Kasauti Zindagi kay 2 gossip::Komolika gets jealous from Prerna — April 26, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi kay 2 gossip::Komolika gets jealous from Prerna

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Hey people !! here is the latest gossip of your fav show ,
As per the upcoming track of the show, we have seen Prerna (Erica Fernandes) wants to teach a lesson to Komolika (Hina Khan) for getting her arrested and jailed. She also wants to seek revenge from Anurag (after being misled by Komolika) and ruin Basu publication as he sold out his love for money and power. It would be seen that a groom and his family will come to meet Basu family for Anurag’s (Parth Samthaan) sister Tapur (Aastha Abhay) for marriage alliance. They will be impressed by Prerna and praise her to be a good Bahu. Komolika will get furious with this drama. Further as reported earlier, Komolika’s trouble would increase further as Anurag’s father Moloy Basu (Uday Tikekar) will be recovering from coma state. As per latest reports, Uday has is back on the set and is currently shooting for upcoming track where Moloy recovers in the hospital. ..Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news..

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip::Sameer-Naina to start new buisness Read on.. —

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip::Sameer-Naina to start new buisness Read on..

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Hey people !!! Here is the latest gossip for all the loyal viewers,As we hav seen post marriage cute fights with Sameer and Naina due to different issues and background, Post Bela and Vishakha’s intervention the two realize their mistakes and unite with each other..As we saw Maamaji betrays Sameer and throws him out of buisness hand only ten lakh rupees..Maamaji manages to trick everyone..Sameer wanted to become stable and earn money..Naina thus gets a idea to open a boutique and invest money,using Naina’s skill and Sameer fashion sense..
Sameer and Naina opens the venture while Bela inaugurate the boutique. Sameer takes blessing from Naina’s family. Anand guides him towards making a good career. Anand tells Naina to always support Sameer by being his strength, and not let him take any wrong decisions. Sameer is also sure that Naina is more sensible and wise in taking good decisions….Well lets see what happen’s next and new trouble is waiting in Samaina’s life..Keep reading tellygossip for latest news..

Kasauti Zindagi kay Latest gossip::Komolika gets worried..Read on.. — April 24, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi kay Latest gossip::Komolika gets worried..Read on..

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Hey people !Here is the latest gossip of your fav show,As according to the latest track we saw Vikrant came back,Anurag’s buisness rival who helped prerna in getting out of jail by giving bail.. Komolika (Hina Khan) had got Prerna arrested with fraud charges but thanks to Vikrant Prerna returned to basu mansion..As seen Prerna has joined hands with Anurag’s business rival Vikrant to take her revenge and Anurag’s business…It iseen that
that Komolika had planned Moloy and Rajesh’s accident in order to pressurize Anurag to marry him. Prerna’s father Rajesh dies in the accident while Moly Basu survives but he slips into coma. As per latest reports, soon, in the coming episodes, it would be seen that Moloy will regain consciousness and begin to recover in health. This will bring a big risk for Komolika as she would fear getting exposed…Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news..

Kasauti Zindagi ki gossip ::Siddharth Shivpuri to bring twist in Prerna’s life — April 20, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi ki gossip ::Siddharth Shivpuri to bring twist in Prerna’s life

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Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show,As we earlier informed you that Namik paul is entering the show but he already bagged kavach 2 so he was replaced by Varun Toorkey ,But later Varun could not sign due to some unknown reasons,Well that’s an interesting news..Siddharth shivpuri have bagged the role to play Vikrant..He was seen in Naagin,Saasural simar ka,krisndasi etc..Vikrant reported to be Anurag’s rival and hence he team up with Prerna..According to interview given by siddharth for Times of india ” Yes, I am playing Vikrant on the show and will commence the shoot very soon. I am really excited about this character, as it’s layered. He has a past with Prerna (Erica) and had helped her in some way. This guy is full of attitude and seems positive. However, his real motive will be revealed at a later stage”… It will surely very exciting to see how Vikrant’s entry affects the lives of Prerna and Anurag. Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news…

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip::Munna Wedding fixed,Naina and Sameer find out Swati is married —

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip::Munna Wedding fixed,Naina and Sameer find out Swati is married

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Hey people ! here is the latest gossip of your fav show ye undino ki baat hai starring Ashi singh and Randeep rai,As we know that Munna marriage is fixed with some other girl, grand party is organized by his friends and family which brings the reunion of all the college friends including Sameer, Naina (Ashi Singh), Pandit (Raghav Dhirr), Hema (Hema Sai), Kamya (Malina Kumra) and Swati (Kristina Patel). The party will bring a shocking twist and turns for theall the friends. Swati will enter the party and everyone will notice the sindoor (vermillion) and will shocked to know that Swati is married now! Swati will inform everyone that she is married now ..Well its very interesting news ! keep reading tellygossip for the latest news..

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip:: Naina leave sameer’s house — April 17, 2019

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip:: Naina leave sameer’s house

Hey people,Here is the latest gossip of your fav show , Viewer’s was enjoying the chemistry of Sameer and naina..But the happiness did not last longer..There has been many misunderstanding between Naina and Sameer..According to the latest track Naina plans to leave Sameer’s house..But further she thinks about the family and returns back,Now as per the reports Naina will leave Sameer house and go back to Chachaji..
It seems likely that Naina’s first Holi after the wedding will not include Sameer…It seems that Naina and Sameer are still in annoyed with each other..Will Naina and Sameer be happy and celebrate Holi??Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari Speaks To Veer About Mishti — April 16, 2019

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari Speaks To Veer About Mishti

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Pari(aneri vajan) says Rohan has already been involved between Mishti and Veer. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) misbehaved with him, and that’s why Veer is annoyed with her. He says he is no angrier with Mishit at all, he must speak to Veer then; this will fix Mishti’s life once more. She says Mishti(tejaswi prakash) has changed herself for Veer. She holds relations really important, and she can stake her life to save the relations. Her Mishti is really strong, she never tried to make anyone up this way; she doesn’t need anyone else in life. She is perfect, none can be as perfect as her Mishti is. She completely understands he doesn’t want to speak to Veer, but at least he can accompany her to speak to Veer. Rohan was initially reluctant, but agrees finally. Pari hugs Rohan and thanks him.

Mishti stood outside the door. Shenotices Veer has read the messages but didn’t reply to her. She rings the bell. Sukhmani was happy to see her, but Mishti stood in tears. Sukhmani guess she didn’t have a patch up with Veer. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) confirms if she really loves Veer. Sukhmani as quizzical, Mishti hugs her. Sukhmani makes her take a seat.There, Pari speaks to Veer that Mishti only reacted out of concern. Even Rohan believes so. Mishti is extremely stressed. Veer says he doesn’t need an explanation. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) came over to meet him, he wanted to meet her but he was stuck in a meeting; Mishti(tejaswi prakash) left without waiting for him.

Pari(aneri vajan) says his anger is justified, but Mishti was awake whole night and trying to call him. It was him, who didn’t call back. Veer says he wasn’t able to overlook what Mishti(tejaswi prakash) did, but now he realizes he should have called her back. Pari requests Veer’s promise that he won’t fight with Mishti(tejaswi prakash) because of Rohan, Pari(aneri vajan) or anyone else. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) hasn’t ever loved anyone as much as she loves him. We are family, she is the elder and deems everyone as her responsibility; she wants to fix everything before their marriage. She is taking back to back projects to gather money for them, she wants to teach her how to work. She holds huge work load and is a perfectionist as well. Who would understand Mishti(tejaswi prakash) if not Veer. She is extremely possessive about Pari(aneri vajan) and Ansh, first she was hurt and then she spot Ansh smoking; it wasn’t about Rohan but her family. She would have reacted the same way no matter who it was. As soon as the pressure on her is released, she will be fine. Veer complains why Mishti didn’t share anything with him then. He confirms Rohan if he is fine with Mishti. He is going to marry Mishti, but Rohan is a great friend and he can’t break his friendship with Rohan. Rohan taunts that everyone has learned their monologues well today. It’s not as huge a matter as they have turned, Mishti over reacted but she apologized him for her behavior. He asks everyone to smile and move on now. Veer says they are lucky to have him in their life.

Sukhmani gets Mishti(tejaswi prakash) a glass of water and asks her to calm down, everything will be fine. Why is she hurting herself? She changed herself for Veer, still she wants to know if she loves him. Mishti says she feels really uncomfortable. Her decision of marriage was a thoughtful decision, and she realizes the importance of this commitment still she is losing. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but if her decision to marry Veer is right? Does she love Veer? Sukhmani asks Mishti(tejaswi prakash)what she is thinking. Veer is angry, but she can give him some time and he will surely understand her point of view. They all know her, she can never be wrong. Each of her step is well thoughtful. Mishti says she is afraid only to be her father’s daughter. Sukhmani cries hugging Mishti. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says she is more life her Mama, right? Sukhmani wipes her tears and advices her not to be so hard on herself, she must forget her father’s mistake. Why she forgets she is Mauli’s daughter, and she was brought up by Ishaan. Nothing can go wrong with her. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) hugs Sukhmani again, and asserts she is more like her mother. Sukhmani says Mishti(tejaswi prakash) is extremely strong, she shouldn’t make herself weak. She can well handle these commitments and relationships; she knows how to.

Later, Mishti opens the door. Veer stood outside and hugs Mishti. Rohan and Pari (aneri vajan)come from behind. Veer apologizes Mishti, he shouldn’t have intervened in her and Rohan’s matter. Rohan already has no problem with her. He promises Mishti(tejaswi prakash) he will never come between her and Rohan, from now on till forever. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) stares towards Rohan. Veer asks Mishti(tejaswi prakash) not to cry again, he isn’t really angry. Radhika was also happy to see Veer, Mishti(tejaswi prakash) had been extremely tensed. She invites everyone inside and goes to get drinks for them. Veer asks Rohan to join them in the lounge. Rohan was reluctant but gets a seat. Veer says there was a lot of misunderstanding, but thankfully its all clear. He wanted to speak to them about an important matter. He asks Mishti(tejaswi prakash) to hand all her company’s projects to Pari(aneri vajan), she handled a project well already. He understands she is over worked, it will be better for her to give up such tough work. He holds his ears in apology to Mishti(tejaswi prakash), and requests her to agree. Mishti (tejaswi prakash)smiles weakly. Veer asks Mishti(tejaswi prakash) if she has any problem with Rohan. He says Rohan was stubborn that day, but if Mishti(tejaswi prakash) has any problem Rohan can still stay with him. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) looks towards Rohan, then says she has no problem. Veer decides to give the responsibilities of their marriage to Rohan and Pari(aneri vajan). Rohan looks shocked, while Pari (aneri vajan)was happy.

PRECAP: Veer tells Rohan Mishti(tejaswi prakash) has changed his life. He asks Rohan if he met that wild cat of his. Rohan smiles its nothing like that. He confesses he is in love but he can’t share it with Veer; its only an emotion he can feel but can’t explain it.

Kasauti Zindagi kay latest gossip:: Prerna plans Revenge against Komolika and Anurag — April 15, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi kay latest gossip:: Prerna plans Revenge against Komolika and Anurag

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Hey people !! Kasauti Zindagi is going through interesting twist and turns..Current track is loved by the viewer’s..As we reported you earlier
Ronit will be very furious will take out a pistol and aim it at Shivani and her family. He will ask them not to move forward with Shivani’s marriage ..After this Veena gets Ronit arrested while Komolika gets Prerna arrested..Sharma’s ask Komolika About Prerna’s bail in return of Ronit’s bail..Komolika gets shocked..As her evil plan does not Work here..Thus komolika have to bend,Finally she agrees to bail Prerna..Finally Prerna gets bail and returns back to basu mansion..Its revenge time for Prerna As Anurag did not helped her in this bad time..Well it would be really interesting to watch Prerna seeking revenge from Anurag and Komolika..Prerna feels betrayed by anurag !! What will happen?? Will Anurag and Prerna fall in love again??Keep reading tellygossip for your fav serial updates..

Kundali Bhagya gossip :: Sarla To watch Pritvi and Prithvi and Sherlyn’s marriage —

Kundali Bhagya gossip :: Sarla To watch Pritvi and Prithvi and Sherlyn’s marriage

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Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show Kundali bhagya,It was earlier seen that Karan fails to expose Pritvi infront of everyone..Unfortunately Pritvi again manages to prove himself innocence while Karan proved wrong..According to the reports.. Sherlyn blackmails Prithvi he finally agrees to marry her. The couple goes to tie the knot. However, as soon as they start the marriage ritual, Sarla (Supriya Shukla) enters the venue. She watches them getting married..Now it waould be really interesting to see what happens next..Keep reading tellygossip !!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: gossip : EVIL MAMA MASTER PLAN FIRE SAMEER —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: gossip : EVIL MAMA MASTER PLAN FIRE SAMEER

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Hey people !! Tellygossip bring you the latest news of your fav serials..Ye undino ki baat hai starring Randeep rai and Ashi singh is going through interesting twist and turns,,As We previously informed you that Sameer started working in office along with MAAMA, MAAMA leaves no chances to insult Sameer..As we know Sameer helped Anand by taking 50 thousand amount from Maheswari’s account without asking Permission,Mamaji comes to known about this..Maamaji traps Sameer in fraud case..
MAAMAJI and Devang’s plans and will get more insecure hence they would take an extreme step of removing Sameer from the company. The two will throw him out of the office and would tell him to start his own business as they have established this company with their sheer hard work..Well its very injustice to remove Sameer from his own company..How will Sameer handle this situation??It would be really amazing to see how Sameer will prove him innocent keep reading tellygossip for the latest news,updates of your fav shows..

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala gossip: What??Kulfi kumar and Group is eliminated?? — April 14, 2019

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala gossip: What??Kulfi kumar and Group is eliminated??

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Hey guys !! Our fav show Kulfi kumar bajewaala has going through interesting twist and turns..As we saw kulfi and her Benaam group has given a faboulous performance..But One judge turns hurdle in kulfi’s victory..While Pandit is very rude and selfish singer..He fails to digest kulfi’s talent and gives zero marks.. Even in the audition round, he had not rewarded the Benaam group with good marks post which the team was on the verge of going out. However Mia’s (Mona Wasu) manipulation of the audience poll votes secured Kulfi and her team a place in the next round ..
kulfi and her Benaam Group will be rewarded only 1 out of 10 points by the Panditji. This will shock Kulfi. ..What will happen?? Will Kulfi and her group survive??? Will Sikander recognize kulfi??Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news and updates……

Unknown Facts about chocolate boy Parth samanthaan — April 13, 2019

Unknown Facts about chocolate boy Parth samanthaan

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Hey guys !! Anurag aka Parth Samthaan is one of the leading TV actor of television,He was our fav Since Kaisi yeh yaariyan,He earned Huge fame from this serial and is known one of the hottest guy of television,
In college, he was part of a band called The Fab Five. As the lead singer, he would perform at events and fictions. ..He was a foodie..
Despite his crackling chemistry with co-star Niti Taylor aka Nandini, the two share a very professional relationship. Parth fav Bollywood actor is Aamair khan, One of his favourite songs is Humdard from Ek Villian.Many are unaware that Parth was in relationship with Bollywood actress Dish patani, He made his career as a model by participating in Pantaloons Fresh Face 2012 where he won the title of 1st runner-up of the competition and his door for the television industry got opened.

He hosted shows like ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’ and ‘Ultimate Fitness Freak’ after quitting the show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan ..He is referred to as Emraan Hashmi of Television industry due to his kissing scenes. Ayaz Ahmed and Charlie Chauhan are his close friends.. Then there was a rumor that he was in a relationship with Tv producer vikas gupta which created controversies in social media. But, later Parth Samthaan denied the news by saying that everyone knows he is in a relationship with a girl and has never dated Vikas Gupta.

Parth Samthaan Wife, Biography, Movies, Family, Age, Career or More

Name- Parth Samthaan

Date of Birth- 11 March 1991

Age- 27 years(as in 2018)

Religion- Hindu

Nationality- Indian

Mother-  Not Known

Father- Not Known

Height- 5’9 approx.

Weight- 69kg approx.

Hobbies- Travelling,Singing and taking selfies are his Hobbies.Red, Black, and White are his Favorite Colors.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s Office Struggles Continue —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s Office Struggles Continue

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Naina is following Kanji while he cleans the house. Sameer(Randeep rai) tells Kanji to hear what Naina is saying. Kanji does so but it cracks the carpet. Sameer is irked. He tells them that the vacuum cleaner cleans carpet. Naina(Ashi singh) says first you use vacuum cleaner and then you spend electricity to clean cleaner. He insists that it how it is to be cleaned. Don’t worry about electricity. Just do as I say.Kanji serves paper currency to Sameer (Randeep rai) in breakfast. Sameer(Randeep rai) questions Naina. Naina tells Sameer(Randeep rai) he enjoys spending money. I thought you would want to use them in every possible manner. She points at the notes on the plate. Use / eat it whichever way you want to. Kanji and Sameer
(Randeep rai) look at Naina. Sameer(Randeep rai) is about to dip the notes in tea but Naina(Ashi singh) takes it away. She serves him breakfast.

Anand also eating breakfast when Tai ji and Tau ji enter. Tai ji taunts them again. Bela invites them for breakfast as well but Tau ji coughs to stop his wife. Tau ji asks Anand if he got court notice. Will you return the money or fight with us in court? Anand replies that they don’t know how to fight. Let those people fight who know how to! He hands his brother 50k cash. They are shocked. Anand asks his brother to write it on paper that he took 50k from him. Tau ji asks him if he will make him write. Anand says I have learnt it from you only. He guides his brother as to what to write and watches intently as his brother drafts the letter. He throws the file on table instead of giving it to Anand and leaves.Sameer(Randeep rai) reaches office. Mama ji asks him which new car he is buying. Sameer is confused. Mama ji says I am sure you bought a necklace for Naina(Ashi singh) as you recently got married. I went to Bank today. Manager told me that you withdrew 50k. Is everything fine? Sameer(Randeep rai) says he took it for some personal work. Mama ji says it is your money. You can use it however you wish to. We don’t mind it but the government does! What should we label this expense as? Sameer(Randeep rai) sits there tensed. Mama ji asks him if he used that money for gambling. Sameer admits that Anand needed that money. Mama ji asks for more details. Sameer(Randeep rai) tells him everything.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It is said that you shouldn’t hide anything from your loved ones but it isn’t right especially when it comes to people like my Mama ji. I did the worst thing by telling it to Mama ji that day.Mama ji compliments Sameer
(Randeep rai)on what he did. Kaku Sa must be pleased. Bless you. Sameer(Randeep rai) requests them not to tell this to anyone. Mama ji and Devang assure him about it. Sameer(Randeep rai) heads back to his desk. Mama ji mumbles that everyone just wants to spend money.Bela tells Preeti about a prospective groom. Preeti wants a guy from Bombay. This is my wish! Bela says it is as if everyone living in Bombay is waiting to marry you. Preeti suggests her to wait for some time. Why did you call them tomorrow? Bela reasons that things wont finalize so easily. It will take time. Anand says things will only be taken forward if you like the guy and his family. Preeti hugs him happily. Bela also hugs her daughter.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Many people thought that we wont remain married for even 6 months. We wanted to prove everyone wrong but instead we were proving each other wrong. Our life had become a roller coaster ride!Mama ji scolds Sameer
(Randeep rai) on his another mistake. He peeks at Naina’s photo in his wallet to keep himself grounded.At night, Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina look at the blank frame and make faces. There are times when they sit next to each other but then on some days, they sit in two separate corners of sofa when they get angry. Days pass by and they have their share of ups and downs.

Mama ji introduces some guy to his colleagues. Sameer stands there with an extended hand but Mama ji introduces Devang to the guy. He praises his son in front of him. Sameer(Randeep rai) stands there with a straight face. Mama ji tells Sameer(Randeep rai) he dint introduce him to that guy intentionally. He would have asked you about business and you would have been clueless. I am sorry if you felt bad but it was the right thing to do. Sameer overhears his Mama ji mocking him in front of Devang.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I was very unhappy with Mama ji’s behaviour. I couldn’t even tell Naina all this. I dint wish to upset her. I also dint wish to tell her that the Sameer (Randeep rai) who failed in the exams in schools and college was failing in the exam of life too!Naina makes Kanji cover the sofa using plastic and cloth pieces. Naina(Ashi singh) says Meenakshi aunty sat on the sofa with dirty legs. Sameer(Randeep rai) would have complained of the stain if he had seen it. He will be happy now. Preeti and Kamya are upstairs. She goes to cook something for them. Sameer and his friends come with a load of kites. They are excited about flying kites. Sameer’s(Randeep rai) friends tease him on Naina’s reply when he calls out for her. They see the sofa packed and wonder why they are wearing raincoat. Kamya shares that Naina(Ashi singh) put them so they don’t get dirty. Naina(Ashi singh) and Pundit slide down it. Kamya reminds them of an incident where Naina(Ashi singh) had not let them take off the covers from the new car. She teases Sameer calling him middle class. Sameer(Randeep rai) removes the covers angrily.Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina(Ashi singh) thought well and wanted to save the sofa from dirt but she only got my stares in return. Naina(Ashi singh) must be thinking that her good deed went down the drain while I was thinking that Naina’s efforts went in drain because of what I did!

Precap: Naina, Sameer and their friends fly kites on their house terrace. Sameer kisses Naina(Ashi singh) sweetly as they fly the kite together.

Kasauti zindagi kay 2 :: Ronit Gunshot drama against Prerna and Shivani — April 12, 2019

Kasauti zindagi kay 2 :: Ronit Gunshot drama against Prerna and Shivani

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Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip for Kasauti zindagi kay 2 fans,Prerna,Anurag and Komolika have their own complications..While the new entry made Prerna’s life very difficult..As we know that Komolika’s brother Ronit was in love with Prerna’s sister Shivaani..But Shivaani agreed to marry the guy selected by her parents..As per the report Ronit will come to know this.. Ronit will get furious and will soon come and threaten Shivani and her family. .. Ronit will be entering prerna’s house and will take out a pistol and aim it at Shivani and her family. He will ask them not to move forward with Shivani’s marriage proposal..Well it would be a very interesting news !!What will be Prerna’s reaction??? Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news of your fav serial..

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip ::Sameer insulted by Maamaji infront of employees —

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip ::Sameer insulted by Maamaji infront of employees

Image result for mamaji and sameer yeh un dinon ki baat hai

Hey people !! Ye undino ki baat hai starring Randeep rai and Ashi singh is going through interesting twist and turns..After many days loyal viewer’s have seen lovely romance between Naina and Sameer…But again and agian some or the other problem came,Maamaji and Maamaji leaves no turn to insult Naina..According to the latest track Sameer helped Naina’s chachaji, Sameer joined office along with Maamaji and his son devang,According tto the sources are to be believed, Mama and Devang will make him feel bad in front of the other employees. They will plan to humiliate him so that he leaves the office. Their master plan would be to get hold of the entire Maheshwari company under their name. .Well this is not the first time ,Evil maamaji made fun of Sameer’s work..Sameer felt embarassed..Not only this maamaji tried every possible way to break Naina- Sameer’s wedding..Well it would be really interesting to see how Sameer will react to this non-sense,Keep reading tellygossip for the latest updates of your serial..

KAsauti Zindagii kay 2 Latest gossip:: Erica Fernandes denies dating Parth Parth Samthaan — April 11, 2019

KAsauti Zindagii kay 2 Latest gossip:: Erica Fernandes denies dating Parth Parth Samthaan

Image result for erica fernandes and parth samthaan

Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip to fans of kasauti zindagi..According to the gossip bazaar hot news Parth and Erica spending some quality time together,Hina khan who has fight with erica was not invited to Parth birthday bash..link up of co star’s are normal, We hear it Everytime..
There have been news about Erica dating co-star Parth Samthaan, however, the actress has finally opened up about it and has refused any such reports. However these are common rumour’s of couple’s are dating Offscreen and on screen..According to Erica rumour’s are part of industry,As per latest report by hindustan times erica said She known parth samaanthan before starting working together and shoot,However the actress further said that they attend event together and leave from set together and even stay in different cities.. she said the two of them are good friends and that she can’t do anything about the rumours as she known the truth..The actress clearly denied dating rumor’s…Well for some time viewer’s were happy !! Well viewer’s can enjoy prerna and Anurag chemistry on screen…Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news..

Ye rishta kya kehlate hai gossip::Puru and Naira major breakdown —

Ye rishta kya kehlate hai gossip::Puru and Naira major breakdown

Image result for naira and puru

Hey people !! Ye rishta kya kehlata has going through major twist and turns..Viewer’s will see Puru misbehaving with Naira..There will be a big fight between Puru and Naira.. As per reports “Naira will raise her voice against the injustice. She will have an ugly fight  with Mama and would warn him to stop his ill practices. Naira will threaten to expose his real face in front of the family and Kartik (Mohsin Khan).” What will happen next???Will Naira expose pure??Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news…

Yeundino ki baat hai gossip :: Chachaji in Trouble Sameer to help —

Yeundino ki baat hai gossip :: Chachaji in Trouble Sameer to help

Image result for ye un dino ki baat anand

Hey guys !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show ye undino ki baat hai starring ashi singh and Randeep rai,,It was earlier seen that Naina and Sameer had a major fight..Naina decides to leave the house,Sameer stops in a cute manner,Post this drama Naina learns that court order sent by Tauji..
we will see that Tai ji and Tauji will ask money from Chacha. But Anand will be unable to pay back. He will share this trouble with Naina..
Naina will be in tears seeing her Chachaji in trouble. Sameer will see her crying and ask her the reason behind her tears. Sameer will decide to help Chachaji. Ananad will not agree to take help from Sameer. Sameer will convince to to take it as an investment. Anand will agree..WHat will happen next????What will be Tayaji next step to irritate anand??Keep reading tellygossip……

Ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip:: Maama – Maami upset with Naina — April 8, 2019

Ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip:: Maama – Maami upset with Naina

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Hey people !!! As we know Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina are enjoying their Married life,After so many ups and downs finally Samaina living a happy life..The cute nok-jhok of jodi has kept the loyal viewer’s engaged, According to the reports Maama and Maami visits Sameer
(Randeep rai)and Naina’s(Ashi singh) house,Naina(Ashi singh) gets shocked seeing both of them as the house is entirely messed up,Naina(Ashi singh) quickly manages everything and cooks…Naina(Ashi singh) makes laddoos. They turn out to be very hard. Naina(Ashi singh) tries to break a laddoo and it hits Mama ji’s forehead. Naina(Ashi singh) takes him to the room so he can clean up. He opens the wardrobe for towel and all the the clothes roll down on him. Naina is embarrassed again…Bela feels embarrassed,Maami insults Naina calls her a “CARELESS” daughter in law..Sameer(Randeep rai) fails to help Naina..Bela gets upset..Well they are still troubles in sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina’s wedding,, What do you think??How many more test Samaina have to go through??Keep reading tellygossip for the latest updates…

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip::Komolika feel Guilty Read on.. — April 7, 2019

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip::Komolika feel Guilty Read on..

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Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav serial, Kasauti zindagi ki..As we all know Prerna came back to basu mansion for revenge.. Prerna along with other’s raids the houseSeen so far, Prerna gets arrested in the show because of Komolika’s evil plan . Anurag will get worried for Prerna and would try to help her out. Soon, Komolika will get pissed with Anurag. She will question his love for her. This will irk Anurag and he will shout at Komolika. He will make her realize that he loves her but she always questions his love. Soon, the lady will feel guilty and trust Anurag. ,,Well That a very intresting news..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s Birthday Celebration — April 6, 2019

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s Birthday Celebration

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Rohan plucks a white flower from behind Mishti and gifts it to her, wishing, Happy Birthday Mishti. Mishti (tejaswi prakash)accepts the flower. He leaves the balcony.Pari was watching the promo for drama ‘Fantasy’. Mishti comes to the room. Pari tells Mishti(tejaswi prakash) about the reality show. There are only few shows which shows fantasy in relationships. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) asks Pari when she got interested in love and fantasy. She says they haven’t ever discussed about it, is there something she wants to exclusively do something with Veer. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says Pari hasn’t ever been so clear and open about this topic, who is the one to reach the boyfriend zone of Pari. Pari says it’s just that she was excited about the show. Pari tells Mishti (tejaswi prakash)to get ready, Veer is coming over…Radhika offers Gajar Ka Halwa to Veer.He says he just had breakfast, and doesn’t take any bite. Rohan comes outside. Veer tells him to look after the arrangements well, Mishti(tejaswi prakash) is quite choosy. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) comes from behind. Veer hugs Mishti(tejaswi prakash) but she tightly closes her fists. Veer tells her to go with him, she must spend the whole day with him. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was concerned for wedding preparations, and meetings; Pari says she already cancelled them. Veer takes her along. Pari was excited and heads on for preparations.
Downstairs, Mishti(tejaswi prakash) had forgotten her phone. Veer says its fine, they may contact on his number. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) asks why he behaves so weird. Veer continue to call on Pari’s number but she doesn’t receive. Radhika looks through the door hole and was shocked to see Mishti outside. They all hide the decorations and hide behind the couch. Pari suggests about switching the lights off. Radhika tells Mishti(tejaswi prakash) the electricity connection went off just now. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) looks for her phone on the couch, Rohan pulls Pari downwards stuffing her mouth tightly. Pari looks towards Rohan, he signals not to make any noise. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was close but couldn’t find her phone as it was dark. Mishti thinks light was fine near the lift, then notices the curtains were also shut. Radhika says she had prepared for vacuum.
Pari thinks I am in love with you Rohan. I get such peace with you, and wants to stay like this forever. Radhika finds the cell phone. Mishti (tejaswi prakash)asks about Pari, Ansh and Rohan. Radhika says they have gone upstairs. She will get the lights fixed by Arnav, she shouldn’t let Mishti(tejaswi prakash) wait. Pari now sat lost. Rohan gives his hand, which she holds with a smile for support.
It was night. Veer and Mishti(tejaswi prakash) drive back after all the shopping. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says he bought her a lot without any much need. Veer says she is the first girl who isn’t happy with shopping. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) asks about his plan of dinner. Veer says he booked the hotel for the family, they will stay back at home and spend the birthday. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was concerned for the family, and wonders what if they dislike this. Veer says they never get time alone, he wants a lonely evening with her; romantic dinner, candle light dinners. Veer says he could have taken her to his house but his parents already invited someone there. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) feels bad for her family as she always celebrate her birthday with them. Veer says he is sure she will always remember this birthday of hers.
At home, Pari had finalized the arrangements. She was now restless. The main door opens. The family leave to hide in corner while switching the lights off. Veer brings Mishti(tejaswi prakash) blindfolded. Pari looks around in wonder.

PRECAP: Mishti(tejaswi prakash) cuts the cake. Rohan stare them happily share the cake and was lost. Veer tells him to give a bite to Mishti(tejaswi prakash) from the cake, but Rohan says Mishti(tejaswi prakash) must give him cake instead

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag Identifies Prerna —

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag Identifies Prerna

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The Episode starts with Shivani telling Prerna(erica fernandes) that they won’t get caught. Prerna(erica fernandes) keeps the jewelry in the dustbin. Mohini worries. Komolika(Hina khan) talks to Chobey on call. She says its urgent, there is a problem, there is a raid at home. He asks what, are you not at home, how are you calling. She says Moloy did some favor on them, so they have let me make the call, so I called you to take help, please do something, help me. He asks her not to worry. Komolika(Hina khan) asks Mohini not to worry, dad will do something. She goes and stops Prerna.(erica fernandes) She asks what’s in this basket, are you planning to steal something or plant something in my room to accuse me. Prerna says no, we want to check the gold and papers. Shivani says people can hide things anywhere, we will tear the bedsheet and then the sofa, we knowwhere the papers are hidden. Prerna says stop this nonsense, go and sit there, we will just take things that’s illegal. Komolika(Hina khan) says whatever I own is mine, I don’t cheat anyone to get anything, you won’t get anything. Happy says you fake wife. Komolika(Hina khan) asks why did you say that, I heard it, you called me fake wife. Prerna says no, I didn’t. Komolika
(Hina khan) says no, I heard it.

Mahesh asks Anupam what is he doing. Anupam says I had a fight with my wife yesterday, so this is okay, chill, I m not stealing anything. He asks Nivedita is this gold vase. She says its just gold painted. He says this necklace looks expensive. She says yes, I don’t check price before buying. Mahesh says that pillow has golden work. Anupam says I will check. Mahesh says you are crossing limit. Anupam says I m her husband. Mahesh says that golden egg, check it, stay away and be in character, I got a phone call, I have to go and raid another house. He goes. Shivani asks why did you call Komolika(Hina khan) as fake wife. Prerna(erica fernandes) says she is fake wife. Komolika(Hina khan) comes to them and says you have called me fake wife. Shivani says you felt bad. Komolika asks her to keep quiet. She asks Prerna(erica fernandes) again. Prerna says I got a gut feeling.

Shivani thinks they are fighting, how do I stop them. Anupam comes. Komolika says Prerna(erica fernandes)….. she has sent you here, right, I m sure, she is a liar. Anupam asks who Prerna(erica fernandes), we have come to work, not talk. Shivani says see so many jewellery under the bed. Komolika(Hina khan) asks how did it come here, how is that a big deal. Anupam says give me receipt. Komolika says its gifts, dad has bought it for me. Anupam says call your dad and get it. Komolika(Hina khan) goes. Anupam says she wants to irritate us. Prerna says where there is a will, there is a way. They look for keys. Komolika(Hina khan) asks Mohini how can I get receipt for jewellery. Mohini says its not wise to fight them, think with a calm mind, we have to handle it. Dubey says I have spoke to IT commissioner, he is asking for 10-15 mins. Chobey calls Komolika(Hina khan) and says I have talked to the central govt, they will stop the raid soon. Komolika(Hina khan) thanks him. She says everything will get fine. Chobey says I don’t want to see my daughter in trouble, Dubey you should always give me the phone when she calls. Dubey says sorry.

Prerna(erica fernandes) says stop talking, let me find the key. Anupam says I will go out and keep an eye. Prerna(erica fernandes) finds the keys and gets happy. Nivedita asks manager to go to Anurag right away and make her talk to him. Anurag says I m in meeting. The man says sorry, its Nivedita on call. Nivedita and Komolika(Hina khan) ask Anurag where is he. He says sorry, I was busy in meeting. Komolika(Hina khan) says there is a raid in our house, they said we have an illegal shell company. He says let them search for it, just let it be. She says sorry, I can’t tolerate it. He says don’t tell me, you took this on your ego. She says come home. Mohini says leave your work and come home now. He agrees. Komolika(Hina khan) says let me keep an eye on them, they may take expensive things. Prerna(erica fernandes) opens the cupboard. Anupam asks her to do the work fast. He sees Komolika(Hina khan) coming. Shivani goes to stop Komolika(Hina khan) and falls down the stairs. She says Komolika tried to kill me, I was getting proof against her, she pushed me. She worries that Mohini can identify her. She says its fine, raid officers don’t shake hands, you can help me with a glass of haldi milk. Komolika(Hina khan) calls out servant. Shivani asks Komolika(Hina khan) to make the haldi milk for her. Mohini sends Komolika(Hina khan) .

Anurag comes home and knocks. Nivedita says maybe Anurag has come. Nivedita opens the door. He says don’t worry, I will see. He runs upstairs. Prerna(erica fernandes) says this isn’t locker keys, I should calm down and think. She checks and gets the keys. She gets the papers. Anurag comes. She drops the papers. He asks do you have the search warrant. He shuts the cupboard. Prerna(erica fernandes) thinks he is also my enemy, he won’t let me take the papers. He goes to her. He picks the papers. She takes it from him. He sees the thread in her neck and thinks this is Prerna(erica fernandes), dressed as Sardar, she has the same thread in her neck which we both had exchanged in temple. He says do your job well, shall I ask you something, are you married. He says we aren’t here to pass time, we don’t have time for personal things. He says you are very cute, even your work is entertaining, my wife doesn’t get quiet, you have shut her mouth, I m so happy, I want to hug you. He hugs Prerna(erica fernandes).

Chobey says those people came with wrong intentions, its a fake raid. Anurag says your beard is out Prerna, you did this for papers. Prerna pushes him away.

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip :: WOW !! Namik paul to enter kasauti zindagi ki, — April 5, 2019

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip :: WOW !! Namik paul to enter kasauti zindagi ki,

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Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show starring erica Fernandez and parth samaanthan,As we all know that Prerna came back to basu mansion to take her revenge..Evil komolika leaves no way to irritate our fav Prerna..As According to the Reports ..Actor Namik Paul will soon enter the show Kasautii Zindagii Kay.. .Namik’s entry will create love triangle between his character, Anurag (Parth Samthaan) and Prerna (Erica Fernandes). . The details of his role are yet to be revealed, but he is expected to add to the twists and turns on the show, which stars Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes..I’m very excited to join the team and would like to thank Balaji Telefilms and StarPlus for the opportunity,” Namik paul said …Namik paul appeared in our fav show ” Ek dewaana tha” ..Well its really interesting news !!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Prerna Raids Basu House —

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Prerna Raids Basu House

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The Episode starts with Anurag leaving for his office. Anupam sees him and calls Shivani. He asks them to come. He gets ready. Mohini says you both seem very happy. Komolika(Hina khan) says Prerna(erica fernandes) is going to leave in couple of days. Nivedita says why shall we wait, when we can throw her out the same day. Komolika(Hina khan) says I want her to undergo the same torture, we will have to torture her, I want her to live in fear. Prerna, Shivani and Anupam take disguise of Sardars and come in. They say we are Income tax officers and introduce themselves. Prerna(erica fernandes) says I m Happy Singh, I have come to make you unhappy, your house is raised. She recalls Anupam’s plan to raid the Basu house. Shivani asks how will we get the papers, I don’t think Moloy did any wrong work. He says we three will raid the house, Komolika(Hina khan) saidpapers are in locker, we will steal the papers and leave.Shivani says we have no qualifications. He says we will go in disguise and go with confidence. FB ends. Nivedita says maybe you got the wrong info. Anupam asks all the servants to come out. Shivani shuts the door. Prerna (erica fernandes)gives the notice and asks Mohini to check.

Nivedita says its not possible. Prerna(erica fernandes) says if you hide the papers, the raid will take place. Anupam says he means about fake companies. Shivani says we just want the papers. Ronit comes and says we can leave. Komolika(Hina khan) says its a raid. He says I m leaving, I m not from this family. Anupam says stop him. Shivani goes to stop Ronit. She recalls his cheap deeds. Ronit says I m not from this family, you won’t get any info from me. Shivani slaps him. Anupam thinks these sisters are taking out their revenge. Prerna(erica fernandes) stops Komolika(Hina khan) and says we have no personal enmity. Shivani says it was a mosquito, I slapped by mistake. Ronit says I have imp work, let me go. Anupam thinks Shivani will get angry if he stays here. He asks Ronit to just leave. Ronit goes. He says no one will move from here.

Shivani says I was angry on Ronit. Anupam says our focus should be on papers, tomorrow we will come in goons’ disguise and beat Ronit, I promise. Prerna says we will start from Nivedita’s room. Nivedita asks how do you know my room is that side. Komolika(Hina khan) says I know they are lying, Moloy has made this company by honesty and hardwork. Mohini says something is wrong, they took our cellphones, our landlines are still there, there is no one to keep an eye on us. Komolika(Hina khan) says I will find out, I will check their govt. IDs. Nivedita asks Prerna again.Prerna(erica fernandes) says we have asked you about the room and you looked over there, its our tricks. Komolika(Hina khan) says stop, forgive me but I want to see your ID proofs. Nivedita says show us your ID cards. Mahesh gets the ID cards. He recalls hearing Veena praying for Prerna.

He asks what happened. She says nothing, have breakfast. He asks what’s the problem. She says nothing. He asks why are you worried. She says Komolika(Hina khan) tricked Prerna(erica fernandes)to sign the legal papers, Shivani and Anupam have gone to Basu house as Sardar, like IT officers to raid the house, so that they get the papers and ruin it.

He says good, did they make ID. She says don’t know, Shivani said they are going with confidence. He says its stupidity, if anyone is suspicious, they will ask for ID, I will get their ID cards made, come with me and give me their photos. FB ends. He says I m Toto, their driver. Anupam thinks how did he come. He says yes, he is our driver. Prerna(erica fernandes) shows the ID cards. Mahesh thinks its good I found mum worried, and got this made. Komolika asks Anupam where is his ID. Mahesh thinks I didn’t had his photo. He says I forgot your ID, I will get it. Komolika(Hina khan) says get his ID, something is odd, you didn’t disconnect landlines. Prerna(erica fernandes) says we did this deliberately, its because of Moloy, we are here because of him. Anupam says take your phone, you are disturbing us, we will not tolerate this, we have come to work. Komolika(Hina khan) and Nivedita leave. Anupam says we will soon get papers and come. Mahesh says Bunty my friend has managed all this. Prerna scolds him. Anupam says nice people can’t do this work. Mahesh says you are my friend now.

Anurag is busy in conference He gets a call and disconnects. Mohini says I don’t understand what’s happening, how will we explain that we don’t have shell companies. Anurag disconnects the call again. He says I don’t want to repeat the mistake, go through the files once. Komolika(Hina khan) says Anurag isn’t answering my call. Nivedita says he should answer the call. She asks Mohini to relax. Komolika(Hina khan) calls Chobey and talks to Dubey uncle. She asks for her dad. Dubey says Chobey is in meeting. She says ask dad to call me, its very urgent. He says fine, I will tell him. He thinks what had happened there that Komolika(Hina khan) is shouting. Anupam stops Prerna(erica fernandes) and says we have to go to Mohini’s room first, we can’t go to Komolika’s(Hina khan) room now.

Mahesh says you mean papers are in Mohini’s room. Anupam says listen to me, I m saying that we can’t enter Komolika’s(Hina khan) room first, they will doubt us. Prerna(erica fernandes) says we will create a mess in Mohini’s room and then come here. Nivedita asks who told you that we have shell companies. Prerna(erica fernandes) says we can’t tell this. They go ahead. Shivani asks what’s in this pic, Mohini is covered up with gold, I will steal the necklace. Prerna(erica fernandes) asks did you come to steal this, stop Shivani. Shivani gets the jewellery and says we will hide it in Komolika’s(Hina khan) room and then ask her. Prerna(erica fernandes) says I think this belongs to Komolika(Hina khan) . Shivani says its a nice idea, we will ask her how she got this expensive jewellery and ask her to get receipt, we will find locker keys and get the papers. Prerna asks what if anyone catches us.

Komolika says stop, come here, what’s in this basket, are you stealing something or trying to plant something in my room to accuse me later.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s Birthday Party Planning —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s Birthday Party Planning

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Mishti(tejaswi prakash) gets a call from Veer. He asks where she is. She says she came out as she had something important to do, she tells him she is with Rohan. Rohan gave her a lift, as they both had to go Andheri. Veer says alright, he will meet Dadi then.Ansh tells Sukhmani he must meet Tani. Sukhmani says she must be asleep, then asks Ansh to speak to her as a friend that she has lost completely, she is extremely stressed. He should explain to Tani that whatever she is doing isn’t right for her. Ansh promises to speak to her..Pari(aneri vajani) goes to answer the door bell. It was Veer. She tells him Mishti(tejaswi prakash) is out. Veer says he came over to meet them. It’s about planning surprise party for Mishti. Pari(aneri vajani)says she was exactly thinking to call him.

Rohan stops at a signal. A flower vendorstops by them, he asks Rohan to gift them to Bhabhi and say I love you. Rohan looks towards Mishti(tejaswi prakash). The young boy throws the flowers in the car. Rohan laughs and pays the money to vendor. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) leaves the car and gets into a rickshaw. Rohan wonders what the hell. He races the car from the signal.Veer says they will bring three tier cake for Mishti with exotic fruit cake. They must keep Mishti(tejaswi prakash) out of the house. Pari (aneri vajani)wonders who would make the arrangements. Veer says he can ask Rohan then. Pari(aneri vajani) asks Veer to spend the most of time with Mishti,(tejaswi prakash) and make her feel special; she deserves the best. She can keep Rohan at home. Pari(aneri vajani) recalls he hadn’t purchased any gift for Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and thinks about going to market. Veer shows the car keys he bought for Mishti(tejaswi prakash). Pari was excited and thinks about a dramatic idea to give it to Mishti.

Rohan chases Mishti’s(tejaswi prakash) rickshaw. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was distressed about the vendor’s words and Rohan’s laughter. Rohan stops his car right in front of Mishti’s rickshaw. He comes out of the car with the bunch of rose. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) comes out and questions what the hell, what is he doing. Rohan asks what she is doing, why she got out of the car, what is the problem. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) asks why he bought those flowers. If she would be happy if he will give her the flower. If he enjoyed buying the flowers. Rohan says he bought those flowers, not gave her. And if she even accepts these flowers from her, what will happen at the most. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) looks towards the flowers, then Rohan. She beats him with the same bunch of flowers while crying. Rohan stands still. She walks away from him. Rohan picks up one of the flowers which was still unbroken. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) thinks there is a problem, whenever he is around she feels confused; she must de-root this problem else her stable life will be in trouble.

Veer tells Pari he really believes they must send Mishti with Rohan. He wants to help out with the part preparations. Rohan comes home and was upset. Veer asks about Mishti. Rohan replies Mishti had to go on opposite direction, she left in auto. Veer asks Rohan to stay with her for her birthday party. Rohan wasn’t ready. Pari(aneri vajani) says they were thinking, Rohan should stay back at home. Radhika and Sukhmani also say there can be a war if Rohan and Mishti are left to spend the day together; it’s a bad idea. Veer asks Rohan to promise he won’t fight with Mishti again. Rohan and everyone else laugh. Rohan says Veer is being extra dramatic since his marriage was fixed, he must go inside and enjoy with Mishti; he will be here. Veer takes Rohan aside to speak to him. He discuss the guest list with him, and says he invited his friends. Rohan had an objection. Veer was of the view that his friends must meet his extended family.
The next morning, Radhika wakes Mishti(tejaswi prakash) up on her birthday. Pari(aneri vajani) and Ansh were also there in the decorated room. Pari blows a balloon right close to her ears. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) sits up. Ansh blows rose petals over Mishti(tejaswi prakash) through a fan. Both siblings giving hugs and kisses to Mishti(tejaswi prakash). Radhika takes everyone from over her. Sukhmani joins with Arnav who offers to give her birthday bumps. Mishti (tejaswi prakash)cries in pain, while everyone else enjoys. Pari asks Mishti (tejaswi prakash)to get ready. Veer is coming for her shopping. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) wonders if he even remembers her birthday. She gets a call from Veer. The family leave the love birds all alone. On the call, Mishti(tejaswi prakash) complains he didn’t call him on midnight. Veer says he came over on Holi but was embarrassed. He asks her to get ready, he will be there in twenty minutes; and love you. Mishti (tejaswi prakash)replies me too.

Rohan comes to the hall and was about to hit Mishti(tejaswi prakash). She was ready to go with Veer. Rohan walks to the balcony without saying a work. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) close her fist tightly, she thinks avoiding her would be her defeat. If her beats races, it doesn’t mean she is falling for him; she can’t fell weak and let this happen. Radhika asks if she should make Gajar ka Halwa. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says please, it’s her birthday and her favorite dish must be prepared. Rohan half turns his face to look egoistically towards her only.Veer was in parking. Pari(aneri vajani) calls him to come soon, else when would they do the preparations. Veer replies he is coming soon.

Mishti(tejaswi prakash) comes to balcony. Rohan was busy with the plants. She says he lives in the same house, can’t he wish her. Its against basic manner, not wishing. Rohan says usually she has problem with him, he thought better not to disturb her on her best day. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says its good wishes only. Rohan walks closer and asks if she really wants him to wish her… plucks a white rose from behind her and says Happy Birthday Mishti(tejaswi prakash).

PRECAP: Rohan and Pari(aneri vajani) were hiding behind the couch for surprise when Mishti walks into the house. Rohan pulls Pari (aneri vajani)back and place a hand over her mouth. Pari thinks I think I am in love with you.

Kulfi kumar bajewala gosssip::Its kulfi vs Amyra !! —

Kulfi kumar bajewala gosssip::Its kulfi vs Amyra !!

Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show kulfi kumar bajewaala,It was earlier seen that kulfi and her team known as Benaam group participates as Little Superstar,Even though the judge was not okey with their performance Mia mad sure that they moved to second leval..Another side Amyra manages to reach to second level easily..The second round is knock out round where Amyra and Kulfi’s Benaam group will be called on stage to perform a medley of songs…when Kulfi will see Amyra on stage, she will be shocked and will want to back out from the competition…According to reports “Kulfi will walk out of stage and will not want to take part, and that will be when she will have an after thought. She will think of her friends who are dependent on her when it comes to singing in a band. Kulfi will get back on stage and get ready for the battle.” ..What will happen next??Who will win??Amyra or kulfi??

ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip :: Sameer and Naina to consumate marriage — April 4, 2019

ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip :: Sameer and Naina to consumate marriage

Related image

Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show ye un dino ki baat hai starring Ashi aingh and Randeep rai,Audience will see Sameer and Naina’s romance soon..According to sources there will be alot of twist..
Earlier, Naina’s menstruation had turned a problem between the duo which flopped Sameer’s romantic plans. Sooo, Soon Naina’s menstruation gets over, the duo plans a romantic dinner date ..After the duo
dances on song Mere Rang Mein carried on by their romantic consummation…Well it would be really interesting to see…keep reading my blog for the latest gossip and updates of your fav show..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s Feelings For Rohan Last updated Apr 4, 2019 —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s Feelings For Rohan Last updated Apr 4, 2019

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Pari (aneri vajani)stops Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) that her makeup must be ruined, and cleans her face with his shirt. They realize they were extremely close. Rohan asks if she thinks she is a girl and he will spare her. He notices the coffee and asks who left it there. Pari(aneri vajani) says it must be Mishti(tejaswi prakash), Dadi wouldn’t have left it silently. Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) says Mishti has always been angry. Pari says Mishti has never been as angry before, she is always angry watching Rohan(kiunal jaisingh). Did they meet before Mishti? Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) says may be, they are different people, different personalities. Pari(aneri vajani) says Mishti(tejaswi prakash) is good at heart. Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) says he knows, they talk to each other. Pari(aneri vajani) was clueless, and says Mishti never told her. She doesn’t speak anymore and says there was already much misunderstanding between them. Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) wonders if Mishti speaks about him, whatshe exactly thinks of him.
Sukhmani was walking restlessly across the hall. Radhika asks her to sit and tell her. Sukhmani says Tani left school, she is a trouble maker, and she has final term going on. She wish to run from all this trouble but Arnav doesn’t want to go to any other school for her admission. What she would reply to their parents now? Radhika says everyone is aware of Tani’s stubbornness. She decides to get TC and documents of Tani from school, she can contact the school headmaster where Mishti tejaswi prakash)studied. Sukhmani was little relieved and leaves. Radika thinks the kids today never care for elders. She was thankful that Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and Pari(aneri vajani) never troubled her.
Mishti(tejaswi prakash) comes home in distress. She opens her cupboard and throw her clothes out of it. She thinks she has no problem with Rohan, they normally speak to him then why such troubled feeling. Pari(aneri vajani) comes to the room and asks Mishti(tejaswi prakash) about such an act; it never happened before. Mishti says she just wished to stuff the clothes into the cupboard. Pari (aneri vajani)asks Mishti(tejaswi prakash) if she left the coffee in the hall. Mishti says she came over but they were busy working so she didn’t disturb, and he could have been irritated. Pari(aneri vajani)asks why give explanation, they couldn’t know when she came over. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says alright, next time she would come over with drum. Pari(aneri vajani) complains to Mishti that she didn’t tell her she and Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) now speak to each other. Mishti forbids Pari(aneri vajani) speak to Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) about her. Mishti was tensed that Pari(aneri vajani) must have told him she took his name instead of Veer as well, what she will explain to Veer now. Pari(aneri vajani) calms Mishti down; she can’t break their sister’s code. Pari(aneri vajani) says she only told Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) Mishti is good at heart, and Rohan replies I know. Mishti wonders how much he knows her that he could claim so. Pari(aneri vajani) says she is impossible, Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) makes everything impossible; he is nice and spending time with him seems perfectly. Radhika calls Pari(aneri vajani) from outside, she leaves.
Mishti now stood in front of mirror and was upset that when Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) is around, she feels totally opposite. She is unable to control herself, irritated and upset. She misbehaves with him and fights him; though she feels bad afterwards. Her heartbeat races whenever he is around. She denies any such thought and asserts she is committed to Veer and they will soon marry.
Outside, Radhika speaks to Pari(aneri vajani) about school admission. Ansh comes there. Pari(aneri vajani) tells them to speak to Mishti(tejaswi prakash), she was perfect in school. Rohan comes and offers coffee but Radhika says thankyou. Mishti comes outside. Radhika requests her arrange a school for Tani. Everyone ask together if Tani left school again. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) replies that she has left second school in three years and the record is extremely false. Mishti was reluctant but Radhika emotionally blackmails her.
Later, Mishti(tejaswi prakash) stood in scorching sunshine, waiting for her ride. She notices her ride had been cancelled. Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) was passing by and stops his car; he offers a lift to Mishti(tejaswi prakash). Rohan says her destination is on his way and he can easily drop her. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) gets into the car. Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) reschedules his meeting. Veer passes by and finds Mishti (tejaswi prakash)with Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) in the same car. Later on, Veer calls Mishti. Rohan notices her ringing phone bell which she didn’t pick.

PRECAP: A flower vendor asks Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) to buy Mishti(tejaswi prakash) red roses and say I love you. Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) purchases the bunch. Mishti gets off the car and questions why Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) bought the flowers. Rohan(kiunal jaisingh) asks what’s the big deal, why can’t she take the flowers from him. Mishti says the problem is, it’s him. She decides to deroot the problem else her life will be scattered badly.

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip:: Prerna to get arrerted, —

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip:: Prerna to get arrerted,

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Hey people ! Here is the latest gossip of your fav serial kasauti zindagi ki,As we know prerna returned basu mansion with the plan of revenge, Evil komolika okays dirty games. ..Prerna is pregnant with Anurag’s child. But Anurag’s decision of marrying Komolika has kept Prerna away from her love life .As per the ongoing sequence Prerna signed the divorce paper’s in a drunken state.. However, when Prerna got back to her senses, she worked out her plan and turned into a Sardarji to get the papers back ..Prerna,Anupam and Shiviani three of them has donned sardar look..Howerver Prerna gets the file and is about to leave but will caught red handed..Anurag stops Prerna and ask about all drama,Prerna fears that Anurag will flop her plan and she locks Anurag in a room..As per a reliable source, “Prerna will be arrested in the story line very soon. And again, it will be Komolika’s evil plan against Prerna. ..Will Anurag save her???What will happen next???Keep reading tellygossip for the latest updates..

ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip :: Naina’s menstruation track to upset Sameer — April 1, 2019

ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip :: Naina’s menstruation track to upset Sameer

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Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav serial yeundino ki baat hai Starring Ashi singh and Randeep rai..As we have all enjoyed the honeymoon and wedding track of Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina(Ashi singh) Now the loyal viewer’s will witness a new drama in the upcoming story..According to the latest sources Naina(Ashi singh) will be sleeping while Sameer(Randeep rai) wakes up early..Naina (Ashi singh) gets her menstruation while she feels awkward,She will get ready and plan to go to the market to get sanitary napkins. However, Sameer(Randeep rai) will ask her to sit for the pooja with him in the house. Here, Naina(Ashi singh) will tell him that she is going to get fruits for the pooja from the market. Naina(Ashi singh) will manage to escape from the situation ..While Naina(Ashi singh) comes Sameer(Randeep rai) will force her to give the fruits ..On the other hand, the cook of the house will ask Sameer(Randeep rai) for leave as he would want to go to his village. Sameer(Randeep rai) will get excited as he and Naina(Ashi singh) will get romantic time as no one would be home.Will Naina(Ashi singh) be able to share her problem with Sameer(Randeep rai) ?What will happen???keep reading tellygossip for the latest news and gossip..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti Hugs Rohan — March 29, 2019

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti Hugs Rohan

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Veer comes to Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and Rohan. He says it’s not fair, he wanted to color her but Rohan already did that. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) replies I am sorry. Veer says it’s alright, it’s none of her mistake; he complains Rohan did wrong to him. It should have been me first. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) walks away.
The next morning, Mishti(tejaswi prakash) still wipes the color off her face. Sukhmani comes in and says this color can’t go so easily. It was their first Holi, and Veer’s color can’t go so easily. She complains of a head ache, and says she was so drunk she didn’t understand what happened. Radhika made an extremely strong Thandai, then remembers she had mixed Vodka in it. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) silently wipes the color off. Sukhmani teases it’s the color of Veer’s love. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says this color was applied by Rohan not Veer. She justhate him, he is so irritating. Sukhmani says she also doesn’t like him much. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was relieved that finally someone values her judgment. She requests Sukhmani to ask Dadi send him away. Sukhmani says she is her best friend, still she doesn’t listen to her much. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) asks why she doesn’t like her anyway. Sukhmani says it’s because Rohan doesn’t value her at all. Mishti smiles. Sukhmani asks Mishti(tejaswi prakash)it seems Pari(aneri vajani) is a good friend with Rohan, but is it only friendship. Mishti says it’s about Pari,(aneri vajani) she would only friend zone anyone. Sukhmani says she can now tell Arnav to keep on trying. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was happy and says Arnav is really a nice guy. Sukhmani says Arnav also got a tattoo of Pari. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says Pari(aneri vajani) and Arnav seem to be made for each other, they must wait for the time Pari(aneri vajani) can realize her love for Arnav. Both ladies believe this will happen soon.
Mishti(tejaswi prakash) gets a call from Veer for meeting in the evening. Mishti apologizes as she has an important meeting, and back to back with the vendors and clients. Veer says alright, he will make a plan with his friends. Mishti apologizes as she is totally packed. Veer says it’s alright, he didn’t mind. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) feels bad for the Holi event and Veer’s request. She texts Veer she will definitely make it upto him.
Pari(aneri vajani) was watering the plants in the balcony. Rohan comes there and watch her in some deep thought. He calls her name to point towards spilling water. Pari(aneri vajani) smiles. Rohan says the plant would die if over watered. Pari(aneri vajani) asks if he has studied botany as well, he and Mishti(tejaswi prakash) know everything. Rohan asks Pari(aneri vajani) who is he. Pari(aneri vajani) doesn’t remember. Rohan says Pari(aneri vajani) asked him if two friends can fell in love. Pari(aneri vajani) drops the water pot out of shock, she doesn’t remember asking anything. She says sometimes she speaks insensibly, he must forget about it. Rohan asks if she really doesn’t remember anything. She said a lot to him but didn’t tell his name. Pari(aneri vajani) laughs that it was Arnav who fed her with all this. She was drunk as well, and must have said a lot of vulgar things. One thing is a fact, she doesn’t believe in love. For her, everyone is only a friend. Rohan holds her hand before she could leave. Rohan says to be able to love is the best feeling in the world, she shouldn’t complicate if she really loves someone. She must understand every relationship starts with love, sitting with the person and not realizing the passing time, and if someone understands her unspoken matters it means she belongs to him unknowingly. She must value him. Pari turns to look at Rohan. He now turns to walk away, then returns, holds Pari by shoulders and says whoever he is, he is extremely lucky. She shouldn’t friend zone him, just go with the flow. They give a fist up.
Ansh’s friends discuss they are going outstation with their girlfriends. They then tease Ansh, and annoys him for being beaten by a girl. They say he spends a whole day with his sisters, then suggests about making a dating ID for him. Ansh was happy to see ten requests. His friend sends dating request to a girl. His friend wanted to watch him a video, but Ansh wasn’t interested and says he has to study. The friends forcefully make him watch the video.
At home, Pari(aneri vajani) and Arnav were playing video game. Pari(aneri vajani) forbids him to cheat. He is losing intentionally. Arnav says she seems to be the first person who wants to lose. Pari(aneri vajani) says she only wants to win fairly. Arnav says he is only losing from his friend. Pari(aneri vajani) asks Arnav if she was extremely drunk yesterday, Rohan said she asked him if a friend can love a friend. Arnav says he daily tells her he loves her. Pari(aneri vajani) says she isn’t talking about that love, but the one which Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and Veer do to each other.
Mishti(tejaswi prakash) stood ready with candles lit around. She wish Veer likes it. Someone clicks the door. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) turns the lights off and hugs Veer and kiss his cheek. He place his hand over hers. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was intimate and holds him close by neck. She says I love you with closed eyes. The lights are turned on. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) opens her eyes and was taken aback to see Rohan. Rohan stood in a state of shock. Veer had turned the lights on and finds Rohan and Mishti close to each other.

PRECAP: Pari(aneri vajani) asks why Mishti(tejaswi prakash) seems so tensed. Mishti tells Pari it was a huge goof-up. She went to Veer’s house to surprise him. But she instead hugged Rohan by mistake. Pari(aneri vajani) and Mishti have breakfast. Pari(aneri vajani) wonders if its good to be independent or bad. Mishti casually says its fine. She discuss her plan to go shop for Rohan and buy a good saree for his mother as well. Pari asks why there is Rohan all over her mind

Kasauti Zindagi ki Latest gossip:: Prerna gets arrested due to evil Komolika — March 27, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi ki Latest gossip:: Prerna gets arrested due to evil Komolika

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Hey people !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show kasauti zindagi ki,Soon Prerna and Anurag life is going to take a new turn,As komolika has planned something evil..Komolika(Hina khan) feels she is defeated,According to the reports..komolika(Hina khan) has a theft plan where she smartly get prerna trapped,Komolika(Hina khan) executes her plan,She accuses Prerna for stealing her jewelry and calls Police to get Prerna arrested..Mohini and Nividita gets happy,Anurag flops Komolika’s plan.. Anurag thus takes the front seat and puts an end to the drama. He remembers his promise to his father Moloy that he will always protect Prerna…Well it would be very very interesting to see…

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip ::Sameer and Naina lovely kiss like “aashiqui “ —

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip ::Sameer and Naina lovely kiss like “aashiqui “

Image result for sameer and naina kiss in flight

Hey guys ! here is the latest gossip of your fav show ye undino ki baat hai starring ashi singh and Randeep rai,According to the ongoing track,Sameer and Naina are enjoying their honeymoon in ooty,By naina’s Silly mistakes…Sameer (Randeep rai) is furious,Sameer(Randeep rai) has not received kiss from Naina yet,Sameer(Randeep rai) feels his honeymoon is incomplete without the kiss,As till now we have seen cute fight of couple..According to the sources..
Naina(Ashi singh) and Sameer(Randeep rai) will return to their hotel after enjoying the evening. However, they would find a thief in their hotel room. Naina will get scared and would hug Sameer(Randeep rai) ,Hotel authorities would catch the burglar ..Next morning, they would be coming back to Ahmedabad. They will be surprised to find that their friends have sent them similar looking clothes. They would wear them and come to take their flight. Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina(Ashi singh) will finally share a passionate kiss with each other in jacket completing the honeymoon..Well its a good news for yudkbh fan..Keep reading my blog for the latest gossip of your fav show..

Ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip::Sameer- Naina major fight !! — March 25, 2019

Ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip::Sameer- Naina major fight !!

Image result for sameer and naina after fight

Hey guys Here is the latest gossip of your fav show starring Randeep rai and Ashi singh,As the per the current track both Sameer and Naina(Ashi aingh) went to honeymoon in ooty..Naina(Ashi aingh) keep on doing mistakes upsets Sameer(Randeep rai) everytime..Well the viewer’s will get an interesting twist..According to the latest reports Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina will return from Honeymoon in a bad state..Sameer will meet his friends Munna and Pandit.. Munna and Pandit will tease Sameer over his romantic time spent with Naina(Ashi aingh) . Sameer(Randeep rai) would be upset as he knows what he went through in honeymoon. Later, Sameer(Randeep rai) will decide to take Naina(Ashi aingh) out at sunset point for a date..Sameer plans to romance Naina(Ashi aingh) but her dress will be torn,Sameer(Randeep rai) gets very furious and he will burst out..The two will have a very big major fight !! Well it will be very interesting to see..

Kasuti Zindagi ki latest gossip :: Prerna Beats Komolika, Read on to know !! —

Kasuti Zindagi ki latest gossip :: Prerna Beats Komolika, Read on to know !!

Image result for kasauti zindagi 2 ki prerna and komolika

Hey people ! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show..Kasauti zindagi ki.As per the ongoing track Kasauti zindagi is going through full drama..Prerna is trying each and every way to separate Komolika(Hina khan) and Anurag,As per the ongoing track Prerna and Anurag will be united and Komolika will be defeated..Komolika(Hina khan) will see in her dream that Anurag has kicked her out of house and accepted Prerna as his wife.. As we know that evil Komolika(Hina khan) will never accept failure,Komolika(Hina khan) soon realizes that it was only a dream and thus takes an oath to not let her nightmare turn into reality. .Well it would be very much interesting to watch whatt wil be evil komolika(hina khan) next plan !!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update:: Ruhaan decides to leave — March 21, 2019

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update:: Ruhaan decides to leave

Everything you must know about Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2!

Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) slowly pushes Mishti and about to kiss but suddenly awakes from dream,Rohaan(kunal jaisingh) tells he cant betray veer,Ruhan gets ready and takes his bag..
He sees Mishti(tejaswi prakash) sleeping on sofa ,Rohan comes near mishti and tries to proper her hair but goes in the room back..Ruhaan takes out his camera and sees mishti’s picture..Next Morning Pari(aneri vajani) makes coffee,Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) tell to prepare for him as well,Pari(aneri vajani) gives coffee to Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh)..
Ruhan(kunal jaisingh) tells he wanted to talk to Pari(aneri vajani) but she refuses and goes away..After some time Pari(aneri vajani) asks Mishti (tejaswi prakash)If she has any financial problem..Mishti(tejaswi prakash) smiles and replies noo..
Door bell rings Pari(aneri vajani) opens the door and gets tensed seeing injured Ansh,Misti and Daadi comes..Ansh gives an angry look..Daadi asks again..Ansh refuses to answer,Ruhan comes and takes Ansh along with him,
Daadi ,Misti and Pari(aneri vajani) follows..Ansh tell Rohan he wanted to stay alone..Ruhan tells to keep quiet and sit,,Ruhan goes into kitchen and boils water while pari(aneri vajani) and mishti(tejaswi prakash) sees..
Ruhaan takes the water and search for first aid box,Pari(aneri vajani) gives first aid box to Ruhan,Ruhan thanks her,Pari(aneri vajani) sees Ruhaan,while Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) sees misti…
Ansh request Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) to go away,Ansh tells that vivek and he like the same girl,Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) laughs and tells nobody can take away his girlfried..Not to feel defeated..Ruhaan puts bandage to ansh..Ruhaan calls Ansh “Angry young man”…Ruhaan and Ansh hugs each other and smiles..Misti(tejaswi prakash) gets angry..Daadi tells Mishti that Ansh is a boy and its difficult to understand him..Ansh asks If ruhaan is going anywhere,Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) tells he was unpacking….
Daadi hugs ansh and thanks Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh)..Daadi thinks of ansh and cries..Mishti (tejaswi prakash)talks on phone,Mishti(tejaswi prakash) tells Pari(aneri vajani) that she should thanks Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh),Infact both of them should thank ruhaan..Mishti and Pari(aneri vajani) goes into Ruhaan’s room..
Pari(aneri vajani) thanks Ruhaan..Mishti(tejaswi prakash) tell thanks to Ruhaan..Ruhaan smiles and sees..Music goes onn..Pari(aneri vajani) and mishti goes away..Pari(aneri vajani) tell Misht(tejaswi prakash)i that Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) is very good..Pari (aneri vajani)tells that she is not intrested to talk ruhaan..
Mishti tells she also dont like ruhaan(kunal jaisingh)..But Ruhaan(kunal jaisingh) is not that bad..Pari(aneri vajani) and Mishti(tejaswi prakash) hug each other..

Precap::Mishti tells Bua that she will never be able to control herself like her mom,As she know that her Dad was wrong..Pari(aneri vajani) cries and sees mishti..

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip:: Komolika insults Prerna!! —

Kasauti zindagi ki latest gossip:: Komolika insults Prerna!!

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Hey guys !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show kasauti zindagi ki, As the serial is been going through very interesting track,As we have seen komolika(Hina khan) and Anurag land up in hotel where raid takes place and the couple gets arrested later it is revealed that it was prerna’s(erica fernandes) plan,As she was thinking Anurag and komolika(Hina khan) might get close..Later Prerna(erica fernandes) only releases Anurag but leaves Komolika(Hina khan) in jail.. After which Komolika(Hina khan) will reach home and insult Prerna(erica fernandes) in front of the family for leaving her in jail and also challenge her that she will not let her celebrate Holi with Anurag. .

Kulfi kumar bajewala :: Will destiny play unfair ! Will Sikander and kulfi meet?? — March 20, 2019

Kulfi kumar bajewala :: Will destiny play unfair ! Will Sikander and kulfi meet??

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Heylo guys here is the latest gossip of your fav serial kulfi kumar bajewaala,As we hav seen Kulfi(aakriti sharma) and Sikander misses each other very much ,Sikander(mohit malik) gives a big surprise party to Amyra..In the birthday party kulfi(aakriti sharma) was about to meet Sikander(mohit malik) but Amyra calls him back..In the End were all kids about to leave the party,Sikander(mohit malik) starts singing,Kulfi(aakriti sharma) hears his voice and runs to meet Sikander(mohit malik),Finally Kulfi(aakriti sharma) comes infront of Sikander..What will happen??Will kulfi(aakriti sharma) meet sikander??Will both be reunited?? keep reading my blog for the latest news of your fav show Kulfi kumar bajewaala…

Ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip :: Naina’s foolishness turns Sameer furious Read on,, —

Ye undino ki baat hai latest gossip :: Naina’s foolishness turns Sameer furious Read on,,

Image result for sameer and naina honeymoon

Hey guys !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show ye undino ki baat hai starring ashi singh and Randeep rai,As per the ongoing track Sameer and Naina are enjoying their honeymoon,Sameer and Naina moved into the 5star hotel..Audience will see Sameer(RAndeep rai) furious with Naina’s behaviour..Naina(RAndeep rai) who is not used to luxurious lifestyle washes her clothes and puts in the balcony,After that Sameer(RAndeep rai) and Naina go for outing..After this samaina go for outing while coming back Sameer(RAndeep rai) gets complains from hotel staff,Lets see what will happen !! Will sameer(RAndeep rai) be angry or ignores??

Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 LAtest news :: Prerna Pregnancy revealed to Anurag !! — March 15, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi ki 2 LAtest news :: Prerna Pregnancy revealed to Anurag !!

Image result for kasauti zindagi ki 2 holi

Hey dearest people !! Kasauti zindagi will witness latest twist, audience will see holi celebration bringing Happiness in Prerna and Anurag’s life..As Per the current track Prerna has entered the Basu mansion and declared that she is there to stay..As Per the promo Prerna exceed to apply holi to Anurag but komolika will come and apply color on Anurag,,While Prerna sees and gets angry..Prerna tells its festival of happiness So she should unfold good news and share the good news of she being pregnant with his child…Anurag is thrilled .. What will Anurag do now??Any guess?? Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan Dislikes Veer-Mishti’s Kiss —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan Dislikes Veer-Mishti’s Kiss

Image result for silsila badalte rishton ka 2

Rohan leaves the apartment but was stuck in the lift. Mishti leaves her apartment and comes to the lift. Her phone bell rings, she was worried to know Mummy ji felt dizzy. She hurries into the lift but Rohan was already there. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) recalls her words, it’s better to be late for her meeting than to go out along Mishti(Tejaswani prakash). Rohan tells her to come inside, or stay out but don’t stand in the way of lift. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) gets into the lift, but runs outside as soon as the lift stops.
In the parking, she finds her car’s tyre flat and kicks it in frustration. Rohan didn’t pay any attention. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) looks towards him out of worry, then checks her watch and walks past Rohan’s jeep. She stood for an auto on the road when Rohan passes by. Mishti was irked.
At night, Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) and Veer enjoythe dinner together. Veer tells Radhika that his parents were impressed by Mishti. Rohan also joins them. Veer asks Rohan to share his raw photos with him. Rohan replies sure. Veer tells Radhika that his father called Mishti as his mom felt dizzy, and Mishti brought a whole lot of doctors; it must be a drama. Mishti was serious and says she was really afraid, she still feels the pain of losing her mother. She couldn’t let his mother suffer. Pari(aneri vajani) comes and says Mishti has tears in her eyes after eight years. Veer was honest that he also got honest, and was joking only to save his tears. He tells Radhika that his life is amazing since Mishti came into it. Pari (aneri vajani)place her hands over Rohan’s shoulders and says no matter what Veer thinks, he will get Mishti only after wedding. Everyone felt uncomfortable. Arnav had just walked behind Pari. Pari(aneri vajani) looks down and asks is she right Arnav? She realizes it was Rohan, then apologizes as she really thought it was Arnav. Veer was busy eating and asks for salad. Rohan and Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) move their hand ahead at once, Rohan’s plate spills over his dress. Rohan leaves the table as he is done. Pari(aneri vajani) decides to go and help him, then returns. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) stands besides Pari and whispers that there isn’t a need to value that guy, he is extremely rude. Veer turns to leave, Radhika sends Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) to see him off.
In the kitchen, Pari(aneri vajani) wonders what problem Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) has with Rohan. The vegetable was spilt over Rohan, still Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) has a problem with him. Arnav comes to the kitchen and overhearing her self-talk, he ruins his own shirt with the vegetable. Pari offers to clean his shirt and spills a whole jug of water over him. She exclaims he is so cute.
Rohan comes out to ask about Veer. Radhika says he just left. Outside the apartment, Veer tells Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) I love you. Rohan opens the door to find them kiss. He slaps the door back and hurries inside. There, Mishti (Tejaswani prakash)says I love you too to Veer. Inside, Rohan hits Pari(aneri vajani) who slips into his arms. He asks if she is fine, and goes back into his room. In the room, he punches the wall aggressively. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) comes inside and asks what she said to Rohan. Mishti says she would never speak to Rohan if she can. They hear a box fell on the floor inside. Rohan throws the tissue with Mishti’s(Tejaswani prakash) lipstick print away, he wonders if Veer and Mishti are together and kiss each other, why it affects him. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) and Pari open the room door. Mishti (Tejaswani prakash)look around. Pari(aneri vajani) asks if he is fine, they could hear the bangs from the room. Rohan cautiously picks the tissue and says one must knock before entering someone’s room.
Arnav looked at fashion photos. Sukhmani asks Arnav if he is looking for a career options. It’s a good field by the way. Sukhmani says may be some model may gift him some lift that way. She inquires Arnav what the problem of his life is. If he had a fight with Pari.(aneri vajani) Sukhmani says it’s visible from his face that he fought with Pari. Arnav says it seems it’s time to fight now.
It was late at night. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) snatches Ansh’s cell phone and tells him to get to sleep. Mishti (Tejaswani prakash)gets a call from a client. She argues the client that she can’t lessen the amount from 15 lacs as it’s a realistic and minimal amount. Moreover, it will take at least 12 days to check all the details of work. The client says Mishti’s(Tejaswani prakash) sister signed the contract that she can complete the work in eight days, he is giving the margin of two days. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) says there might be some misunderstanding, Pari(aneri vajani) only looks after creative department and might have demanded time for her work; she promises to call him back. She then comes into Pari’s(aneri vajani) room who was dancing with music on. She snatches the headphones and scolds Pari(aneri vajani). She asks Pari(aneri vajani) if she even realized why they started the company, and she took this project right before her marriage. So that they can be financially stable and Pari(aneri vajani) can handle a full project under her supervision to continue with their business. Rohan came outside the room and hears this. She must think about some profit margin, and buffer time as well. Pari says Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) had seen the proposal. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash) replies she didn’t approve it. She tells Pari(aneri vajani) that she needs to take all these decisions now, she wonders what will happen to their company. God forbid, what if something happens to her in future. Pari(aneri vajani) at once stuffs Mishti’s(Tejaswani prakash) mouth shut. Rohan goes to the kitchen, takes a bottle from refrigerator. Mishti(Tejaswani prakash)tells Pari to be practical, they didn’t wish but Mom Dad left them. Pari was weepy and leaves the room.

PRECAP: Pari cries and tells Rohan she wish to be like Mishti. Rohan asks Pari why she wants to be Mishti, she is Par(aneri vajani)i and be herself; she will become perfect in her own way. Mishti overhears this. Rohan hits Pari (aneri vajani)in the hall then apologizes. Pari(aneri vajani) was in a hurry and leaves. Rohan wish her all the best. Arnav stood there noticing.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Two Types Of Honeymoon Plans —

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Two Types Of Honeymoon Plans

Image result for samaina

Naina(Ashi isngh) says it is because she I a mother. You know how my father left the wedding midway. He dint even do kanyadaan. Neither of us will be able to forget it. Would Sameer(Randeep rai) be so happy if mummy ji wasn’t there? Thank you for letting a mother to be with her son at this time. Vivek tells her to keep it with herself. I have been insulted so much that this wont work. Keep your mother with yourself if she is so attached to you. He begins to walk out but Sameer(Randeep rai) kneels down and begs him with folded hands not to leave. I am sorry for whatever I did to you. I will accept whatever punishment you will give me but don’t punish my mother for my misdeeds. She wont be able to live without you. Naina(Ashi singh) and Vishakha are crying too. Vivek walks back to Vishakha. You want to come with me? She nods. He keep condition before her. You wont have any relation with Sameer(Randeep rai) after today. You will never meet, talk to him or even see his face! Your life will be different and his will be different! Do you accept? Sameer(Randeep rai) accepts it on her behalf. She needs all of you right now. I know you don’t want her to see me or talk to me and it will happen your way now. I promise you it wont happen till the time you wouldn’t want it. We will talk to each other only when you will allow us to. Vishakha starts crying again. Naina(Ashi singh) holds Sameer’s(Randeep rai) hand with both her hands as he cries. Vishakha notices it. Vivek tells Vishakha to bring her suitcase. I am waiting outside. Saying so, he walks out of the house. Vishakha looks at Naina(Ashis singh) and Sameer.

Vishakha and Naina(Ashi singh) are in the house temple. Sameer(Randeep rai) is sitting sadly on the stairs. Vishakha looks at him. He is really nice. I am sorry I have to leave him alone again. You have to take care of him now. I know he has many flaws but he is a diamond. He loves you very much. He fought with everyone to get you. I know there are many people waiting to hear that this decision was wrong. Don’t let it happen ever. Promise? Naina
(Ashi singh) promises her and they share an emotional hug. Sameer(Randeep rai) hugs his mother and cries. Vishakha tells him not to cry. Your wife will take care of you. He hugs her again. Vishakha casts one more glance at Naina and Sameer before she leaves with Vivek.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Do you remember that argument between me and mummy before the wedding when mummy asked me to choose between her and Naina? I got emotional and asked her if both of them cannot be in my life at once. Mummy dint say anything but fate did that. Naina(Ashi singh) and Mummy couldn’t be in my life together. I couldn’t stop either mummy from coming in my life or from leaving.

Next morning, Mama ji calls and tells Naina(Ashi singh) that she has become Chachi. Naina is thrilled. He shares that the delivery was normal. We were in hospital last night and returned home today. Naina(Ashi singh) calls at her home.

Sameer and Naina(Ashi singh) come to meet Poonam’s baby. Pundit is already there. Entire family is in joyous mood. Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina hold the baby one by one. Pundit sings Dhik Tana song. Bela and Anand come as well to wish everyone. Sameer (Randeep rai) chooses a name for the baby but Mama ji suggests naming them Ilaka. Anand asks them about their Ooty trip. Mama ji says they made preps for honeymoon long ago. Devang and Poonam tell them to enjoy their stay. Mami ji has gone to see some relative. Bela says I pray that Naina(Ashi singh) will also give the good news very soon. Naina agrees. Everyone looks at her in surprise. Naina(Ashi singh) says Sameer and I will clear the exams with first division. Everyone laughs. Bela explains to her what she meant. Mama ji tells them to go home to make preps for their upcoming trip but Naina offers to stay with Poonam. Bela seconds her. Mama ji is impressed with Naina’s(Ashi singh) decision and tells her thus..Sameer(Randeep rai) takes Naina(Ashi singh) aside. She starts talking on her own but he shushes her. You are very smart. I love you. I will come to pick you at 5 tomorrow. She smiles.

Sameer(Randeep rai) is excited about Ooty. Pundit says I know you cannot control. Sameer(Randeep rai) says I got license after 4 years. Pundit talks about the preps that Munna has made. Roam around the city and see everything! Sameer denies. I will stay indoors only. There will only be love! He shows the nightie to Pundit.

Preeti and Naina(Ashi singh) are talking on phone. Preeti tells her to wear swimwear. Naina(Ashi singh) denies. They discuss the itinerary. Naina(Ashi singh) gives turmeric milk to Poonam. She also plays with the baby as he wakes up. Poonam praises her. Naina(Ashi singh) and Preeti resume talking. Naina(Ashi singh) recalls she missed packing Sameer’s(Randeep rai) books. Preeti asks her if she is going to study on honeymoon. You said this to me. Don’t tell it to anyone else. Naina(Ashi singh) says exams are coming. We will roam in the afternoon and study at night right? On the other hand, Sameer(Randeep rai) is only focusing on romance. Naina(Ashi singh) tells Preeti that only photos, travel and photos will happen on the trip. Preeti tells her she is forgetting romance. Sameer(Randeep rai) is super excited about the honeymoon. Preeti gives up on Naina(Ashi singh). What time is your flight? Naina(Ashi singh) shares it is 7:30 AM tomorrow. Screen keeps shifting from Naina to Sameer.

Next morning, Sameer(Randeep rai) has fallen asleep on the sofa. He wakes up because of constant bells. Naina(Ashi singh) and Pundit enter. Pundit scolds him for being too lazy. Sameer asks Naina(Ashi singh) why she came on her own. I told you I will come to pick you at 5 am. He asks her why she dint call him. She retorts that she tried many times. The bell rang but you just did not wake up! Pundit reminds them they have to catch a flight. I hope you don’t miss it.

Precap: Sameer asks(Ashi singh) Naina if she kept camera. She realises she missed keeping it. Sameer(Randeep rai) tells Pundit to take u-turn. Pundit reasons that they are already halfway through. Don’t be mad. Naina tells Sameer to let it be. It is ok. Sameer(Randeep rai) and Naina threaten Pundit to follow their individual commands instead during their argument.

Kasauti Zindagi ki latest gossip :: Prerna to destroy Anurag and Komolika honeymoon !! — March 13, 2019

Kasauti Zindagi ki latest gossip :: Prerna to destroy Anurag and Komolika honeymoon !!

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Hey guys !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show , As we known already that Prerna(erica fernandes) is on the mode of revenge..Now As per the latest reports,Mohina wants Anurag and komolika(Hina khan) to go for Honeymoon trip..Now Prerna will plan big to stop Anurag and Komolika(Hina khan) honeymoon trip..Prerna(erica fernandes) will get jealous and furious being unaware about Anurag helplessness..Prerna(erica fernandes) will create a major problem in the car in which Anurag and Komolika(Hina khan) will travel for their honeymoon. In this way, they start to their honeymoon will be bad…Anurag and Komolika(Hina khan) will not know what to do with their car giving way..what will happen?? Will Prerna(erica fernandes) successful in her plans?? To know keep reading tellygossip ! for the latest updates of your fav shows..

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti Uncomfortable With Rohan —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti Uncomfortable With Rohan

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Pari(aneri vajani) sips the drink while staring at Rohan. It chokes her. Arnav was concerned, while Rohan walks to spat her back. She was fine. Pari scolds Arnav what it was in the drink, she was about to die. Before Arnav could speak, Pari(aneri vajani) walks behind Rohan(kunal jaisingh). Sukhmani asks Arnav if Pari(aneri vajani) liked the ring. Arnav says it chocked her throat, she didn’t watch it. Sukhmani felt bad as it ruined Arnav’s love story.
Veer joins Rohan(kunal jaisingh) for a drink at the bar. Veer asks Rohan when he will marry. Rohan(kunal jaisingh) asks him to stop this drama, he believes marriage means compromising one’s independence. Veer spots Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and calls her around, then tells Rohan(kunal jaisingh) that he will never snatch Mishti’s(tejaswi prakash)independence after marriage as well. He must marry if he meets someone like Mishti. Rohan stares at Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and asks if Veeris right and he should marry someone like Mishti. Mishti(tejaswi prakash)replies it’s his life, his decision. Pari(aneri vajani) joins them and thanks Rohan for that day. Rohan explains to Mishti(tejaswi prakash) he helped her friend one day. Veer introduces Pari(aneri vajani)as Mishti’s(tejaswi prakash) sister and the function organizer. Pari(aneri vajani) complains Rohan must not have clicked a single photo. Veer introduces Rohan to Pari(aneri vajani) as the fashion photographer. Rohan takes Pari’s(aneri vajani) hand in his while greeting her. Pari(aneri vajani) was apologetic and says she thought he was wedding photographer from Veer’s side. Rohan looks towards Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and says it’s alright, there have been many misunderstandings already; like Pari(aneri vajani) felt him as some goon at first sight. And, he felt as if Pari(aneri vajani) is the event organizer. And in that party…. He thinks about misperceiving Pari(aneri vajani) was Veer’s fiancé. Sukhmani comes to take Rohan for a few amazing pictures to be uploaded on social media. Veer joins them. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) asks Pari(aneri vajani) how she knows him. Pari(aneri vajani) says he had helped her the other day when the petrol in her scooty had finished. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was curt over Rohan…
Mishti(tejaswi prakash) brings Rohan aside and questions what he wants from her, why he questioned that he should marry some girl just like her. Rohan replies it was a simple question of her opinion. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) inquires why her opinion matters to him. He is extremely wrong if he established some opinion after that kiss, it was only a dare by her Sukhmani. She could have kissed any guy that day, just to complete that dare. If he wants to threaten her that he can tell Veer, she will tell Veer himself. Rohan finally place his finger over her mouth and asks her to relax, it was just a kiss.
Pari(aneri vajani) comes outside with a bottle of drink. She finds Rohan’s camera on the table and scrolls the photos in it. Rohan comes from behind and says its bad manners to touch someone else’s belongings. He takes the camera off her hand, the drink spills over her dress. He was apologetic, but Pari(aneri vajani)apologizes instead. He offers her a seat while Pari (aneri vajani)offers her a drink. Pari(aneri vajani) says when she met him the other day, she thought he was extremely rude. She feels extreme cold and says it is for the first time she felt cold in Mumbai; she then felt hot. Rohan was rude and tells her to say what she wants to. He leaves, Pari(aneri vajani) regrets behaving badly.
Ansh comes to Mishti(tejaswi prakash) and Veer, he was happy that finally he got a company. There will be someone in the house who can take his side all the time. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was clueless. Veer tells Mishti(tejaswi prakash) that Dadi kept Rohan as PG. Someone calls them for family photos. Rohan clicks the photos. Mishti (tejaswi prakash)tells Radhika that Rohan can’t stay as PG in their house. He shares a curt stare with Rohan. Later, Radhika tells Mishti(tejaswi prakash) that Veer might mind it. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) says she will speak to Veer. Pari(aneri vajani) and Ansh also second Radhika. Radhika says Rohan paid four months’ rent in advance, he wish to hire a good apartment; and he is Veer’s friend and he might dislike it now. Radhika convince Mishti(tejaswi prakash) that it’s an extra earning. Pari(aneri vajani)tells Mishti(tejaswi prakash) that Veer might actually dislike if they now deny. Veer comes there. Radhika tells Veer that Rohan can come to live over their place anytime. Veer was happy that they can now live relaxed.
The next morning, Mishti(tejaswi prakash) was curt and shouts at Pari(aneri vajani) that no one wants to listen to her stance. Everyone would regret not listening to her and let Rohan stay here. Radhika comes to take Pari(aneri vajani) to some relative with sweet. Pari(aneri vajani) tells Dadi she has a lot of work to do, and can take Ansh. Dadi drags Pari(aneri vajani) anyway. Rohan was decorating his room and comes finding hammer. He comes to Radhika’s room and spots the photographs of Mauli, Kunal, Dida and Ishaan. He doesn’t turn his back to them out of respect. Mishti(tejaswi prakash) came out of bath when Rohan reaches her door.

PRECAP: Rohan lay on his bed with tissue paper of Mishti’s(tejaswi prakash) lipstick print. Pari(aneri vajani) tells Arnav that Mishti(tejaswi prakash) has a problem with Rohan, though Rohan doesn’t interfere in others’ matters. Arnav asks Pari(aneri vajani) why she likes Rohan. Pari(aneri vajani) says he must be good as he is Veer’s friend, he is cute as well.

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip:: Naina loses her mangalsutra,Everyone is tensed !! — March 12, 2019

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip:: Naina loses her mangalsutra,Everyone is tensed !!

Image result for sameer and naina mangalsutra

Hello guys !!! here is the latest gossip of your fav serial Ye undino ki baat hai starring Randeep Rai and Ashi singh,As per the ongoing track Naina made halwa which was alreaday a distaster,As Naina comes to home for pagpera ritual bela will ask her about her mangal sutra.In all shock and dismay, Naina will find out that her mangul sutra will be missing..Naina and Bela gets tensed and start searching for the mangalsutra..According to the sources Naina have to bear more tough times in Maheshwari house !! What will happen?? Will Sameer Support her?? Keep reading tellygossip for the latest updates and gossips !

Kasuti zindagi ki Latest gossip ::Anurag-Prerna romance !!! — March 11, 2019

Kasuti zindagi ki Latest gossip ::Anurag-Prerna romance !!!

Image result for anurag prerna mangalsutra

hey guys !! here is the latest gossip of your fav show,The most popular starplus show kasuti zindagi ki is going through interesting twist and turns..As we all know that Prerna moved to Basu mansion..We just expect romance between Anurag and prerna..Prerna will slip from stairs..
Anurag will help Prerna and stop her from falling down. In this process, mangalsutra of Prerna will get entangled in Anurag’s dress and this will be yet another moment wherein the two of them will for a few seconds remember their happy past filled with love and romance..But suddenly Prerna realises and comes into reality where their is full hatred !! What will happen next??Will Prerna and will be together?? Well all of us are waiting for that time..Keep reading my blog tellygossip for the latest gossip of your fav serial !

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag And Prerna Are In Sorrow — March 6, 2019

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag And Prerna Are In Sorrow

Related image

The Episode starts with Mohini attending the guests. She asks where are Anurag and Komolika(Hina khan), is he answering the call. Nivedita says relax, I will call Komolika. Komolika(Hina khan) answers and says we are going to the hospital, we are fine, we are taking Prerna(erica fernandes) to hospital, she was found unconscious. Nivedita asks what, just come here soon. She tells this to Mohini. Mohini says this girl is getting on my nerves now. Nivedita says Anupam, don’t show that you said right. He says I m worried what would be Anurag going through. She says don’t start it again. Anurag says we are there, easy. Komolika (Hina khan)asks him to go and get a stretcher, she is here to take care of Prerna(erica fernandes). He runs. She gets angry on Prerna(erica fernandes). Chahat ke safar mein….plays…. Anurag tries to get help. He gets the hospital staff andrushes Prerna (erica fernandes)on the stretcher.

Komolika(Hina khan) talks to Mohini on phone. Mohini says you are Anurag’s wife now, you control him, Prerna(erica fernandes) was purposely there to blackmail Anurag, he has no feelings for Prerna(erica fernandes). Komolika(Hina khan) asks why are we lying, we know his feeling for Prerna(erica fernandes)… Mohini says doctors will take care of Prerna(erica fernandes), just come soon. Komolika (Hina khan)says you come here and explain your sons, if I force him, my first night will get spoiled, he will get my wrong impression. Mohini says I understand, stay there, I m coming. Mohini says Prerna(erica fernandes)…. Nurse asks Anurag to go out. He asks nurse to call the doctor fast. Nurse asks doctor to come fast. Naina ……plays….. He cries thinking of his bitter words to Prerna(erica fernandes). He goes to her and cries. She wakes up and sees him. He says take rest. She says don’t go anywhere leaving me, you promised you will marry me. He says sorry, I couldn’t keep my promise, but I will always be there for you, please trust me. She says don’t leave me, I don’t know its a dream or not. He says its not a dream, I m always here. She says you are not Anurag, he mocked my love, he said such terrible things for my love. He says beat me, finish it. She says you know I can’t live without you, how can I live. They hug and cry.

Kasauti….plays…. She says I don’t know if its a dream, I don’t want to lose this chance, its imp. He says okay, tell me, I m here. She says imp thing is…. do you still want to marry someone else. He recalls marrying Komolika(HIna khan). He says I already got married. She says no, you can’t do this. She stops him. Nurse injects her. Prerna(erica fernandes) cries and goes to sleep. Nurse asks Anurag to go out. He says just 2 mins, she needs me. He cries. He says I m sorry Prerna(erica fernandes) and kisses her. He goes. Nurse tells doctor about Prerna(erica fernandes). Doctor asks Komolika(Hina khan) can she help, is she Prerna’s family member. Komolika says no, we have an odd relation, I know a lot about her, you are wasting out time. Doctor asks did she go through any shock in past days.

Komolika(HIna khan) says yes, she was obsessed with a guy who would never be of her, trust me, I don’t like to interfere in anyone’s personal life. Doctor asks Anurag is he Prerna’s(erica fernandes) husband. Komolika(Hina khan) says he is my husband. Anupam calls Shivani. She asks did you get Prerna.(erica fernandes) He says no, Anurag found her unconscious on the road, reach city hospital fast. She rushes. Doctor says she is the same girl who ran away, I told her she is pregnant, her BP is low. Nurse says I think that guy is her husband. Doctor says maybe, do you think its wise to tell about her pregnancy. Nurse says he was worried for this girl, he can’t cheat her. Doctor says I will talk to him. She asks who is the guy who got Prerna(erica fernandes). Nurse says he is Anurag Basu. Doctor says I should tell him about Prerna(erica fernandes)…She sees Mohini scolding Anurag. Mohini praises Komolika(Hina khan). She says I can’t let you stay here, you just got married, I will pay the fees for Prerna’s(erica fernandes) treatment, look at Komolika(Hina khan), she is quiet, don’t take advantage of her silence, Prerna(erica fernandes) is a trouble for us, you are coming with us. Komolika(Hina khan) thinks let me see Anurag, you love Prerna more or your mom.

Anurag says Prerna is my responsibility, she needs me. Mohini says Komolika is your responsibility. He says Prerna is my first responsibility, and then Komolika. Veena says you must not give up, stand up against the people who are against you. Mohini says a day will come when Prerna will take everything away from you.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Season 2 —

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Season 2

Related image

Two young girls were playing in the yard. Pari fell into the swimming pool. Radhika also comes there and laughs as Mishti jumps behind her to save her. Two young men accompanied Radhika.In the room, the elder among the two boys discuss what was the point of fight today. Mishti complains that she already demanded a vintage look stage. Pari says it was a vintage look, and had favorite colors of Mauli(Aditi sharma) aunty. Mishti argues that the vintage look would be of 1902, not 1952. Radhika mediates the fight as all the sweets and other things are exactly like Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) choice. She now asks the girls to leave for home.
At home, Radhika enjoys videogame with the younger of the two boys. There was a door bell, it was Bua who wished to meet Pari and Mishti. She gives the childrena warm hug. She inquires about the bachelorette party. Radhika asks Sukhmani not to discuss about any party, there is a lot of engagement work left. They hug and greet each other. Sukhmani wants to be called Su; and claims herself to be still hot. Radhika gets a call from Mishti’s mother in law. She tells the girls her mother in law and Veer would come over in the evening, they must timely return from club. Mishti asks Pari to recheck all the delivery packing for the club; she doesn’t want any mistakes. Radhika boasts that club has granted them a hall for engagement for half rent.
Inside, Radhika mistakenly dials Mauli’s(Aditi sharma) number, then cries that it seems God also wish Mauli(Aditi sharma)to know her daughter has grown up and is getting engaged. Sometimes decisions are extremely hard to make. She recalls Mauli(Aditi sharma) had gone to airport and stopped Ishaan. She inquired Ishaan if he wanted to run away from her complicated life. Ishaan explained he didn’t want Mauli(Aditi sharma) to put in a situation where she had to choose between him and Kunal(Shakti arora). Mauli(Aditi sharma) said they are both extremely important, one taught her love and the other taught her to live with love. That day she wanted to select herself, she thanked Kunal(Shakti arora) for teaching her to go through all the tough times. She wanted to spend her life with the person who would go to every extent to love her; she turned to Ishaan. Ishaan’s love was selfless, she could realize the true love only by the way he loved. She requested Ishaan to hold her hand, although the path had to be difficult with her complicated life. Ishaan held her hand. Kunal(Shakti arora) congratulated Mauli(Aditi sharma), he had apologized her for what he did. He requested her to keep Mishti and be her Buddy if she allowed; and Mishti wished. Ishaan said Kunal(Shakti arora) was an important part of Mauli(Aditi sharma) and Mishti’s life, and he would be important for Pari. If they won’t stay together, they would be injured. He conditioned that Kunal(Shakti arora) will have to come and meet Mishti, they would come to meet Pari. They only have place for love, not hatred.
Mishti, Pari and the young boys stand and pray in front of photos of deceased Kunal(Shakti arora), Mauli, Dida and Kunal (Shakti arora)hung by a wall. Pari unlocks her necklace and asks Nandini to bless Mishti get the kind of life she wish with Veer. She wish no matter who comes in their lives, they continue share the same relation with one another. She cries besides the photos of Mauli(Aditi sharma) and her Buddy Kunal(Shakti arora). Radhika had gained huge courage and takes them into a hug. Mauli(Aditi sharma) and Ishaan’s son, Ansh (the younger of the two boy) complains of forgetting him. They take Ansh into the hug as well.In the club, Pari and Mishti check the list at club. Pari teases Mishti by ticking Veer’s love as well. Mishti smiles and says she is happy she and Veer are similar to each other. Pari discusses she thinks differently, there must be a considerate distance in love. Mishti says she understands Pari holds some phobias, but she must not be afraid of love. What if she fell in love as well? Pari says it can’t happen to her at any cost.
A young man with arrogant and bad attitude did photography on the beach.

PRECAP: Mishti accepts the wedding proposal of Veer. Pari greets Mishti she gets whatever she wish to have. She discuss with the elder boy in their house, how lonely their house will be after Mishti has left. The boy proposed Pari to marry him. Pari was helped by the young arrogant man. The same man takes some shots of Mishti in a restaurant.

Kasuti Zindagi ki 2 LAtest gossip:: Anurag learns about Prerna pregnancy hug her !! — March 5, 2019

Kasuti Zindagi ki 2 LAtest gossip:: Anurag learns about Prerna pregnancy hug her !!

Image may contain: 1 person, baby and close-up

Hey guys !! Here is the latest gossip of your fav show kasauti zindagi ki 2, As we all know Prerna is pregnant with Anurag’s(parth samthaan) child..As per the upcoming story the lovely couple anurag(parth samthaan) and Prerna will be in love again,Prerna will be faint on the middle of the road and Anurag(parth samthaan) comes to save her. He takes her to the hospital. From here, Anurag and Prerna’s love story takes another interesting turn..Anurag(parth samthaan) finally meets his ladylove in the hospital..Both of them cries and hug..Anurag(parth samthaan) apologizes to Prerna.. Anurag(parth samthaan) learns about Prerna’s pregnancy. He takes her responsibility and promises to stand by her and protect her..But what will happen when komolika(hina khan) comes to know about this??Will komolika(Hina khan) let them stay together??Keep reading tellygossip for the latest news and gossip !!

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip:: Samaina honeymoon twist in Ooty !! — March 4, 2019

Ye undino ki baat hai gossip:: Samaina honeymoon twist in Ooty !!

Nazar milne se shuru hoti thi kahaani pyaar ki... yeh un dino ki baat hai

Hey my dear Viewer’s Here is the latest gossip of your fav serial Ye undio ki baat hai starring Randeep rai and Ashi singh,As well all know that our lovely sameer and Naina got married after soo many hurdles..Well as per the ongoing track the viewer’s will witness a huge twist.. Naina and Sameer’s honeymoon track will start right after the wedding track ..
Beautiful couple will be off for their honeymoon in the exoctic hilll location of Ooty.. Well we are all are Super- excited..Well at Agarwaal house Everyone will discuss about Honeymoon trip,,Preeti will get very happy hearing the same and request Sameer to take her along too..Everyone will be surprised hearing this,While we all know that Preeti was just pulling his “Jiija” leg..How will be Samaina honeymoon?? Are you all excited??Keep reading tellygossip for the latest updates..