harshad chopda) calls it an accident but she insists they aren’t mere accidents. They are happening back to back. Ishita seconds Aditya.(Harshad chopda) Forget everything and dress up. we will double check everything here. There wont be any hindrance in the wedding. Vatsal and Ishita go to check the preps. Aditya (Harshad chopda)assures Zoya(Jennifer winget) nothing will go wrong. You haven’t been looking after yourself since days. You have been worried for everyone. She asks him what if something had happened to him. He says nothing can happen to me till the time you are here. A waiter hands them 2 boxes. Aditya(Harshad chopda) makes her drink water. She tells him she is very worried. Are we doing the right thing? Aditya(Harshad chopda) replies that they are getting married. It would have been wrong if they weren’t marrying. Society may try as much as they want but we are destined to be together. We will never part now! She holds his hand overwhelmed and nods. One of the boxes moves a little. Someone clicks their photo just then.

Anjana looks at the photo. They look so happy in the photo. Hope my evil eye does not fall on them. She smirks.

Two girls are helping Zoya(Jennifer winget) get ready. She remembers how Wasim broke all relations with her and is emotional.Two guys are helping Aditya(Harshad chopda) too. He recalls his confession to Zoya(Jennifer winget). A smile spreads across his lips. The boxes are in that room only. One of the box starts shaking.

The girls excuse themselves for a moment. She thinks of her mother and closes her eyes. Roshnaq touches her chin. Zoya keeps her head in her lap in disbelief. You are for real? Roshnaq says where I would have been today if not with you. Zoya asks her if Abbu if still upset with her. Roshnaq tells her to remember what she is going to tell her just now. Your decision is very difficult. It might be possible that you might have to face a lot many problems in future. You do not just gain the love of your husband in a marriage but his family’s love is also gained. Relations are very weak. They break in no time. You sometimes spend a lifetime keeping them together. Always keep your mind in check and your heart clean and pure. Always be strong. Seek Aditya’s(Harshad chopda) help if you are shaken. Always remember that your Ammi is always with you. Zoya(Jennifer winget) closes her eyes happily. She opens her eyes and realises that she had been imagining it. The girls come back and are surprised to see Zoya (Jennifer winget)all ready. Sorry for taking too much time. Let’s head downstairs. Your groom is waiting for you.

Aditya(Harshad chopda) is sitting in the mandap. The boxes are kept in front. Aditya (Harshad chopda)takes out the mangalsutra from his pocket and looks at it sweetly. He keeps it in the thaal. Pundit ji asks them to bring the bride. A girl remarks that the bride is here. Aditya(Harshad chopda) looks sweetly at Zoya(Jennifer winget) as she comes dressed in the bridal attire.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya(Jennifer winget) are taking pheras and making promises to each other. Zoya(Jennifer winget) sees the snake in her garland and shouts out to Aditya.